Cirque du Soul - Recap

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The episode begins with Lassie standing outside the prison, awaiting Marlowe’s release. Marlowe runs into his arms. At the office, Shawn is trying to do some pull ups and Zola, a contortionist walks in. She wants his help to psychically locate their star performer, Francois. She says that she works with Le Cirque. Shawn agrees to take the case. Zola invites him to the dress rehearsal. Gus, Rachael and Max arrive at the office. Rachael is going away for a day for some work and Gus agrees to take care of Max.

Shawn suggests that they should go to Le Cirque. Max likes the idea of going to a circus. Rachel knows that her son is scared of clowns. She lets him go anyways. Gus realizes that there is no real show happening and Shawn tells him that it is the dress rehearsals and that Max would like it just as much. They see Jeffery Duke, and Shawn calls him the “Goddy of the Potty”. Gus immediately realizes that they are on an investigation. Gus is worried that Rachael might not like this. Shawn assures him that nothing will happen to Max, but when they turn around, they see that Max has disappeared.

Lassie takes Marlowe to the parole office. He sees that the parole officer, Arsla Gibbs, is someone he hooked up with after a few drinks and never called her back. He tells Marlowe that she should not mention that they are a couple. They go inside and Lassie learns that the parole officer has already learned about their affair and she has made the rules in a way that Lassie is not able to stay with or meet Marlowe. At the circus, Max walks out from one of the portable toilets and Gus is glad to find him. They go to watch the rehearsal. The manager gives Francois the cue to be ready for the trapeze launch. Shawn is glad that Francois has returned and this is no longer an investigation. But Francois misses the timing and falls down dead. Next, Rachael is pissed that Max witnessed a death.

At the precinct, Lassie tells Juliet that Gibbs is Marlowe’s parole officer and she has made it impossible for Marlowe and him to be together. Juliet tells him that she could help him with this. Next, Shawn and Gus talk to Zola. She tells them that she doesn’t think this was an accident. She says that Francois has done that act a million times. She says that no one would talk to them about the case because they don’t warm up to outsiders. She tells them that they are looking for a yoddler for the show and they can audition for that. Shawn and Gus are terrible at yoddling but since the manager has no options he hires them. They go to the cafeteria and see Hugo, the man who was supposed to catch Francois. Hugo tells them that it was weird because Francois did not stretch all that well. Shawn thinks that Francois was dead before he was launched into the air. Woody confirms that for him and tells him that the COD was electrocution.

Lassie and Marlowe have decided to meet at Juliet’s and Shawn’s place till the time they figure out a solution. Shawn does not like it. Gus decides not to discuss the case in front of Max. Max tells them that he had seen Francois backstage before he was launched into the air. He says that he saw two people applying makeup on his face. Shawn decides to take Max to Le Cirque so that he could identify the makeup artists. Max tells him that the two of them were wearing makeup as well but he identifies the voice of one of the guys. Shawn remembers seeing the trio in the lunch room. They are the trapeze artists. They decide to follow them. Gus is not at all happy about involving Max. At home, Juliet tells Lassie that it is difficult for her to continue with the new arrangement.

Lassie tells her that he will figure out a way. Shawn, Gus and Max follow the trio and learn that they are a group of thieves. Shawn thinks that Francois was the fourth member. He sees them jump across an electric fence and break into a science laboratory. He believes that Francois must have died while trying to break into the lab. Shawn, Gus and Max also manage to get inside the lab. Shawn is wondering what they were after. The alarm goes off and cops arrive. Later, Rachael is pissed that Max was involved in a break in. Juliet tells Shawn that the thieves were looking for tritium, an isotope that is used to make watch faces, signals, signs etc. 10 grams of tritium could fetch around 300k.

At that moment, Juliet realizes that these people must have committed the robbery at the sign factory (one of her ongoing cases) and when they did not find anything there, they broke into the lab. They now need to find out the places where unstable tritium can be stored. Shawn remembers reading about the Brickstone storage facility at Le Cirque. He also remembers one of the trapeze artist with a “Z” tattoo hiding the address in his sleeves. Shawn tells Gus that they have to go to the facility. Gus is pissed at Shawn. He tells him that Rachael broke up with him. He says that he really loved Rachael and this time he will not be able to go with him. Shawn feels bad.

Lassie declares that he got engaged to Marlowe. They are waiting for the wedding planner and enjoying a glass of wine when Arsla arrives and asks for Marlowe’s urine sample. Lassie gets desperate and tells Juliet to replace Marlowe’s urine sample with hers so that Marlowe can clear the alcohol test. Juliet talks to Arsla and asks her why she hates Lassie so much. Arsla tells her that Lassie is divine in bed and she is pissed because she is not able to get that sort of satisfaction anywhere else. Also, after giving her the night of her life, he did not even call. Juliet now understands Arsla’s anger. Gus is in the park blabbering to himself, when Henry arrives and tells him that Shawn is behaving this way because he is scared of losing him.

He tells Gus that he is one the most important person in Shawn’s life after his mother. Next, Shawn is at the storage facility and he sees the robbers trying to store the unstable tritium. He confronts them and they tell him that they work for Jeffery Duke. They say that they were looking for work when Jeffery approached them telling them that he could give them a job. He is the one who wanted them to steal the tritium. They tell him that after Francois died, Jeffery kidnapped Zola and if they don’t give him the tritium, he will kill her. Shawn tells them that they should go to the warehouse and rescue Zola. Next, Shawn dresses up as a guy from pest control and enters the warehouse.

The others have a plan in place to enter. Zola gets her cue and one of the guys rescues her. Shawn sprays pesticide into their eyes and blinds all of them. He hides in one of Jeffrey’s portable toilets. Gus, who has been watching all this, takes advantage of the chaos and enters the toilet Shawn is hiding in. Shawn apologizes for jeopardizing his relationship. They try to escape but the guys grab them. They are about to get shot when the cops arrive and arrest Jeffery and his men. Case closed.

Next, at the precinct, Lassie gives Juliet a bouquet and thanks her for all her help. Woody arrives with a bigger bouquet and thanks Juliet for hooking him up with Arsla. Lassie is impressed. Shawn and Gus arrive at the office. Rachael and Max are waiting for them. Rachael tells Gus that Shawn called her and explained his role in the whole thing. She is glad that he did and tells him that Max has been missing him a lot. She is happy about the fact that Max has become more outgoing and confident after being with the two of them. They kiss and make up. The episode ends.