Santabarbaratown 2 - Recap

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The episode begins with Jerry shooting Henry. Just then Jerry sees Shawn running towards them and he flees. Shawn checks on his father. Henry talks to Shawn and Shawn is relieved that Henry is alive. He rushes him to the hospital. Shawn is nervous and he is blabbering. The doctor takes Henry into the Operating Room. Later, Henry is out of surgery and Shawn is still blabbering. Next, Juliet tells Shawn that he has been awake for the past 36 hours and he is delirious. The last thing he wants is to get involved in this case. Shawn thinks she is right and he leaves. Gus is waiting for him outside the hospital. Shawn tells Gus that he is hungry; he suggests that they should eat tacos.

He also says that there is one more thing they need to do, catch the SOB who shot his father. Shawn and Gus arrive at Jerry’s house and it looks like Jerry is doing too well financially for a guy who used to earn 50k back in those days. Shawn notices that Jerry isn’t at home but he has left his keys and wallet behind. He figures out that someone is helping him because one needs money to run. Shawn then tosses the entire place and breaks down expensive artifacts and the cabinet. He sees some bills and also notices the “Red Chief Firing Range” written below the name of the company. Lassie and Juliet arrive and Juliet is upset to see that Shawn did not listen to her.

Shawn notices something fishy about a cabinet and moves it. There is a secret passage behind it. They walk down the stairs and enter a room filled with heavy artillery. Lassie clicks pictures. Juliet doesn’t want anyone to know that Shawn was present in that room. On his way out, Shawn notices a mark on the chair and the cabinet; it has a picture of a Red Indian and he relates it with the letter from the firing range. Chelsea visits Henry at the hospital. Henry was trying to avoid her and he is not happy to see her. Shawn and Gus arrive at the firing range. Shawn tells Gus that Jerry pays the bills of this establishment and so he is obviously connected to it. A man walks up to them and asks them what they are looking for.

Shawn tells him that they are entrepreneurs from Seattle and they are planning to open a firing range for kids. They want to talk to the owner, Jerry. The man tells them that he is no longer the owner and that he doesn’t come around much. Shawn is at the firing range and asks for a BIG gun. The guy hands him a semi-automatic and Shawn shoots everything that is in his line of vision. The guards drag him out of there. He demands to speak to the owner. He learns that the owner, Jack, is not going to be seen for a while. He then realizes that Jack is the same guy who used to work for Blue Derby and the one he sent to prison last week. Shawn goes to meet Jack and Jack tells him that he only tried to scare him off the case.

He says he had no idea that Jerry would shoot Henry. Shawn asks him about Jerry and he tells Shawn that Jerry has a lot of friends; he doesn’t need to look far. Just then Jack gets shot. Karen is totally pissed. She talks to Shawn alone and tells him to find the sniper, unofficially. Shawn and Gus then go back to the firing range in a really bad disguise. Shawn checks the Hall of Fame board and sees that a man named J.E. Vest has won the maximum awards. He remembers seeing Vest’s picture at Jerry’s house. Henry is awake, but he is not talking. He is communicating, though. Shawn asks him about Vest and Henry writes down that Vest is a private security guard. When Shawn asks him if Vest is workable, Henry writes “FEED EVERYONE”.

They then confront Vest at a book signing where he is the writer’s bodyguard. Shawn wants Drake, the writer, to sign some random magazine. But Gus and Shawn get thrown out. Later, Gus is upset and tells Shawn that this wouldn’t work. Shawn has made apology nachos for Gus; he now has Gus’s full attention. Shawn is sure that Jerry will make a move. They sit on the couch and they hear a noise; it is the sound of Jerry’s landmine that Lassie was fascinated with. The team arrives and successfully removes the landmine from underneath the couch. Shawn and Gus arrive at the warehouse of FEED EVERYONE. Shawn sees there are crates that are about to be shipped to Sudan, Somalia, and other various countries.

Shawn breaks open the crate and finds tins of tuna and peaches. He also finds a lot of weapons hidden underneath the food. Shawn tries to put things together and figures out that Drake is making all this money through his charity and he is the one helping Jerry. Vest is the Chief of Security. Drake is supplying weapons to these countries. Shawn tells Gus that they will find Jerry if they find Drake. Just then Mac, Drake’s bodyguard they saw at the bookstore, arrives. They then learn that Mac is FBI and has been working undercover for a long time to uncover this racket. He places some pictures on the desk and Shawn notices the picture of a villa that is being sold by the Lamberth Group. Karen tells the team that no one is supposed to go behind Jerry and Drake, since FBI has now taken over the case and this is their jurisdiction.

Shawn, however, is not ready to give up. He checks the website of the Lamberth Group. He finds a villa similar to the one he saw in the picture and notes the address. Juliet is upset with Shawn’s behavior. They go to the address and find both Jerry and Julian Drake at the house, but they also have three heavily armed guards with them. Shawn exercises a plan and the only thing to come out of it is that Gus’s Blueberry splits into two. Gus is out of this case. Lassie arrives at the garage and asks Shawn to get into the car. Lassie takes him to the hideout and tells him that this is as far as he can take him. Shawn realizes that Lassie cares for him.

Lassie leaves. Gus arrives. He says that he wanted to make sure that Shawn would not do something stupid. He then tells Shawn that he got a maroon car on a loan and calls it the Cranberry. Shawn had laced the Chinese food that they had ordered with something that has upset one of the guard’s stomachs. Gus knows that he saw some food in the office. Shawn figures out that Gus has eaten that food. He then tells Gus that he has planted a bomb at one corner of the house. He presses the trigger and Gus’s Cranberry blows up. Shawn forgot where he had planted the bomb. Gus throws up. Shawn sneaks into the house and places some bullets on an iron plate and turns on the gas stove.

The heated bullets go off randomly and Vest gets shot in his leg. Shawn confronts Jerry. Jerry is surprised to see that Shawn is holding his gun. Shawn asks him to walk, but Drake arrives and holds Shawn at a gunpoint. Shawn tackles him, but Jerry manages to take the gun from Shawn and aims it at Shawn. Juliet arrives and shoots Jerry. Next, Henry is now stable and the tubes are out. He can now talk. Henry is glad that Shawn is safe. The episode ends.