No Country for Two Old Men - Recap

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The episode begins with Juliet and Shawn thanking their friends and family for their lovely house warming gifts. Juliet’s parents are also present and no one seems to like Juliet’s step father, Lloyd because he talks too much. Shawn hopes that Henry and Lloyd could become friends, but Juliet says that they should stay out of it and let things happen naturally. Shawn is not a fan of nature. He feels slow is overrated. He calls a restaurant and makes a lunch reservation for Henry and Lloyd.

Later, Lloyd calls Henry and tells him that he would be late for lunch because he needs to pick up a package from the mailbox. Henry tells him that he can pick it up for him, since the mailbox is on the way to the restaurant. Lloyd repeatedly tells him the mailbox number so that he doesn’t forget. He also tells Henry not to use his name while collecting the package. Henry gets slightly irritated with Lloyd telling him the same thing over and over again and he hangs up the phone.

At the mailbox, Henry forgets the number and so he uses Lloyd’s name to collect the package. A man standing nearby hears Lloyd’s name and eyes Henry suspiciously. He follows Henry and Henry senses that something is wrong. Another man across the street also starts following Henry. They draw their guns and begin firing. Henry ducks behind a car. Lloyd arrives and asks Henry to get into the car and they drive away. Henry wants to know what is going on. Lloyd tells him that he is delivering the package to a friend in return for forgiveness on a sizeable gambling debt which is somewhere around one to ten million dollars. Henry wants to report this to Lassie and Lloyd throws Henry’s phone out of the window. Lloyd then tells him that the contents in the package are not illegal. He says that after this delivery, he will have a clean slate and they can then go to the cops. He tells Henry that his family thinks that he is a boring accountant and he doesn’t want to change that impression.

At the precinct, Lassie tells Juliet about the shooting at the mailbox and Juliet realizes that Shawn set up a lunch date for Henry and Lloyd. She tells him that Lloyd is a gambling addict and is sure that he is up to his old tricks. They all leave to go to the mailbox. Lassie also puts up a search for the black Cadillac SUV that Henry got into. Next, Lloyd and Henry arrive at a runway and Lloyd gets into a plane. Henry does not want to fly with him, but when the men with guns arrive, he is left with no options. They take off. Henry is pissed that Lloyd lied to him again.

Next, Lassie and the team arrive at the mailbox. Lassie tells Juliet that two men fitting Lloyd’s and Henry’s description, took off in a plane headed southwards and were followed by the same guys who opened fire at Henry outside the mailbox. Shawn remembers looking at Lloyd’s phone when he was checking Google maps. Shawn knows where they are headed to. On the plane, Henry is totally shocked to learn that they are going to Mexico. They land in Mexico and the moment they get out of the plane, they are arrested by Mexican Police. They seem to know Lloyd. Next, Lloyd and Henry are being interrogated by Officer Lamas. Lamas, knows that Lloyd is delivering a very important package to the wanted criminal, Pablo Nunez. The officer thinks that the package contains the engraving plates that Nunez was trying to get his hands on. Henry is furious because this is a Federal crime.

They open the package and see that it contains a pair of cufflinks. The officer lets them go and asks them to get out of Mexico as fast as possible before Nunez gets to them. Henry is worried and Lloyd is enjoying a famous chicken dish with honey. Lloyd assures him that they will get out of Mexico soon. At that moment, two men arrive and cover their heads with black cloths and abduct them. Next, Juliet, Gus and Shawn arrive in Mexico. Shawn sees a man with the food cart and notices the coins on his tray. He figures out that his last two customers were American. Juliet describes Henry and Lloyd to the Mexican and asks him which way they went. The Mexican directs them to the place he last saw them.

They arrive at the spot and see a Range Rover leaving. They deduce that the fathers have been kidnapped. Next, Henry and Lloyd are taken to Nunez’s bungalow and Nunez is delighted on seeing the cufflinks. Henry is surprised. Nunez tells him that these cufflinks belonged to his father and his father wanted to be buried wearing them. He says that these were stolen and Lloyd helped recover them. He is happy and wants the two of them to stay and enjoy the treat that he has prepared for them. He has forgiven Lloyd’s debts.

Shawn, Juliet and Gus go to the police station and try to report a kidnapping. Officer Lamas, who interrogated the two men, tells them that there is nothing he can do because there is no evidence. Shawn looks around the place, registers few things in mind and then uses his talent to get Lamas to admit that the two men were at the station. Lamas, admits that Henry and Lloyd were there a while back and tells them that Nunez probably has kidnapped them. He then tells them about the place where Nunez buries the guys he kills. The next day, Lloyd and Henry say goodbye to Nunez. On their way out, Lloyd tells Henry that he has stolen the engraving plates from Nunez. Nunez already had them. Nunez’s men become suspicious of them. They try to run but the guards get them.

Later, they are at Nunez’s burial ground, digging their own graves. Shawn, Juliet and Gus are watching them from a distance. One of the guards walks up behind them and draws his gun at them. So, now it is five of them and they are trying to decide how they are going to share the two graves. It looks like Shawn is stalling. At that moment, Lamas arrives with his team and arrests Nunez and recovers the engraving plates. Shawn had secretly texted Nunez. At the precinct, Lamas thanks them for helping him recover the plates. Lloyd apologizes to Juliet and begs her not to tell her mother. Juliet agrees, only because Lloyd helped in recovering the plates.

The team is back in Santa Barbara. At the precinct, Lassie gets call. Lassie then tells the team that Lloyd stole the plates from Lamas and took off with them. Shawn feels that something is amiss. He then figures out that the guy from the mailbox, who shot at Henry, worked for Lamas and now Lamas is trying to frame Lloyd. They go back to Mexico. There is another officer with them, who tells them that they have been looking into Lamas for a while and that he is a ruthless man. He feels that Lamas would have killed Lloyd by now. Henry feels otherwise because he knows that Lloyd has a way of getting out of tight places.

Next, we see Lloyd digging his own grave, once again, and Lamas and his guy are watching him. Lloyd manages to turn the two men against each other. The team arrives. They see that Lloyd is trying to escape, but the Latino guy shoots him in the chest. The team moves forward to arrest Lamas and the Latino guy. Henry is upset that Lloyd is dead. Shawn notices that there is no blood and realizes he is wearing a bullet proof vest. Henry is pissed because he wasn’t wearing one in the face of danger, where as Lloyd was wearing a vest all along. Once again, Lloyd apologizes. Next, at home, Shawn tells Juliet that he still hopes that their fathers could become BFFs. We then see, Lloyd and Henry go fishing and this time Henry is wearing a bullet proof vest. The episode ends.