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Psych: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops, He's Dead

Lassiter gives Shawn and Gus a very special case. When they enter the questioning room, they're surprised to see a naked man sitting before them. The man, Turk, is also kind of surprised to be naked. He woke up in the middle of a field, confused and unclothed. The only thing he seems to remember is seeing aliens. Though Turk might believe he was abducted, Shawn wants to investigate a more logical explanation. When more guys show up in the same predicament as Turk, Shawn manages to find a common link among them. The clue leads him and Gus to a speed-dating service where they, along with Lassiter and Juliet, must go undercover to find the person responsible for robbing these men of their possessions and their dignity.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x11
Production Number: #1_1014
Airdate: Friday February 02nd, 2007

Alternate Airdates:

AU (one) Oct 08, 2008
NL (Comedy Central) Aug 07, 2009

Guest Stars
Kirsten NelsonKirsten Nelson
As Interim Chief Vick
Mayte GarciaMayte Garcia
As Darcy
Teryl RotheryTeryl Rothery
As Glenda
Ellie HarvieEllie Harvie
As Lorraine

Co-Guest Stars
Liam JamesLiam James
As Young Shawn
Peter Benson (2)Peter Benson (2)
As Philip Keiser
Andy BermanAndy Berman
As Guy
Geoff GustafsonGeoff Gustafson
As Salon Attendant
Ocean BloomOcean Bloom
As Body Builder Speed Dater
Desiree LoewenDesiree Loewen
As Pretty Girl
Alana HusbandAlana Husband
As Natasha
Kathryn ZennaKathryn Zenna
As Attractive Woman (as Kate Zenna)
Angela MooreAngela Moore
As Female Officer
Kurt EvansKurt Evans
As ND Speed Dater Guy
Main Cast
James RodayJames Roday
As Shawn Spencer
Dulé HillDulé Hill
As Burton 'Gus' Guster
Timothy OmundsonTimothy Omundson
As Carlton Lassiter
Maggie LawsonMaggie Lawson
As Juliet O'Hara
Corbin BernsenCorbin Bernsen
As Henry Spencer
Episode Notes
Psych-Out: Henry, per his request, gets in on the action, but singing "Feels Good" with Shawn and Gus isn't what he had in mind.

When Shawn is trying to convince Karen to have the SBPD pay for his speed date, he suggests that they should split the price. This is known as "going Dutch." However, Shawn says "going Deutsch" This is a callback to the Psych-Out from "Weekend Warriors" in which Shawn incorrectly pronounces "dutchies" as "deutschies."

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
John Paul YoungLove Is in the AirLassiter and company show up for the speed dating
Lou RawlsYou'll Never Find Another Love Like MineShawn and Juliet get paired up while speed dating
The RaconteursSteady, As She GoesGus is on his date at the bowling alley

Episode Quotes
Turk: There's no way I'm gonna touch these clothes and compromise evidence!
Shawn: OK, OK, Mr. Turk. Please try to gain control of your considerable person.

Shawn: (to Turk) Why don't you cover up with the towel. That's why it's there. One size fits all...I hope.

Shawn: Aside from the embarrassment of waking up naked in a field, we've got nothing to hang our hats on. (sees a photo of Turk, naked) I guess technically we could have hung our hats on his-
Gus: Shawn.
Shawn: Sorry.

Shawn: Come on, man. There's gotta be some drug that would cause a combination of those three things. Think. Drugs!
Gus: Oh, you're asking me?
Shawn: Sure.
Gus: Let me see. Off the top of my head, any SSRIs, tramadol, bupropion, proton pump inhibitors...
Shawn: That's what I'm talking about. Thank you.
Gus: ...venlafaxine, ropinirole...
Shawn: That's good work from you, buddy.
Gus: ...b-adrenoreceptor antagonists...
Shawn: OK, gold star for Gus.
Gus: ...phencyclidine, ketamine, bufotenine...
Shawn: You're not gonna stop are you?
Gus: Did I already say venlafaxine?
Shawn: There's no way to be sure.

Gus: What does this case have to do with a tanning salon?
Shawn: It's the middle of winter in Santa Barbara. Those dudes look like gingerbread men without tan lines. They fake, and they bake.
Gus: Shawn, exactly how close did you look at these naked guys?
Shawn: Too close. My heightened observational skills are considered a gift by most, but I'm here to tell you it can be a burden.

Salon Attendant: May I help you?
Gus: Yes, I'm here for a tanning appointment.
Salon Attendant: For yourself?
Gus: Yes, for the insta-tan process. I would like that.
Salon Attendant: But....
Gus: What?
Salon Attendant: You're...
Gus: Yes?
Salon Attendant: Uh, I don't understand.

(at the tanning salon)
Gus: He says it's always the single guys trying to keep up with their tans.
Shawn: Single guys?
Gus: Yeah.
Shawn: Maybe that's it. Maybe some woman is targeting singles at the salon. Question is, what kind of loser thinks getting a tan is gonna help him score a woman?
(Henry walks out)
Shawn: Dad?

Shawn: What is that?
Henry: What?
Shawn: Exfoliating scrub...with pumice.
Henry: Whatever, Shawn. All I know is when I varnish my boat and I don't want it to streak, I sand off a layer first. Same thing goes with tanning.
Shawn: That is the single most disturbing analogy I have ever heard in my entire life.

Shawn: Where are they?
Henry: Who?
Shawn: The Queer Eye guys. I know they're here somewhere. Gus, what are their names?
Gus: How am I supposed to know, Shawn?
Henry: Carson and Jai...and the guy with the glasses.
Gus: Oh, yeah, who cooks the fish.
Henry: Right.

Shawn: (to Marvin the leprechaun) Will you do me a favor? In your funny accent, will you say "magically delicious"?

Shawn: Jules, may I please have a pen and something to write on? (scribbles quickly and hands the paper to Gus)
Gus: Oh! (gives the paper to Lassiter)
Lassiter: (reading) "To Lassie. On the alpine highway of life, you are my all-weather tires. H&Ks, Shawn." What the hell is this?
Juliet: "H&Ks" stands for hugs and kisses.

Shawn: Take off the tie.
Lassiter: I'm not taking fashion tips from you.
Shawn: You need to show some chest hair. Chicks dig the sternum bush.

Glenda: Shawn. That's a nice name.
Shawn: Yea, it's OK. It's OK. My last name is Ulfeninderheinie. Yeah, it's been a tough life. Kids can be cruel.
Glenda: You know, you could probably change that. What's your mom's maiden name?
Shawn: Buzzteets.
Glenda: Wow. Yeah. "Teets" as in...
Shawn: Yeah, yeah, all my ancestry were farmers.

Lorraine: This is a speed dating first! (to Shawn and Juliet) You and you are a 100% match from your personality questionnaires! I smell love. (dings bell) Go on. Come on. (walks away)
Juliet: I need a drink.
Shawn: I gotta pee.

Gus: Plus, she keeps wanting to rub my head. What's up with that?
Shawn: Gus, everybody wants to rub your head.

Juliet: Shawn, what are you doing here?
Shawn: Bowling. At a high level.
Juliet: By yourself on a Saturday night?
Shawn: I'm in a league. Semi-pro. I could've gone pro, but you know what? I made a choice. I like to get fourteen, fifteen hours of practice in...a week.
Juliet: Wow, I had no idea you were so serious about bowling.
Shawn: Quite serious, quite serious. Matter of fact, LEGO wants to sponsor me this year.
Juliet: Oh, my God, that's great.
Shawn: They also want me to wear shoes made out of, I'm torn.

Shawn: (sniffs) What is that?
Henry: What?
Shawn: That smell. It's like, uh... It's like gardenia with a hint of mango.
Henry: What?
Shawn: Oh, my God. Did you take a bath?
Henry: Yes, Shawn. I took a bath.
Shawn: With bubbles?
Henry: It's this new soap that I'm using. It foams more.
Shawn: "It foams more"? Dad, it's called "bubble bath."
Henry: Well, I don't think it's officially called "bubble bath" if the bubbles happen accidentally, but whatever, Shawn.
Shawn: Who are you? Where is my father? I've accused you of being a lot of things in my lifetime, but metrosexual was never one of them!

Shawn: (about Marvin) He's cocky. He thinks he's on a roll, but I'm inside his head, Chief. And I'm about to hang a Lopez around the frontal lobe and shoot right out of his nose onto his vest. (nods head) You smell where I'm stepping?

Gus: You're gonna pay Shawn. You are gonna pay. Believe me.
Shawn: No offense, but it's tough to feel threatened by you when you're wearing that shirt. Is that a hibiscus?
Gus: It's not my shirt, Shawn. It's your dad's shirt. He had to loan me one because mine was covered in snot tears!
Shawn: I can't- Did you know he also takes bubble baths?
Gus: So did John Wayne.
Shawn: I know, but can you name one other guy?

Episode Goofs
The original broadcast of this episode used the end credits from the previous week's episode "From Earth to Starbucks."

Cultural References
Shawn: And we're gonna do some old-fashioned police work. Come on, this is like In the Heat of the Night, which makes me Carroll O'Connor.
Gus: No, that means you're Rod Steiger. That way, I'm Sidney Poitier.

In the Heat of the Night is both a '70s film and an '80s television series based on that film. In the television series, Caroll O'Connor plays the lead character of a police chief, William Gillespie. In the film, Rod Steiger plays this role. It is up to him to find the killer from a recent murder. Sidney Poitier plays Detective Virgil Tibbs, who helps Gillespie with the case.

Shawn: Where are they?
Henry: Who?
Shawn: The Queer Eye guys. I know they're here somewhere. Gus, what are their names?
Gus: How am I supposed to know, Shawn?
Henry: Carson and Jai...and the guy with the glasses.
Gus: Oh, yeah, who cooks the fish.
Henry: Right.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is a reality series in which five gay men give a full makeover to a straight man in need of help. Carson assists with fashion, and Jai focuses on culture, while "the guy with the glasses," Ted, helps with food preparation. The other two gay men are Thom and Kyan, who deal with interior design and grooming, respectively.

Shawn: (to Henry) Well, George Hamilton, we're on a case.

Besides being a well-known actor, George Hamilton is the self-proclaimed poster boy for suntans. He even has his own line of skin products and owns tanning salons.

Shawn: I'm with you on the aliens thing. They're here, and they swapped out my father with José Eber.

José Eber is a celebrity hairstylist and fashion trendsetter. He has also written two books on hair care and styling, making him a national best-selling author.

Shawn: (to Lassiter) All right, come on. Let's go Simon Cowell.

Simon Cowell is a judge on the reality show American Idol. He is known for disconcertingly blunt comments. He is also known for wearing tight black T-shirts with deep V-necks.

Shawn: I just, I haven't been a high heel guy since Single White Female.

Single White Female is a '90s film starring Bridget Fonda as Allie and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Hedra. In the film, Allie places an ad in the newspaper to find a roommate. Hedra replies to the ad and begins to change things about herself to be more like Allie. In one gruesome scene, Hedra kills Allie's boyfriend by stabbing his face with the heel of her stiletto.

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