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Psych: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece

Shawn and Gus crash a high society wedding in order to recover the stolen cherished antique engagement ring before the ceremony ends.

Source: USA Network

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x3
Production Number: #1_1003
Airdate: Friday July 21st, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

DE (RTL) Nov 13, 2007
NL (Comedy Central) Jun 12, 2009

Guest Stars
Kirsten NelsonKirsten Nelson
As Interim Chief Vick
Christine ChatelainChristine Chatelain
As Lacey Maxwell
Tom ButlerTom Butler
As Attorney General Maxwell
Gina HoldenGina Holden
As Bethany
Diego KlattenhoffDiego Klattenhoff
As Dylan Maxwell

Co-Guest Stars
Liam JamesLiam James
As Young Shawn
Sage BrocklebankSage Brocklebank
As Buzz McNab
Patricia DrakePatricia Drake
As Elaine
Guy FauchonGuy Fauchon
As Dietrich Manheim
Twan HollidayTwan Holliday
As Stabber
Dee Jay JacksonDee Jay Jackson
As Security Guard
Angela HendricksAngela Hendricks
As Secretary
Richard Ian CoxRichard Ian Cox
As Desk Clerk Bobby
Camyar ChaiCamyar Chai
As Bellman
Sheila PatersonSheila Paterson
As Guest Book Grandmother
Lindsay BourneLindsay Bourne
As Justice of the Peace
Lakota HuffmanLakota Huffman
As Flower Girl
Main Cast
James RodayJames Roday
As Shawn Spencer
Dulé HillDulé Hill
As Burton 'Gus' Guster
Timothy OmundsonTimothy Omundson
As Carlton Lassiter
Maggie LawsonMaggie Lawson
As Juliet O'Hara
Corbin BernsenCorbin Bernsen
As Henry Spencer
Episode Notes
Psych-Out: Shawn and Gus rock out to "Jessie's Girl," complete with dual air guitars.

Episode Quotes
Gus: What are you doing?
Shawn: Dude, I'm on to something big.
Gus: Tailing cops? In a police station?
Shawn: Some monumentally-expensive ring just got stolen. I'm gonna get us on the case.
Gus: We just got a case five minutes ago.
Shawn: Yeah, a lame one. Stolen computers from a high school? Come on, like you weren't falling asleep during that meeting.

Karen: Solve the case I gave you. Then we'll talk. In the meantime, I've a lot of work to complete.
(Shawn very briefly looks through the folder as Karen starts to walk away)
Shawn: It's the secretary.
Karen: Pardon?
Shawn: It's the secretary. The secretary did it.

Shawn: I feel it. In the ink. It's very bad vibes, strong, squid-ish vibes.

Shawn: You're the sister of the groom. And the maid of honor. And the wedding planner?
Lacey: Correct.
Shawn: That is so many hats!
Lacey: You should see my closet.
Shawn: I am hoping to.

Lassiter: Shall we?
Shawn: Sure.
(Lassiter leads Shawn out of the room)
Shawn: If this is some sort of hazing ritual where we’re gonna end up naked in a river somewhere, I’ll need to arrange for a ride home.

Lassiter: Listen to me, Spencer. The department's reputation is on the line with this one. If I catch you anywhere near this case, I will throw every book I can find at you.
Shawn: What if you find the Bible? You gonna throw that too? Seems a little sacrilegious to me, don't you think?

Gus: (on the phone) I'll call you back later, Shawn.
Shawn: No, no, you can't! I left my cell phone in your car yesterday...along with a tuna sandwich. I seriously hope you found that.

Juliet: Is this your only lead?
Lassiter: His responses to my interrogation were hostile at best.
Juliet: Clarify "hostile."
Lassiter: Use my tone now as a guide.

Shawn: I'm sensing work troubles. Here, let me read your palm.
Juliet: How about just one finger?

Shawn: I know things. Things about rings.
Juliet: Oh, I thought you were here for a wedding?
Shawn: I am...ish.

Gus: So, now I have a cat?
Shawn: An orange tabby. Last Christmas, you made her a tiny Santa hat. It was adorable.
Gus: Fantastic, I can’t even have a make-believe boy cat.
Shawn: Gus, a boy cat wouldn’t serve my purposes nearly as well. The next time I need you, Pickles is having kittens.
Gus: Pickles?
Shawn: Mrs. Pickles is her full name, though I’m not actually sure cats can marry outside of Boston.

Gus: Interpol?
Shawn: That's right, missing ring division. I believe I was recruited out of North Africa when I was fifteen.
Gus: You could have at least used a British accent.
Shawn: (with an accent) Oh, please, Gus. I started with a British accent and then seamlessly slipped (losing the accent) into my fake American one. Bobby gave me some pointers. Apparently, you Americans say "howdy" a lot.
(a girl walks by)
Shawn: Howdy.

Shawn: I made a list of suspects after attending Lassiter's briefing.
Gus: He let you in his briefing?
Shawn: He does when you're in the air shaft.

Dylan: (to Gus) So, you're a psychic, too?
Gus: Well...
Shawn: Gus here is a safe expert. Yes, he subscribes to the, uh...Safe Cracker, uh, Safe Cracking...comic book.

Shawn: Isn't it kind of weird how the body is just shoved in here?
Gus: No, what's weird is there's a dead guy in a dumbwaiter, and we're standing here staring at it waiting for somebody to find us!

(Lassiter reaches into his coat for his gun)
Juliet: (referring to Shawn) You're not going to shoot him are you?
Lassiter: I haven't decided.

Shawn: Are you gonna have some cookies?
Gus: No!
Shawn: Do you wanna finish my banana?
Gus: I wanna leave.

Shawn: You're really mad?
Gus: We have less than twelve hours to solve the case, and you're throwing a kegger in a police officer's room. Why would I be mad?

Shawn: (to Gus, referring to the drunken guests) I have found that they're particularly forthcoming with information while in this state. For example, I've eliminated every suspect here. Although, there is a guy stealing cable and another refilling his minibar bottles with shampoo, but I don't think these are gateway crimes to a jewelry heist.

Gus: (angrily) You left me in there!
Shawn: Yes, I did, and you're very welcome.
Gus: I just got a lap dance from Patrick Swayze!
Shawn: What do you mean? Like an impersonator?
Gus: No, I think it was actually Patrick Swayze!

Gus: All we've done is eliminate suspects. We're back where we started!
Shawn: Oh, Gus, we're fine. We've got the whole wedding ceremony tomorrow to solve the case.
Gus: Oh, oh, OK. So, we can do what an entire police force can't in two hours?
Shawn: Hmm, OK, you're right. (pauses to think) We should totally get there half an hour early.

Lacey: The bouquets still aren't here. Might as well not even have the ceremony.
Shawn: OK, you, relax. Breathe, think happy thoughts, like puffy clouds, mac and cheese, Lou Diamond Phillips.

Gus: Nice suit. Where'd you get that from?
Shawn: Gus, don't underestimate me or my wardrobe.
Gus: (finds and grabs the hidden price tag) Then you might wanna remo—
Shawn: Ooh, don't pull that out! Don't! Don't, don't, don't.

Shawn: (referring to Lacey) I can see you plotting! I can see you plotting right there at the dinner table! But Dad, Dad throws a curve ball. (pauses) Nope, it was a slider.

Shawn: It looked like you just straightened it out, put it right back. But you never did, did you? No, Lacey, because you have magic hands...which I was really looking forward to on Friday.

Shawn: Then show us your bouquet, Lacey.
(Lacey takes off running)
Shawn: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! She's running? In those heels, really?

(Gus catches Lacey's bouquet)
Shawn: Dude, you're next.

Lassiter: (referring to Shawn) Is this the man?
Bellman: No?
Lassiter: This guy was not in my room?
Bellman: I've never seen him before.
Shawn: You got a room? Why? We should have a party!
Lassiter: (to Shawn) Get out of my sight.

Gus: You are not gonna be my best man.
Shawn: You bet your ass I am. I've already picked out which song I'm singing at the alter.
Gus: Really?
Shawn: You still like Ted Nugent?
(Gus starts to walk away)
Shawn: Remind me to show you your vows. They're gonna make you cry. Gus!

Cultural References
Shawn: (reading Juliet's palm) Air Supply, really?

Air supply is an '80s soft-rock band known mostly for its ballads. Originating in Australia, the band hit it big internationally when it released its "Lost in Love" album.

Shawn: Oh, uh, Lassiter has this insane idea that this is an elaborate heist, right? Like on par with Ocean's Eleven or Thomas Crown or the one where they kill Donald Sutherland in the first 10 minutes, the remake.

Ocean's Eleven is a film about a group of men who are recruited to carry out three extensive casino heists. The Thomas Crown Affair is a film about a billionaire who manages to pull off stealing a valuable painting. Donald Sutherland is an accomplished actor. The film that Shawn is referring to is The Italian Job, which is about a heist of gold bars. All three films are actually remakes.

Shawn: This is my associate, Gus. You can just call him Peter Panic.

"Peter Panic" is a play on the name "Peter Pan," a character from J.M. Barrie's book about a boy who refuses to grow up.

Gus: I just got a lap dance from Patrick Swayze!
Shawn: What do you mean? Like an impersonator?
Gus: No, I think it was actually Patrick Swayze!

Patrick Swayze is an actor who is probably most well-known for his role in the film Dirty Dancing.

Shawn: (to Gus) You still like Ted Nugent?

Ted Nugent is a very successful musician. Before going solo, he was a member of the Amboy Dukes.

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