Nip and Suck It - Recap

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The episode begins with Henry and a group of oldies watching some rare birds in the woods. Henry’s phone rings and scares the birds off. He apologizes and walks away from the group. He tells them that it is a new phone his son bought for him and he doesn’t know to operate it. On his way back, Henry finds a bracelet on the side of the path. He becomes suspicious. He uses his cop skills and discovers a dead body. At the precinct, Henry tells Shawn and Gus about the dead body. Shawn tells Gus that it looks like Henry wants to relive the old days as a cop. Shawn and Gus go to Woody’s lab but they leave Henry out because he has retired.

Woody tells the team that the cause of death is blunt force trauma to the back of her head, but he is wrong about her age. Juliet arrives and tells them that their victim is Shelly Aaronson, a widow, and is 48 years old. Lassie checks the report and tells her that the victim looks nothing like the picture on the report. Juliet tells him that the fingerprint is a match. Shawn notices a small incision and declares that Shelly had undergone cosmetic surgery. Woody takes another look at the victim and immediately recognizes that this is Joan Diamond’s work. Shawn notices a tiny needle hole on the victim’s neck. Shawn pays Joan Diamond a visit. He wants her to make him look more youthful. He manages to access the computer on the front desk and finds out that Shelly had undergone some facial reconstruction surgeries; nose of Brianna Hicks, eyes of Cameron Dias etc. It looks like Shelly bought herself a new face.

Juliet calls Shawn, and Shawn tells Juliet that Shelly is not a widow. She is married to a guy named Brad Turner. Juliet tells him that Shelly filed a lawsuit against Joan before she died. Shawn tries to question Joan but she writes him off. She tells Gus that he could get his earlobes corrected. On their way out, they meet Henry. It looks like Henry and Joan know each other very well. Henry tells Shawn that he had come here to get some insight on cosmetic surgery and he thinks that Joan cannot be the killer. Shawn tells his father that he doesn’t need his help.

Gus manages to find out where they could find Brad Turner, Shelly’s husband. He runs a massage parlor. Shawn and Gus go to the parlor and see that Brad is half Shelly’s age. Brad tells them that he had been married to Shelly for just two weeks. When Brad realizes that Shawn is trying to accuse him, he tells him that they had signed a pre-nup before the marriage. Brad breaks down. He then tells the duo that the day Shelly passed, she met someone for coffee. They go to the coffee shop and the guy working there, tells the duo that Shelly had come to the shop and she was with someone who looked exactly like her. He also tells them that both women called each other a thief. Shawn takes a look at the security camera footage.

He feels that the other woman looks familiar. He remembers the nose of Briana Hicks. They go to Briana’s place and sees that Lassie has already arrested Briana. Shawn wonders how he got there first. Lassie tells him that the private detective Joan hired was two steps ahead of him. The private detective is Henry. During the interrogation, Briana tells Lassie and Juliet that she was getting liposuction done when Shelly was murdered. Henry also tells Shawn that Briana couldn’t have dragged Shelly’s body into the woods. Shawn thinks that Henry is doing all this because he told Henry that he doesn’t want his help. Henry tells him that he is only trying to solve a case for his client.

Henry receives a call from Joan. At the clinic, Joan asks Henry why they didn’t have a second date. Henry tells her that he wanted to focus on being a better dad to his son. Shawn and Gus hear this. Henry then asks Joan for a list of people who could be out to get her. She gives him the name and address of particular guy. Shawn is unable to read the name written on the piece of paper; thanks to the “doctor’s handwriting”. Later, Shawn and Henry manage to find out (both of them use their own ways) that Shelly was seeing another cosmetic surgeon, Ted Lomax. They arrive to meet Lomax. Lomax tells them that he used to treat Shelly. He then points out to Gus that he needs to fix the large crease on his forehead. Henry tells Shawn that Lomax is their guy, his instincts say so. Shawn notices a girl in the clinic.

He remembers seeing her at Joan’s clinic. He goes to talk to her. She tells Shawn that her name is Leecy, and she also admits that she will be joining Joan’s clinic the next day. Shawn asks her if she knows Shelly. Leecy tells Shawn that she went to give Shelly some beauty products the day she died. She also tells him that Shelly looked happy because she had bought herself a new red sports car. Shawn asks her if it was an Aston Martin. She says yes. Shawn knows that Joan owns a red Aston Martin. He goes to Henry and discloses this new piece of information. Henry still thinks that Lomax is their killer. He points out to the fake diploma degrees hanging on the wall. He says that Lomax is a fake cosmetologist and he accidentally shot Shelly with a drug that ended up killing her.

He then tried to cover it up by making it look like she was attacked while jogging. Lassie and Juliet arrest Lomax for practicing with a fake degree. Gus is shocked because the fake doctor just gave him a botox shot. Later, at night, Joan arrives to meet Henry with a bottle of wine. She tells him that she wants to continue with their date that was left incomplete. Henry agrees. Joan goes to the washroom and Henry ends up dropping her purse. He finds a vial of drug that killed Shelly along with a syringe. He quickly pockets the syringe and clicks a picture of the vial on his phone. Joan arrives and he confronts Joan. She tells him that’s he is being set up. Henry calls to report it. Joan attacks him with a wall mount, takes his phone and leaves.

At the precinct, Lassie tells Shawn, Gus and Henry that Joan’s fingerprint was found on the syringe. This means she is the killer. Henry gives up and leaves. Shawn and Gus look at the report and see that the print of Joan’s index finger was found on the pump. Now they wonder as to who pushes a syringe with an index finger. They think that Joan is being set up. They also see that Lomax bailed himself out. They go to talk to him when Lomax receives a call from Joan. She asks Lomax if he knows who is trying to kill Joan. Lomax tells her that he has no clue. Shawn and Gus go to meet Henry and tell him that Joan is not the killer. Henry is back in action.

He turns his focus to Brad and points out that even though Brad signed a pre-nup, it only means that he could not get the money from the divorce, but he would always get the money from Shelly’s life insurance. The team goes to arrest Brad, but they find him dead. In the morgue, Shawn sees a puncture wound on Brad’s neck just like the one Shelly had. Shawn notices Brad’s papers and learns that Brad is from Bismarck, North Dakota. Leecy too is from Bismarck. He puts everything together. Juliet arrives and tells them that Joan was seen entering her clinic. They go to Joan’s clinic. Shawn tells Lassie that Brad and Leecy were high school sweethearts and they used to scam rich people. The plan was that Brad would seduce Shelly into marrying him and later they would get divorced and Brad gets the money.

In the process, Brad fell in love with Shelly and he signed the pre-nup. This means that Leecy not only lost her money but also the guy she loved. So, in rage and jealousy, she killed Shelly and framed Joan. Brad got suspicious and so she killed him as well. Leecy admits. Case closed. Next, Shawn tells Gus that he and Juliet are back together. Henry decides to take Joan on their second date. Gus receives a note from Rachael. It seems that Rachael wants to talk. Gus feels that this is the beginning of a break up. He cries. The episode ends.