Dead Air - Recap

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The episode begins in 2009 where Shawn and Gus are at a radio station with their favorite radio DJs, Crock and Dean. Cut to the present, Shawn, Gus, Juliet and Rachael are having lunch at Henry’s. Shawn turns on the radio to listen to his favorite show. The girls decide to take a walk on the beach. It turns out that Rachael is going to London for six months and she hasn’t told Gus about it. The three men are enjoying the radio show when they suddenly hear the DJ asking an intruder what he is doing. This is followed by a gunshot. Shawn and Gus think that it is some kind of a joke, but Henry is sure that it is a gunshot.

It looks like somebody shot the Crockpot. Shawn and Gus arrive at the radio center. Shawn makes notes of things around. He replays the segment where they hear the gunshot. He thinks that he heard a voice before the shot was fired. Juliet and Lassie arrive at the scene. A fan tries to enter with some soup for Crock, but the cops stop her. Shawn thinks that someone here knows something. They go to meet Miranda Sherrod, the woman who owns the station. She tells the duo that crock doubled the ratings of his previous show in the past six months. She tells them that Crock’s success drove his competitors crazy.

Gus thinks that she is talking about Crock’s partner, Dean. She tells them that she doesn’t want to waste anymore time answering questions, and tells them to leave. The four detectives go to meet Dean, Crock’s ex-partner, and their prime suspect. Dean is angry with Crock because Crock broke off their partnership and bailed on him for more pay. He tells them that at the time of the murder, he was doing his own radio show. They see that Dean has set up a workstation in his house. Lassie thinks that Dean is the killer but Shawn doesn’t feel that Dean is capable of pulling off a murder. Shawn and Gus go to meet Miranda and tell her that the killer could be someone from the station.

They know that the other employees took a big pay cut so that she could bring in a big shot like Crock. Miranda agrees. They tell her that they need to go through the departments at the station. She grants them access but tells them to be quick because she is shutting down the station. She feels that she cannot do anything without Crock and no one is talented enough. Shawn decides to be the new DJ. Later, it has been seven minutes since Shawn has gone on air, and he is tired. Syd, the guy from the control room, tells Shawn to talk about something personal because people love to hear it. Shawn asks Gus how he feels about Rachael going to London. Gus is shocked because he didn’t know.

Rachael calls, and Gus and Rachael talk about it “on air”. At the end of the day, Syd thanks the duo for not insulting him like Crock did. Gus thinks that Syd could have killed Crock, but Shawn thinks that it is not possible because it is ‘too easy’. They then go to Red Herrings office. It looks like Red likes to hunt a lot. Red tells them that Miranda is the one who had to take a large pay cut. He says that she was planning to boost the show ratings and then sell the station to Clear Channel and get her money back, but the deal fell through. He says that he did not kill Crock. Later, at night, Miranda arrives at Gus’s place.

She tries to seduce Gus but Gus tells her that he is in a real relationship with Rachael. The next say, Gus tells Shawn that Miranda has decided to cancel his show because she has found a replacement. It is Gus. Gus goes on air and gets his first call. Shawn sneaks out of the room to do some investigation. He then calls Gus as the second caller of the day, Gilinda. Gus figures out that it is Shawn. Shawn is in Miranda’s office going through some files when Gus enters and asks Shawn what he is doing. Shawn tells Gus that he found out that Miranda is filthy rich. This means she had no reason to kill Crock. Miranda arrives and tells them to get back on air.

On his way back home, right outside the station, someone tries to shoot Gus, but misses the shot. The bullet ends up shattering the car window. Later, Lassie, Juliet and Rachael arrive and try to calm Gus. Syd arrives with the security camera footage where they see that Gus has fainted and Miranda gives him a mouth to mouth for a really long time. Shawn tells Gus and Rachael to go home. He wonders why someone would try to kill Gus and Crock. Syd tells Shawn that Gus was good because he had a lot of callers. Shawn checks the callers list and finds a common caller, Laura. Laura is actually the President of Crock’s fan club.

Syd tells Shawn that Crock and Laura had a fling at one point. Shawn, Lassie and Juliet go to meet Laura. They find out that Laura was home at the time of Crock’s murder. She tells him that she makes a lot of calls to radio shows because she is lonely. She thinks that they have come to talk about her stalker, Bob. She tells them that Bob follows her everywhere she goes. At first, she was nice to him, but he took things the wrong way and freaked her out. Juliet tells her to describe Bob to a sketch artist. Lassie digs around a little about Bob, and finds out that Bob had called on one of Crock’s show. His voice is a match to the voice they heard before the gunshot.

They conclude that Bob thought that he could have a chance with Laura if he eliminated all the people she adored. That is why he killed Crock and tried to kill Gus. They plan to set a trap. They make Laura call Gus and talk about her “fantasy”. They are sure that Bob will also try calling Gus. They are right. Bob calls Gus and the team tracks the call. Lassie calls Juliet, who is with Laura, and tells her that Bob is headed her way. He says that Bob is targeting Laura. Juliet canvases the house. She hears a noise from one of the rooms. She goes to check. Someone comes from behind and knocks her out. Later, the team arrives at Laura’s house. Shawn notices some meds kept on the table.

He and Gus go to the bedroom where they find various meds that are anti-depressants, psychotic drugs etc. Shawn and Gus ask Juliet if she was around Laura when she made the call. Juliet tells her that she was in the other room, making sure that the windows and doors were locked. Shawn tells them that Laura is the killer. He explains that Bob is the other side of Laura’s personality, who was jealous of Laura’s relationship with Crock. That is why she killed Crock. He says that Laura is the one who attacked Juliet as Bob. He also explains that this is the only reason why Lassie traced the call to this area when Laura/Bob called Gus. They take Laura to the station. Next, Rachael tells Gus that she will see him after six months. Gus tells her that he will wait for her. She leaves. Gus goes back into the house when there is a knock at the door. Gus opens the door and finds a man pointing a gun at him. It is Bob.

At the precinct, Lassie tells Juliet and Shawn that Laura’s doctor said that she has been doing pretty well, and no personalities have shown up since the last two years. He thinks that there could be a Bob. Shawn notices that Gus hasn’t called him yet. They rush to Gus’s house. At home, Miranda arrives to meet Gus because she knows that Rachael has left. She is shocked to see Bob. Gus hits Bob with a wine bottle. The team arrives and arrests Bob. Case Closed. Next, Rachael calls Gus, and Gus is about to tell her what happened when he hears Max’s father’s voice in the background. He hangs up the call. Shawn feels bad for his friend, but he is also excited about the Crock’s sound effects machine that Miranda gave them as a ‘thank you’ gift. The episode ends.