Santa Barbarian Candidate - Recap

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The episode begins with Mayor Channing giving a speech at the City Hall. Shawn and Gus, along with the rest of the police department, are present at the gathering. Later, Shawn and Gus talk to the Mayor. The Mayor’s wife, Rene arrives and the Mayor introduces her to the duo. On learning that they are not very important people, she quickly leaves. Jason Strob, the Mayor’s assistant, arrives and tells the Mayor that there is some kind of contingency that needs his attention. Gus knows Jason and his works, very well. Before making his exit, the Mayor invites Shawn for a brunch at his place. He also wants Shawn to bring Juliet along.

Later, when Shawn tells Juliet about the brunch, she refuses to go. So, Shawn and Gus end up arriving at the Mayor’s house for the brunch only to find the Mayor’s dead body being taken away by the paramedics. The Mayor is in his wet suit. In the morgue, Woody tells the team that the Mayor was surfing at the spot called the vortex which is pretty rough. He tells them that the Mayor was in the waters for four hours before he was found. Shawn, who was listening to the surf report earlier in the day, remembers that there were no waves at 6 in the morning. He wonders why the Mayor went surfing when there was no surf. Shawn and Gus decide to go to City Hall and talk to Jason. In the office, Shawn finds an exquisite turquoise pendant and Jason tells them that the Mayor got them when he went surfing in Mexico.

The duo asks Jason if Channing had any enemies. Jason said that ever body liked Channing. He says that they were in the middle of raising 50k for an exploratory committee. He tells them that René had all the money, but she didn’t like to part with it. Jason tells them that he needs to clear the office for the new staff. In case of the Mayor’s death, the Head of City Council takes over. At that moment, Tom Swagerty arrives and Jason introduces the duo to the city’s new Mayor. Tom gives Jason the key objectives that need to be handled and leaves. Shawn and Gus learn that Tom is planning to convert the wetlands into an outdoor mall. Jason is surprised because Channing has been nixing this idea for years. Shawn and Gus go to Pacific acquisitions with a new version for the wetlands project. The receptionist goes to get the security.

Shawn quickly checks her computer and finds some information connecting Ton to Argus equities. Later, the duo goes to the precinct and tells Karen that Tom is a majority stakeholder in a real estate development, which Channing opposed. Shawn thinks that Tom killed Channing so that he could make millions. Karen tells them that she requires proof. Shawn and Gus are disappointed. Gus, who stole Channing’s bye-law from his office, tells Shawn that the Head of City Council can become the Mayor unless challenged by another candidate. This gives Shawn an idea; Shawn decides to run for the mayor’s office. Gus prepares Shawn for his first television interview, and Shawn goofs it up. At the psych office, Gus tells Shawn that he sounded like a lunatic.

Woody calls and tells them that there are no rocks and coral found in Channing’s wound, despite being killed at the vortex. He also says that he found gray hair on Channing’s suit which isn’t Channing’s. Shawn remembers that Tom has gray hair. Jason arrives and tells Shawn that he would like to be his campaign manager. He thinks that he doesn’t trust Tom. Moreover, two months ago, Tom’s fiancé fell at home and died, which makes Tom very sympathetic in the public’s eye. Tom thinks that Shawn stands a chance to win. So, Shawn and Gus decide to make Jason the co-campaign manager. Jason tells Shawn that to begin with, he needs to attend a gala the next day, and he needs to bring a date with him. The next day, Shawn and Juliet, arrive at the gala.

Juliet has agreed to come because she is investigating Tom, based on the new evidence. Tom arrives with his daughter and Jason tells Shawn that Tom is getting all the attention. He wants Shawn to grab the spotlight. Shawn walks up to Tom and they together pose for the cameras. Shawn indirectly tries to blame Tom for Channing’s murder, and Tom tells him that he has nothing to do with it. Shawn tries to pluck Tom’s hair for evidence, but Tom pushes Shawn away. The cameras capture this. Juliet tells Shawn that he needs to tell Karen the truth that he is not a psychic. Shawn doesn’t agree to that. On his way out, Shawn manages to pluck a strand of hair from Tom. At the psych office, Gus tells Shawn that Tom has pulled off the waterland deals.

Shawn tells him that Woody confirmed that the gray hair found on Channing’s suit aren’t Tom’s. So, Tom is not their guy. Jason arrives with the news that Shawn is winning. Lassie is worried and Shawn tells him that he is withdrawing his candidacy. Henry points out that if he withdraws, he will be subjected to a lot of scrutiny. Gus tells him that he will figure out a way to subtly throw this whole thing off. Shawn and Lassie talk about the case when Shawn remembers various women wearing the turquoise pendant that Channing brought back from Mexico. He also remembers that Rene had gray hair. He meets Rene and tells her that she killed Channing because he had trouble being monogamous. Rene laughs it off. She tells Shawn that she had Channing had an agreement.

She admits that she had sex with Channing on the night before his murder, but that was in return for the 50k that she gave him. She tells Shawn that Channing was great in bed. Shawn is surprised that Jason didn’t know that Rene gave Channing the 50k for the committee. It is then seen that Gus makes an ad for Shawn to sabotage his image in public and it works. Shawn and Gus go to Channing’s house. Shawn tells Jason about the 50k over the phone. Shawn looks around the house and figures out that Rene gave Channing the money, but Channing was robbed. Shawn suspects the housekeeper, gardener and the plumber. Lassie eliminates the possibility of the housekeeper or the gardener killing Channing. So, Shawn and Gus go to the plumber’s house. They see a Mercedes parked outside, but inside the house, they find a dead body.

Shawn remembers seeing this guy during the gathering at the City Hall. He remembers that Channing looked worried on seeing him. Shawn checks the plumber’s computer and finds pictures of Channing and Abby Sheldon, Tom’s dead fiancé romancing. He also finds pictures where it is seen that Abby was accidentally killed in a fight with Channing. The plumber’s bank records show that that there was another deposit of 50k made around the time immediately after Abby’s death. Shawn now figures out everything. He walks into the City Council’s office and tells the room that the plumber caught Abby’s death on camera.

Channing was tensed and he called Jason, his right hand. Jason covered up Abby’s death and made it look like she died in her house. The plumber started blackmailing Channing, and Channing decided to come clean. Jason didn’t want to go to jail because he helped cover up the murder and that is why he killed Channing. This did not stop. Tom was not convinced about Abby’s death and wanted Jason to re-open the investigation into Abby’s death. That is why Jason decided to help Shawn so that Tom doesn’t become the mayor, but when that didn’t work, he killed the plumber, who could testify against him. Jason is arrested. Case closed.

Next, Shawn decides to tell Karen the truth, just like Juliet wanted him to, but before he could say anything, Juliet stops him. Later, she tells him that if she let him tell Karen the truth then all the good that Shawn did by solving crimes, would go away and that would be selfish on her part. She tells him that he need not tell anyone anything, but she is also not yet ready to get back with him. Shawn agrees to wait until she is ready to. The episode ends.