True Grits - Recap

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The episode begins with a reporter waiting for Chef Woodson, who is about to be released from prison, after being wrongly convicted for stealing. The Innocence Project frees him from prison. Woodson walks out and shouts into the mic that he wants back all that he has lost. He knows his rights and says that he is due restitution. He says he will get his law degree and enroll himself in the police academy. He also says that he will hire someone to find the truth for him. Next, we see Woodson and his lawyer at the Psych office. He hands them his case file. He also tells them that he has done some hard time in prison for violation of certain laws. He was incarcerated for two years and eight months.

The lawyer tells the duo that they need to prove him innocent and for that they need to find the guy who actually did it. And they need their help. But Shawn and Gus refuse to take up this case. Woodson tells them about his life and how his girl left him while he was in prison. He wants to start from scratch. They agree to take up the case. It is an “EMOTIONAL” moment. The duo goes to Jules to tell her about the case. They tell her how Woodson became the head chef at a hotel and he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time and was falsely convicted for stealing at his own restaurant. The narration is, as expected; DRAMATIC. They blame the false testimonies and the unfair justice system. But it turns out that it was Jules’ case. Well, Gus flees from the scene. Jules pulls out the file and tells Shawn that she had found the gun used for robbery in Woodson’s car, with his prints on it. She tells a “concerned” Lassie that she is fine with Shawn taking up the case. Well we’ll see and Lassie is sure that they are going to break up over this. Shawn tells Jules that according to the Innocence project the restaurant owner who identified Woodson was using glasses with an expired prescription. Next, Shawn and Gus are at the restaurant, talking to the Mercer, the guy whose testimony put Woodson in jail. He tells Woodson that he was under pressure and is sorry for what he did.

Mercer tells the detectives what happened that night and they find the case similar to another robbery they had investigated. Shawn asks Gus what if it’s the same guy who robbed this restaurant as well. They go to the grocery store where they meet the guy from the previous case, the guy whose store was robbed a month ago. He tells them that the guy looked like Woodson. But Shawn asks him if he is stress free as the store was insured. But he explains how the insurance was of no help. Shawn also notices that there was some work done at the store before the break-in. Just then Henry calls and tells him that just like the burglar used a zip tie to rob the restaurant, there is a jewelry store burglary that took place and the burglar had used zip tie to tie up the sales clerk. They reach the jewelry store. Jules and Lassie are already there. Shawn figures out that there has been a renovation recently and comparing this robbery with the store robbery, he also questions about the security alarm. And she tells him like the store guy that it did not work and she had to push the panic button to notify the cops.

Thus they conclude that both the robberies were committed by the same culprit. And the lady tells them that the culprit looked a lot like Woodson. Woodson doesn’t want to work with Jules and for the ten thousand dollars that he agreed to pay the duo; Shawn cancels the dinner. Next, Shawn finds out that both the stores had hired the same contractor for the renovation, Derek Poole. They reach Poole’s office and see Jules putting him into the car. She tells the detectives that since they saw Poole’s car around the jewelry store in the video surveillance footage, they are taking him for questioning. She doesn’t let them talk to him. They decide to go in as day laborers from where Poole hires his guys. But no luck. They meet a guy there who had worked a day at the grocery store. He tells them that a guy named Carl, worked both the jobs; the grocery store and the jewelry store. The guy tells them the block Carl lives in. they reach the block and meet Carl’s father. He tells them that he kicked Carl out a month ago as he could care for him anymore. They click a picture of Carl’s photo as his father isn’t ready to part with it. Next, Shawn goes to the station to declare his findings about Carl; but it seems that Jules is a step ahead and they already know about Carl. They also tell him about a drop of blood they find at the scene and that they would know who the guy is once the DNA report comes in.

Next, the duo goes to meet Mercer. But they find him in the freezer- dead. Now, all four watch the security footage and they see Woodson walking into the restaurant and also running out in panic. They bring him in. Woodson tells them that he had gone there to ask Mercer for his old job back. But this time the duo doesn’t believe him. Just then Jules walks in with Woodson’s lawyer and declares that Woodson isn’t guilty as she has witnesses who say that there was someone else who left the restaurant an hour before Woodson; and that matched with the TOD. And she says that Carl killed mercer to cover his tracks. Woodson fires the duo. Gus and Shawn go to meet Woodson to make things alright between them…and obviously for the ten grand. But there is a problem. Jules gets a call saying that the DNA reports could get delayed.

She tells Woodson that Carl is going to get rid of these diamonds in a hurry. Just the Shawn tells her that the diamonds are conflict free and every conflict free diamond has a unique id; which means they can be easily traced. Jules is on it. Woodson is happy that Shawn and Gus turned up for him. Next, Jules and Lassie go to meet Jasmine Richards. She has pawned the stolen diamonds. She tells them that her ex-boyfriend, Carl gave them to her to win her back. But she said a no and still kept the diamonds. But they find Carl in her apartment. Jules and Lassie are driving Jasmine and Carl to the station, when a car drives into theirs. And a guy takes Carl away. Shawn and Gus arrive at the station to check on Jules. Lassie tells them the DNA found at the jewelry store matches the one found at the back of Jules car. That should be Carl’s! just then Henry comes in and tells them that the DNA matched to a crime committed in ’81; and then Carl was eight years old. Shawn realizes something and tells everyone that that even if Carl is the one committing the crimes; his father Fred is keeping them from finding Carl.

And he is doing this so that the police is unable to get Carl’s DNA which could trace back to Fred and then Fred would be convicted for the murder he committed in ’81. He also remembers seeing bottling cases of a certain company, which is at the docks. And according to the ’81 report the murderer was a woman but she worked on the docks. So they go to the docks; the Seacoast bottling company. They find Carl and Fred. Shawn tells Fred that they know that he paid 5000 dollars to Mercer to keep Carl from being convicted for robbery. And then framed Woodson. All this to cover up the murder he committed. Carl is upset as he thought that his father did all this to protect him. Carl decides to turn himself in.

They arrest Fred. Shawn tells Jules that finally Woodson will get his restitution money and they will get their ten thousand dollars. He is happy that Jules didn’t give into the petty competitiveness. But he is wrong. Just then Woodson drives –in in his new ride. He tells them that he is going to use his restitution money to open up Mercer’s restaurant again. He thanks them and leaves. Just then he drives past the STOP sign and jumps a red light. Initially they thought they would let it go but then they realize that Woodson hasn’t given them the money he promised and run after him. The episode ends.