100 Clues - Recap

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The episode begins at a Billy Lipps show back in 2007. After the concert, one of Billy’s band members has a nasty wound on the back of his head. Billy takes a look at the wound and, lies saying that it is nothing serious. Shawn and Gus (hideously dressed) arrive to meet Billy and say that they are huge fans. Henry has also attended the concert and he gets whisky for Billy. Shawn is shocked to see his father at the concert. Henry asks him what he is doing there. Shawn tells Henry that he is working with the SBPD on the cold case investigation on the Melinda Lane. Billy does not like it and asks them why they want to investigate the cold case.

Lassie arrives and tells Billy that his biography has a lot of damning information that could shed some light on Melinda’s murder. Billy had told the PD that he did not meet Melinda on the day of her murder, but his book says otherwise. Lassie arrests Billy and Billy looks totally confused (thanks to all the drug use, Billy has trouble with his memory). Cut to the present day, Shawn gets an invite to a secret party at a mansion and he doesn’t know the name of the person who invited him. Juliet is excited to go to the secret party, but she gets a call regarding a case and leaves. On her way out, she tells Shawn not to invite anyone else. Gus arrives and Shawn tells him about the party and also adds that Gus is his first choice.

Next, there is a raging storm and, the duo arrives at the mansion, an eerie looking one. The caretaker, Clivby welcomes them and takes away their phones. He says that his boss doesn’t want them, clicking pictures and posting them online. He then gives them a tour of the mansion. Shawn notices a small red colored thing on the shelf. They see a portrait and Clivby tells them that the man in the portrait is Buck, the real owner of the mansion. Buck was a chocolatier, and legend has it that Buck built his own secret chocolate room. Clivby’s boss rented this mansion from Buck’s estate.

The door bell rings and Clivby leaves. Shawn and Gus do the “chocolate dance”. Clivby brings in the next guest, Leslie, a single mother. She stutters a lot when she speaks and tells the duo that she needs to get back to her son, Jermaine. She says that her son has never met his father. Another guest arrives and he is pretty drunk. Moments later, Martin Kahn walks into the room and introduces himself. No one knows who is hosting the party. Shawn looks at them carefully and immediately realizes that Martin Kahn is the biographer who wrote Billy’s book, the drunkard is Highway Harry, Billy’s long time manager and Leslie is a groupie. This means that their host is Billy Lipps.

There is an empty seat and that was supposed to be for Billy’s guitarist, Rip who is angry because he was cheated out of song royalties and that is why he did not come. Billy tells the group that he served five years in prison for Melinda Lane’s murder. He tells them that prison is the best thing that happened to him. So, this gathering is a celebration for new beginnings. At that moment, the lights go out for few seconds and when they come back, the group sees Harry’s head slumped into the plate in front of him. Leslie, who was a nurse, checks the pulse and declares that Harry is dead.

Shawn notices a mark on the back of Harry’s head and remembers the red feather like thing he saw on the shelf. He gets it and tells the group that Rip has been lurking in the mansion, waiting for an opportunity to kill Harry for cheating him out of song royalties. He says that Harry is murdered. They try calling Juliet but the phone lines are dead. Clivby checks the closet and sees that the cell phones are gone as well. Gus tries to leaves and comes back terrified because there is a panther in front of the house. The panther is Billy’s pet. So, there is a raging storm and a hungry panther and all of them are stuck inside the house. They are 6 of them and so they decide to split into pairs and look for Rip.

Billy tells Shawn that despite his memory problem, he remembers that Rip once bit him during a brawl they had years ago over Melinda. Rip thought that Melinda was toxic to the band because she fancied Billy and Harry at the same time. Shawn and Billy are in Clivby’s room and Shawn finds a red color watch and the message and it proves that it was for Clivby. He notes that it was dated 2012. The doorbell rings and everyone is surprised to see Juliet and Lassie. They tell the group that they are working on a missing person’s case and the guy is Albert Sementao. They found his car and the last address on his GPS is Billy’s. Billy says that he doesn’t know a guy named Albert. Shawn tells them about Harry. They all go to the dining room and see that Harry’s body is gone. Moments later, they hear Clivby’s screams and rush to check on him.

They find Rip’s body in the freezer. Lassie checks his id and learns that Rip’s birth name is Albert Semento. Everyone is shocked. Juliet says that there are two stab wounds and the TOD is impossible to be determined. Next, Lassie and Juliet interrogate everyone present there and they lock everyone in separate rooms. Shawn then goes over the case once again and realizes that all of them had testified in Billy’s trial which landed him in prison. Billy had gathered them to exact revenge. Lassie and Juliet find that Billy has managed to get out of the locked room. They go looking for Billy and see that all the people who were locked, are out of their respective rooms. They then hear a gunshot and are totally confused.

At that moment, Billy gathers them in the hall and sings a song for Rip and Harry (it is the same tune Clivby was whistling earlier). Shawn notices that the chandelier is about to fall on Billy and he leaps to save Billy. Lassie is perplexed as to what is going on. The doorbell rings and everyone is shocked to see Curt Smith and that he is shot. Billy invited Curt because he is releasing his new album. Curt is about to point out to his attacker but he passes out. Shawn notices Leslie’s purse and remembers seeing some stuff that belongs to the men in the room. He declares that Leslie is the killer. He tells her that she was there to find out, who Jermaine’s father is and that is why she is collecting stuff with the DNA on it. She also wanted to kill all the potential daddies and take money from their estate after their deaths.

Leslie says that Clivby is Jermaine’s father and she knew that since the beginning and she never slept with Billy, Rip or Harry. She took the items because she wanted to sell them on Ebay for extra cash. Clivby remembers that they had sex the night Melinda was killed. So, Shawn’s “Leslie” theory is wrong. At that moment, Harry arrives and everyone is shocked to see that he is alive. He says that when he woke up, he saw that everyone was gone and when he tried searching for them he found a gun in the yard. He says that it was his mother who hit him at the back of his head, asking him to move out of her basement. Shawn thinks about all the events one more time and he now knows who the killer is. It is Clivby.

Shawn tells the group that Billy has been stealing all of Clivby’s musical tunes and gave him no credit. So, he decided to kill Melinda and send Billy to prison. Rip started filling in the blanks and figured out that Clivby killed Melinda and confronted him. Clivby stabbed him with an ice pick and put him in the freezer. When he went out to dispose the murder weapon, he saw Curt arriving and he shot him.

Clivby knew Billy’s favorite spot was under the chandelier and so he loosened the screws, hoping that it would fall on Billy and crush him. Clivby admits to his crime. Case closed. Next, the paramedics arrive and take Curt to the ambulance. In the yard, they hear the roar of the hungry panther and leave Curt and run back into the house. The episode ends.