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Psych: American Duos

While Gus tunes in to a television favorite, a singing competition called American Duos, Shawn would rather tune it out. He is more than happy to have their viewing experience interrupted by a phone call from Juliet, asking them to come to the police station. Much to his dismay, Shawn realizes that he didn't escape the show after all. One of the judges from the program, the crass Nigel St. Nigel, is in need of Shawn's help. He has been the victim of numerous life-threatening attacks and needs protection. While Lassiter interviews all the potential suspects, Shawn and Gus must go undercover—as contestants on American Duos.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x1
Production Number: #2_2002
Airdate: Friday July 13th, 2007

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Comedy Central) Sep 11, 2009

Special Guest Stars
Tim CurryTim Curry
As Nigel St. Nigel

Guest Stars
Cristián de la FuenteCristián de la Fuente
As Zapato Dulce
Gina GershonGina Gershon
As Emilina Saffron

Co-Guest Stars
Liam JamesLiam James
As Young Shawn
Carlos McCullers, IICarlos McCullers, II
As Young Gus
Sage BrocklebankSage Brocklebank
As Buzz McNab
Peter Benson (2)Peter Benson (2)
As Lester Beacon
Ben CottonBen Cotton
As Chance Cade
Scott Nicholas PerrieScott Nicholas Perrie
As Bevin Rennie Llywellen
Richard ArdutRichard Ardut
As Rance Cade
Alison MacKayAlison MacKay
As Singer #1
Minh LyMinh Ly
As Singer #5
Kenyan LewisKenyan Lewis
As Singer #7
Lilian UmurungiLilian Umurungi
As Singer #8
Shay KueblerShay Kuebler
As Dancer #1
Kyle VincenteKyle Vincente
As Dancer #2

Careena LohvinenkoCareena Lohvinenko
As Singer #3
Karmon LohvinenkoKarmon Lohvinenko
As Singer #4
Jovanna HuguetJovanna Huguet
As Singer #9
Grace BaekGrace Baek
As Singer #10
Main Cast
James RodayJames Roday
As Shawn Spencer
Dulé HillDulé Hill
As Burton 'Gus' Guster
Timothy OmundsonTimothy Omundson
As Carlton Lassiter
Maggie LawsonMaggie Lawson
As Juliet O'Hara
Kirsten NelsonKirsten Nelson
As Chief Karen Vick
Corbin BernsenCorbin Bernsen
As Henry Spencer
Episode Notes
Psych-Out: Outtakes from more American Duos auditions, including a short rendition of "Car Wash" and a wardrobe malfunction during "Don't You (Forget About Me)."

Pineapple Watch: Shawn brings the gift of pineapple to Emilina while she's lying in the hospital.

Besides Tim Curry, David Bowie was also considered for the part of Nigel St. Nigel.

Director John Landis also directed Michael Jackson's music video for "Thriller," which served as the inspiration for Gus' performance.

For their first audition, Shawn and Gus sing "Take on Me" by the band a-ha. For their final performance, they sing the song "Shout" by Tears for Fears.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Tears For FearsShout 

Episode Quotes
Nigel: (to two girls auditioning) You're stiff, inarticulate, slightly jaundiced, asymmetrical. You smell. Uh, the one on the right—there's something in your teeth. All in all I'd say there's absolutely nothing worthwhile about either one of you.
Girl: But we haven't even sang yet.

Gus: Rule number one, Shawn—no talking during Duos.
Shawn: Oh, for the love of Lori Loughlin. Please, use the pause button. Just once! Why did we get TiVo if we never fast forward and I can't stop for commentary?

(Shawn goes to answer the ringing telephone)
Gus: Whoa, no calls either.
Shawn: Gus, don't be a rabid porcupine. This is just another knockoff of the other knockoff of the original knockoff of that other show.

Shawn: (looking at the phone's caller ID) Dude, it's Jules. She could be bleeding and in a ditch.
Gus: She's not bleeding.
Shawn: She could be in a ditch.
Gus: She's not in a ditch.
Shawn: She could be lonely and in the shower.
Gus: She has a shower phone?
Shawn: I certainly hope so. Dude, it's a win-win...except for the ditch one.

Shawn: That's it, I'm canceling the TiVo. No more frame-by-frame, no more Ghost Cat.
Gus: (defensively) I recorded that by accident.
Shawn: Then why didn't you erase it for three months?

Gus: You know, you were totally unfair to Catherine Clement in season two.
Nigel: I don't remember the person to whom you are referring. But she was hideous.

Karen: (to Shawn and Gus) No one outside of this office will know that you're on the job.
Juliet: What about Detective Lassiter?
Nigel: Absolutely not. His hair looks like it's been poured out of a cake mold.

Juliet: What are you planning on singing for round two?
Shawn: "Yankee Rose," David Lee Roth.
(Juliet sighs disapprovingly)
Shawn: What, too obvious? Gus can sing the guitar part.

Juliet: (to Shawn and Gus) Now, I have to go. I can't be seen talking to you...and not just because you're undercover.

Shawn: (to Bevin) I'm Shawn Spence Starr. This is my partner, Gus T.T. Showbiz.
Gus: The extra T is for extra talent.

Shawn: Stop! (he grabs Nigel from behind)
Nigel: I do not have physical contact with people with arm hair.

Juliet: Well, I did go to cheerleader camp...for two weeks. I got kicked out.
Gus: Kicked out?
Juliet: Yeah, it's a long story. Suffice to say, I don't like liars who steal nail polish and then pass out when you slap them a little bit on the back of the head.

Shawn: (to Juliet) Now, we need to step it up—literally. And we need to stomp the yard...figuratively.

Nigel: You'll never make it as bodyguards.
Gus: We're not bodyguards.
Nigel: You'll never make it as anything.

Shawn: (to Nigel) I'm getting a very strong feeling about this sandwich. It's...
Gus: Delicious?
Shawn: No.
Gus: Herb-crusted?
Shawn: No!

Gus: How did you know that sandwich didn't come from the kitchen?
Shawn: Easy, there were only eighty-three sesame seeds on his bun. All the other ones from the hotel have eighty-seven.
Gus: Are you serious?
Shawn: No... The other ones have swords. Nigel's had a toothpick. I'm not Rain Man, Gus.

Lassiter: Spencer, you missed something. We found prints.
Shawn: Was he in a little red corvette?
Gus: Under the cherry moon?
Lassiter: Fingerprints.

Lassiter: (about Emilina) I'm gonna crack her like a bad back.
Karen: Please don't.

Juliet: (about Emilina) She's barely lucid enough to form word endings, much less plan a series of attacks on Nigel's life.
Shawn: She could be like Keyser Soze.
Gus: With one shoe.

Nigel: I feel like I've been incarcerated in a blueberry.
Gus: (annoyed) Shawn?
Nigel: This car makes me want to weep and then die.

(Shawn and Gus have taken Nigel to Henry's house)
Nigel: Good Lord, who lives here, the Boringtons?
Shawn: (to Gus) There's a better than decent chance this goes poorly.

(Emilina recalls someone going through her purse)
Lassiter: Well, who was it?
Emilina: I can't be sure. I thought I was dreaming, but it might have been a werewolf.

Henry: I built that table.
Nigel: Really? I'm pretty sure if I were to build a table, I would start by using wood that had never drifted.

(Shawn reaches for one of the corn cobs that Gus brought back to the table)
Gus: (hitting Shawn's hand out of the way) You must be out of your damn mind.
Shawn: Dude, you have three full cobs!
Gus: I will slap you, Shawn.

Nigel: (wearing Henry's robe) I feel like an angel baby swaddled in a cocoon of cloud candy.

Gus: Lester Beacon sure didn't seem too broken up about Emilina.
Shawn: He sure didn't. Plus, his hair.

Gus: You have a plan yet?
Shawn: Gus, I'm a lyrical gangster. I'll use some colorful vernacular and, if necessary, you'll engage in fisticuffs.

Gus: (seeing Shawn bent over the toilet) That's what you get for drinking whole milk, Shawn.
Shawn: Dude, I have bones like granite.

Gus: (about Bevin) He's been at every stage of the competition, in every city, doing his best William Hung at every stop.
Shawn: OK, let's try that again and leave out the reference you know means nothing to me.

Gus: We just thought you all might wanna know that you're in the presence of a homicidal sociopath!
Chance: (about Rance) No, no, no, he's not crazy. No, we've got a doctor's note and everything.

Episode Goofs
In the scene where Juliet teaches Shawn and Gus to dance, her ponytail goes from being flipped over in front of her face (when her back is to the camera) to its original position (when she faces the camera).

The credits for an upcoming episode ran at the end of the original broadcast instead of the correct credits.

When Henry is cooking steaks for everyone he comes in with the steaks and says," all right, gentlemen", just then a shot goes to Gus and Shawn getting their napkins ready. At that point you can see a steak already on Shawn's plate. Henry hadn't served them yet.

Cultural References

American Duos is a parody of the show American Idol. Like Duos, Idol is a competition in which vocalists perform in front of three judges. Nigel St. Nigel is a spoof of Simon Cowell, the British judge known for making blunt, rude comments to the contestants. Emilina Saffron is a spoof of the spacey judge Paula Abdul. She is most known for making incoherent, irrelevant comments.

Young Shawn: (to Gus) You were supposed to be Billy Ocean. Why would Michael Jackson sing with Roland Orzabal?

Gus' outfit is from Michael Jackson's 1983 video Thriller. Billy Ocean is a musician who was popular in the '80s along with Jackson. Roland Orzabal is a part of the band Tears for Fears. The album that Shawn holds up is the Tears for Fears album Songs from the Big Chair, released in 1985.

Gus: First of all, Shawn, look at the guy on the right.
Shawn: Zapato?
Gus: He's not black. He's Latino. That's different.

Gus is referring to the black judge on American Idol, Randy Jackson. Before he was a judge on the show, Randy Jackson was a successful musician in the '80s and '90s.

Gus: (about the duos on the show) They have to mesh, become one soul, like V'ger and Stephen Collins in Star Trek I.

In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the first of the Star Trek movies, Stephen Collins plays Commander Willard Decker. In the film, a crew member is abducted by an alien probe and replaced by a robotic probe that was sent by V'ger. Earth is saved when V'ger, which arose from the space probe Voyager 6, merges with Commander Decker and disappears.

Shawn: That's it, I'm canceling the TiVo. No more frame-by-frame, no more Ghost Cat.

Ghost Cat is a movie about a family that moves into a house they believe to be haunted by the spirit of a cat that died there with its owner.

Lester: (after letting a clearly terrible Shawn and Gus go through) Nigel, we all saw what happened with the Indian kid on that other show, and...

The "Indian kid" Lester is referring to is American Idol's season six contestant Sanjaya Malakar. Although the judges put him through to the final rounds, people began to argue that he didn't belong in the competition due to his mediocre singing voice. He quickly gained popularity and lasted on the show longer than expected—seventh place.

Gus: How did you know that sandwich didn't come from the kitchen?
Shawn: Easy, there were only eighty-three sesame seeds on his bun. All the other ones from the hotel have eighty-seven.
Gus: Are you serious?
Shawn: No... The other ones have swords. Nigel's had a toothpick. I'm not Rain Man, Gus.

Rain Man is the name of Dustin Hoffman's character in the film Rain Man. Rain Man is an autistic savant who has difficulty functioning in the real world. However, he can perform mathematical operations in his head, memorize any information, and count things rapidly.

Lassiter: Spencer, you missed something. We found prints.
Shawn: Was he in a little red corvette?
Gus: Under the cherry moon?
Lassiter: Fingerprints.

Shawn and Gus mistake the word "prints" for the well-known musician. Released in 1983, "Little Red Corvette" is one of Prince's most popular singles. In 1986, Prince directed and starred in the movie Under the Cherry Moon about two men who scam women for their money.

Emilina: (seeing Lassiter) Oh! Mr. Bean!

Mr. Bean is the lead character in the British television series Mr. Bean. He is very childlike and feebleminded and bears a resemblance to Lassiter, physically speaking.

Emilina: (to Lassiter) Can I now please have my bag, Tony Randall?

Tony Randall is best known for his role in the '70s television series The Odd Couple. He played Felix Unger, the anal-retentive roommate of slob Oscar Madison.

Juliet: But I can't reach inside of you and make you want this, I mean absolutely need this, the way that both Hall and Oates used to need it. Well, Oates a little bit more probably.

Daryl Hall and John Oates form the musical duo Hall & Oates. They began their career in the late '60s and are best known for the pop and soul sounds.

Shawn: (about Emilina) She could be like Keyser Soze.

Keyser Soze is a character in the film The Usual Suspects. Kevin Spacey plays Roger "Verbal" Kint, a con artist and sole survivor of an explosion on a ship. He is brought in for questioning and proceeds to tell what happened the days before the explosion, the story getting more and more complex. Throughout the course of the movie, the audience and the characters wonder who Keyser Soze is. At the end, it's revealed that Kint is actually Soze.

Gus: (about Bevin) He's been at every stage of the competition, in every city, doing his best William Hung at every stop.

William Hung auditioned for the third season of American Idol. Though vocally inferior, his entertaining and out-of-tune rendition of "She Bangs" made him famous. The judges did not admit him to the next round, but Hung landed a record deal and released three CDs.

Nigel St. Nigel: But it didn't, Lester. It landed on me, you daft punk!

Daft Punk is an extremely popular electronic musical duo consisting of Frenchmen Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

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