Lassie Jerky - Recap

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The episode begins in the woods with two people, Kate and Chavo, making a documentary on Bigfoot. They have planted big meat pieces with spy cameras in it, as bait to lure Bigfoot. When Shawn and Gus arrive, even though Kate seems to know them, Gus is confused. Shawn did not tell him that they are doing a documentary on Bigfoot, because he knew that Gus wouldn’t have come. Kate tells Gus that if Shawn can catch the beast using his skills, then they could win the Student’s Academy Award. Gus does not want to stay, but Kate tells him that they have a lot of meat. Gus changes his mind.

We see that Shawn is also carrying a camera, and he is planning to make a documentary within a documentary. Gus tells him that this is the worst idea he has come up with since they have known each other. They hear some growling, and Kate points to a large, bear-like creature walking at a distance. Shawn’s camera runs out of charge. Shawn changes the battery and they see Kate walking towards the beast with a camera in her hand. Gus thinks that she is going to get eaten by the monster. Shawn points out that Chavo is missing, and believe he came around the corner wearing a fake suit. Shawn is excited that they are making a documentary on a hoax. Kate arrives and tells them that the creature wouldn’t come out of the cave, so they need to go get a closer look. Shawn thinks that they should go back to the camp and get some more supplies. They arrive back at the campsite and Shawn asks about Chavo. Chavo emerges from the woods and Kate tells him that they saw “it”. Kate is turned on and she pulls Chavo aside to have sex. Gus watches them, while Shawn snoops around in the tent. Gus finds the meat piece that Kate had hidden in the bark of a tree and accidentally swallows a transmitter.

Kate and Chavo return, and Chavo tells them that he is going to take a leak. Shawn and Gus follow him, hoping to uncover the truth. They find that Chavo is actually peeing, and Chavo asks them why they left Kate alone. Just then, they hear Kate screaming and they rush to the tent. They hear a growl and see the beast. They run for their lives. Gus ends up falling in a ditch. Kate throws him a flashlight, and he sees that he has fallen between three dead bodies.

Lassie and Juliet arrive in the woods because Juliet got a call from some hikers about Gus’s car. They tell Lassie and Juliet about the dead bodies. They go to the ditch and find that the dead bodies are gone. Lassie is furious, and he thinks that Shawn and Gus just got fooled by Kate and her friend. Shawn notices some drag marks and tells Lassie that he thinks that the bodies were dragged out of the ditch. Juliet says that, since the hole was covered, the bodies were not meant to be found. Moreover, Gus fell and rolled into the ditch. It was an accident.

They follow the drag marks to a creek. Lassie’s foot gets caught in a bear trap and he ends up in the creek. After a struggle, they manage to pull Lassie out of the creek. They are now lost in the woods, and the sun is about to set. Juliet decides to set camp by the water and, after sunrise, she will go get help. Lassie’s foot is badly injured, and he agrees with Juliet. He says that they should set up a camp and he will stand watch. Kate hands him a camera, just in case he sees something.

The five of them are by the campfire, and Lassie is securing the perimeter. Lassie has lost a lot of blood and he is felling weak. He records his last words and passes out. Just then, “the beast” arrives. It picks up Lassie and leaves.

In the morning, the group finds the camera and sees that Lassie was taken away by the beast. Juliet refuses to believe what they see on the camera and thinks there has to be a rational explanation. Gus smells barbeque and they follow the smell. They come to a clearing, where they see some meat being roasted over a fire. They think it is Lassie. Shawn sees some flowers and says that he senses something.

They follow Shawn’s lead and arrive at a cabin and find Lassie inside. Juliet is relieved. Lassie tells them that “they” were supposed to come and get them. Juliet wonders who “they” is. Just then "the beast" walks in. He is actually an Army Ranger, Mr. Dickson, who has been living in the woods for over a decade because he lost faith in humanity. He wears the suit for camouflage, which enables him to move around and hunt. He knew that the bear trap was meant for him, and felt bad about the fact that Lassie was hurt. He knows that everyone is hungry and offers them some roasted meat. Shawn is snooping around, because he is still suspicious about Dickson. He finds a small briefcase, which contains pictures of Dickson’s family and his death certificate. He sees two wallets and calls for Lassie and Juliet. Lassie checks the IDs in the wallets and tells them that they belong to two guys from the crime syndicates, who have been missing for a long time. They were contract killers.

Juliet tells them that there were three bodies. Shawn remembers seeing a dragon tattoo on the calf, and the dragon was eating a heart. Juliet immediately recognizes the girl. She tells them that the girl was a hooker and a stripper, who she used to work for one of the dead men. Juliet thinks she must have gotten mixed up in this business and was killed. They now believe that Dickson is a Serbian, and worked for the syndicate. They decide to leave. Dickson stops them at the door and tells them that they are not going to make it out of there alive. He collapses and they are shocked to see that Dickson was attacked by an axe. So, he is not the killer. Kate wonders how the Serbians knew that Gus uncovered the bodies. Shawn tells them that Kate and Chavo were posting pictures on the blog and he is sure that the Serbians were keeping tabs on the woods. They knew that their dumping grounds were compromised, so they sent someone to drag out the bodies and tie up the loose ends. Juliet tells them that they need to get ready to fight. Dickson has a lot of weapons in his house, and they collect them.

Dickson is now conscious and Juliet prepares for a fight. Lassie takes the window and positions himself with a rifle. Chavo and Kate are both shot. Juliet, who is hiding behind a tree, shoots one of the Serbians. A gun fight ensues and one guy enters the cabin and shoots Lassie in the shoulder. He is about to shoot Gus, when Dickson comes from behind and crushes the Serb to death. Dickson collapses once again. Juliet arrives and checks on Lassie. She is relieved to see that he is alright.

We then see that a team of cops and paramedics arrive and tend to the wounded. At the precinct, the entire team watches the film and Shawn gets all the credit. Lassie commends Juliet for her bravery and skills. Shawn also announces that Dickson is fine and will make full recovery. Everyone is happy. They get back to work. The episode ends.