Autopsy Turvy - Recap

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The scene opens with, the Chief asking Woody if the name “Bob White” ring a bell. Woody thinks she is referring to some clown, but the Chief tells him that he is the man Woody had performed an autopsy on; two nights ago. The man was run over by a bus. She asks him whether he remembers a missing ear lobe. But it seems he doesn’t. Just then she introduces him to a woman named Grace; who happens to be Woody’s ex-flame and a student from Woody’s forensics college. Grace tells them that the earlobe was cut prior to the accident and the incision was clean and precise, as if it’s been cut with a box cutter. She doesn’t think that his was an accident. But in defense, Woody says that the man was drunk and passes out and falls and later was run over by a bus.

Shawn and Gus assure the Chief that they would investigate this accident. They arrive at the spot where that accident took place. Gus is our victim and Shawn the bus driver! Well, they are recreating the scene. The street light over the bus stop was out, so Shawn assumes that the driver mustn’t have seen Bob lying on the street. Just then a man walks up to them and asks what’s they are doing on the street. Shawn tries to be a little sarcastic but Gus tells the man that they are detectives and are trying to find out about the murder that happened 2 days ago. The man says that his name is Whip and it is not possible that he would miss a murder. He tells the duo that he knows them and that they are like celebrities for him. He tells that that he can offer help as he is a murder expert as he has a crime bookstore.

Whip is briefed about the case. He tells the duo that it reminds him of a case from 1983. He says that any murder which is to be made to look like an accident requires a lot of skill and planning. Shawn notices that the storekeeper has a revolver. He takes them into a secret room behind the shelf, in which there are surveillance cameras; 3 in the inside and one outside. But then he confesses that he just wanted to get the two inside here. That’s uncomfortable and Shawn tells Whip that they should get going. He asks Shawn to sign a book for him. He tells them that he has read every book on murder since 1850, and Gus finds Whip’s fascination for murder a little leery. Well they leave. Next, the team is in the lad; including Grace. She tells Woody that the victim’s stomach is the best place to start with, as they could know where he has eaten in the last 18 hours.

The Chief hires Grace as a consultant for this case. The cut open the stomach and from the food inside the stomach, they figure out the restaurant he could have visited. They reach the restaurant-along with Whip. One of the guys at the restaurant tells them that Bob was a regular at the restaurant. He also tells them that two nights ago, around 6 e had come to the restaurant and showed them the table he sat on. But then he also has news for them. Bob was allergic to alcohol. He tells that instead of wine, he gave Bob plum cake. Shawn calls Woody to update him. Grace thinks that the alcohol could have been injected into the blood stream. The guy also gives them the carnival tickets that Bob had left at the table. Shawn tells Whip and Gus that they found the injection point; and Whip guessed the right answer; in between the second and third toe.

Shawn is surprised and Whip tells him that this story was written in 1931. Whip also adds that this guy was handpicked and that it was a calculated murder. They arrive at Bob’s next destination, a retro diner dance hall- a last of its kind; where single individuals come in and dance with the voluptuous women of their choice. Shawn calls Henry as they need help for questioning all these women. And Gus’s dance partner knows Bob. She says that Bob wouldn’t hurt a fly and that he had lost his mom. Sandy also tells them that Bob had come in two nights ago and was in a bad state. He kept telling her about someone following him. Sandy tells them that after enjoying her company, she sent him to a psychic reader, Ivana. They show her the picture of Bob. Meanwhile, Lassie and Juliet visit Bob’s residence to search for evidence. Ivana tells the trio that Bob had come to see her two days ago and told her that he was in love with a woman named Penny. Everything that she did had a thing of beauty in it.

But she also lied to Bob that Penny cares for him. They are upset about the lie and they tell her that he is dead. She is sorry for what she did. All this while Whip was holding the tarot cards and when he puts down the deck, Penny is uncomfortable and pulls out the topmost card-death. She is scared and asks them to leave. She tells Whip that death is approaching him-fast. Whip is freaked out and wants to drop the case. Meanwhile, Lassie and Juliet also find out about Penny. The four go to meet Penny. Well it turns out that she is a performance artist and guys like Bob pay money to see her do her everyday activities. Well it turns out that the questioning session would also end up looking like an act. But Penny says that it’s ok that they need not be bothered about the audience and that she would answer all their questions. To have some fun, Shawn and Gus sit with the audience; while Juliet and Lassie talk to penny.

She is upset to know that Bob is dead. She tells them that they never spoke but two nights ago he confessed his love for her. She tells them that he left around midnight, and was picked up by a vehicle. At the lab, Woody tells Shawn and Gus that there was paint found in Bob’s nail bed. Shawn remembers that wall paint on the road outside Penny’s apartment. They reach that wall and Shawn notices a symbol of a knife being pierced through three books. He remembers seeing them at quiet a few places; the restaurant, the dance diner and also the book that Shawn signed for Whip at his store. He realizes that Whip is the killer. Just then Shawn remembers Whip telling them that murder is an act that can immortalize a person! He wants to go down in history just like all the other criminals.

Shawn and Gus inform Lassie and Juliet and all four reach at Whip’s. But they find him dead in his car inside the store. It appears that he shot himself. There is a note for the detective duo, thanking them. But then Shawn notices that there is a missed call from Whip, an hour before he killed himself. There is also a message, a gunshot and a sound of the car door being slammed after the shot. Shawn doesn’t find that right and decides to go back to Whip’s. Meanwhile, Woody is doing the autopsy of Whip’s body. They enter Whip’s office behind the shelf. They see the surveillance footage and see a person going through books. They wonder why Whip was watching old footage. And mostly it is the same person in all the footage, reading the five books kept on the table.

Shawn observes that the lower part of a particular page is torn, the one indicating the page number. This is done with all the books. Meanwhile, Woody finds a capsule in Whip’s mouth and finds bits of paper stuffed in it. Meanwhile in Whip’s store, Shawn figures out that Whip was being framed. The killer took Whips car, went through Whip’s books and also drugged Whip’s coffee the night Bob was killed. Shawn looks at the tapes again. He closely observes the person in the video, with the back towards the camera. The person has a weird habit of pulling at the right ear-just like Grace! Shawn calls to inform Woody. But at the lab, Grace draws her gun at Woody.

She doesn’t let him answer the call. She said that she was tired of applying makeup on corpses. She wanted a job in crime pathology but was rejected every time. So she decided to find her way in, by killing Bob and pinning it on Whip. But Woody declared Bob’s murder as an accident, so she sliced his ear lobe. She broke opened a case and solved it. But Whip turned out to be cleverer that she gave him credit for. She also tells Woody that he shouldn’t have dug up the capsule from Whips’ mouth. All she ever wanted was to be an equal to Woody. But now she is going to have to kill him. Just then the team arrives and arrests Grace. The episode ends.