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Juliet Takes a Luvvah - Recap

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The episode begins with Shawn bringing Henry home and Shawn’s mother tells Shawn that he needs to spend some more time with Henry. Shawn tells her that he will, but he doesn’t want to make any promises. Shawn tells Juliet that his lease is coming to an end, so he is going to move in with his father. Juliet doesn’t seem to like that idea, but she keeps quiet. Shawn arrives at the office and Gus tells him that he is shooting some pictures for his online dating profile. Gus then shows him a picture of a girl and tells him that he has a date with her. Shawn warns him that people often lie on the internet and that he shouldn’t get his hopes too high. Gus browses through some more profiles and is surprised to find Juliet’s profile, though she is using the name Helene. Shawn is stumped.

Juliet, as Helene, is having dinner with a man named Michael. Shawn walks up to their table and starts acting funny. Juliet tells Michael that Shawn is her ex-boyfriend. Lassie, who is in the kitchen, asks one of his guys to pull Shawn out of there before he blows up the entire cover. Shawn then realizes that this is some undercover operation, so he sets things right and quickly leaves.

Chief Karen briefs that team about the two murders that took place recently. Both victims were females in their twenties and they also had a profile on the dating site. They have dated six men, and it seems one of them is the killer. Shawn is not happy about the fact that Juliet is going undercover on this case and dating strange men, especially when one of them might be a serial killer. Shawn wants in on the case and Karen agrees. Shawn goes to meet Gus to discuss their new case and he finds Rachael with him. She is the same girl he saw on the dating site. Gus thinks that she is The One, but Shawn is apprehensive. At home, Shawn’s mother tells him that she is moving in for a while. So, it looks like Shawn is going to be living with his parents. Later, Shawn and the rest of the team are in a van, while Juliet is on her date.

Gus sees Juliet with a new guy at the cinema and he confronts her. He doesn’t ask too many questions since he, too, is on a date. Lassie is glad that Gus didn’t end up blowing their cover. At the end of the date, the team realizes this guy is not the serial killer they are looking for. Shawn arrives home and his parents are watching a movie. He tells them that this is not normal; since they are divorced and he is in his thirties, they should not be living together. Before he could say any further, he sees that his parents are watching his favorite movie and he joins them.

Karen introduces Fielding Mellish, the tech guy from the dating website, to Shawn and Juliet. Karen tells Juliet that her previous date, Orden, seems clean. They are going to move on to a man who goes by the name Mr. Possibilities. Juliet has already messaged him four times, but was unable to get a date with him. Mellish tells Juliet that her profile needs some sprucing up.

Juliet is trying on some new outfits and she wears a really clingy one that Shawn doesn’t like. Orden calls out to her. He, too, is at the store and he asks Juliet (Helene) if she would like to go out again. She tells him that she is trying to get back with her ex. He wishes her luck. Shawn thinks that Juliet is trying to compete with the dead girls and Juliet thinks that Shawn said that because he thinks she is unattractive. He suddenly has an idea. He goes to Mellish and tells him that they always thought it was a male who killed the two girls. Now, he thinks it could another girl, who was jealous of those two. Mellish considers it and checks the correspondence between Mr. Possibilities and other girls. He sees that one girl wrote to him several times and seems very obsessive. He checks the profile and it turns out to be Rachael, the girl Gus is dating.

Shawn confronts Rachael and wants to know where she was at the time of the murder. She tells him she was in NY, receiving an award for her nutritionist work. Shawn feels a little awkward and tells her that she is clear for the moment. He then calls Juliet, who is totally excited about the fact that she got a date with Mr. Possibilities. Shawn is jealous. He reaches home and walks into his parent’s rooms where he sees them having sex. He is in a state of shock.

Henry tries to talk to Shawn about what just happened, but Shawn is distracted when he sees a magazine with pictures of Mr. Possibilities. Shawn realizes that the man photo-shopped these images and created a profile, where he poses as a ski-instructor and many more things. Gus joins in on the case and Shawn takes Gus to confront Mr. Possibilities aka Ken Dowling. Shawn tells Gus that he is the only one left of the six suspects. They confront Ken in front of his wife, who is furious. Shawn contacts McNabb to have him arrested. Shawn calls Juliet and tells her that her Mr. Possibilities is the murderer. Juliet seems a little disappointed to hear that Mr. Possibilities is married, which Shawn finds a bit weird.

Shawn receives a call from Mellish, who tells him that there has been some activity on Mr. Possibilities’ account. According to the log, Mr. Possibilities just sent an email. Shawn tells him that is impossible because the man is under arrest. Mellish tells Shawn that maybe he arrested the wrong guy. Juliet pulls out the wires and sets them down on the rail by the pond. Juliet is surprised when Michael, her first date, shows up. He admits that is the one who set up the fake account and murdered the two girls. Then Michael pulls a gun on her. Shawn alerts Lassie and Gus; the three of them head to the meeting spot where Juliet was supposed to meet Mr. Possibilities.

Michael holds Juliet at gun point and takes her into the woods. He tells her that he is pissed because women are very shallow and they never want what they say they want. He tells her that he went on a date with those two girls and they would rather date the guy from the fake account, so he killed them. Michael tells Juliet that he tried to spare her, but she relentlessly tried to get in touch with Mr. Possibilities. Shawn, Gus, and Lassie arrive at the spot and split up to find Juliet.

Juliet tricks Michael by telling him that she always liked him, but she thought he would never take her seriously. She gets close to him and tackles him to the ground. Shawn arrives and Michael is arrested.

Shawn tells Juliet that he is ready to move in with her. Juliet is thrilled. Shawn arrives to meet Gus and tells him that he is sorry for doubting Rachael. Rachael arrives and Shawn tells her that he wants to start over. She agrees and Shawn goes to get some snacks. Rachael tells Gus that she feels so close to him that she thinks she could share everything with him. Gus tells her that she could tell him anything she wants. Just then Max, Rachel’s son arrives and Gus is shocked. The episode ends.