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Psych: Gus Walks into a Bank

Gus makes a deposit inside the bank, leaving Shawn to wait in the car. While Gus stands in line, a man pulls out a gun and takes everyone there hostage. Shawn, still in the car and oblivious to the hostage situation, questions Lassiter and Juliet about the cops' sudden arrival. Learning that his best friend is in trouble, Shawn is desperate to help and realizes he needs to get inside the bank to question the gunman. However, the SWAT team soon shows up, and its negotiator will not easily satisfy Shawn's request.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x8
Production Number: #3_3008
Airdate: Friday September 12th, 2008

Guest Stars
Alan RuckAlan Ruck
As Phil Stubbins
Gary ColeGary Cole
As Cameron Luntz

Co-Guest Stars
Sage BrocklebankSage Brocklebank
As Buzz McNab
David BloomDavid Bloom
As Nathanial Gresling
Dean Paul GibsonDean Paul Gibson
As Morgan Phelps
Jhene ErwinJhene Erwin
As Joanna Stubbins

Beulah WongBeulah Wong
As Female Customer
Val ColeVal Cole
As Newscaster
Brady SchleckerBrady Schlecker
As Officer #1
Forbes AngusForbes Angus
As Officer #2
Jason PoulsenJason Poulsen
As Michael
Jordan NinkovichJordan Ninkovich
Pesi DaruwallaPesi Daruwalla
As Security Guard
Main Cast
James RodayJames Roday
As Shawn Spencer
Dulé HillDulé Hill
As Burton 'Gus' Guster
Timothy OmundsonTimothy Omundson
As Carlton Lassiter
Maggie LawsonMaggie Lawson
As Juliet O'Hara
Kirsten NelsonKirsten Nelson
As Chief Karen Vick
Corbin BernsenCorbin Bernsen
As Henry Spencer
Episode Notes
Psych-Out: James Roday cracks up his co-stars with his lines and their mistakes.

Pineapple Watch: Shawn complains that there are no ham and pineapple pizzas when he delivers them to the bank. Later, when Phil escorts Shawn to the restroom, they pass a pineapple. Finally, Shawn's zip-line pulley at the end of the episode has a cutout of a pineapple in it.

The Big Adventures of Little Shawn and Gus: Shawn and Gus try to find some money for the ice cream truck that's coming down the street.

There was no flashback in this episode.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The Friendly IndiansGeniusShawn turns on the radio when Gus goes to the bank
The Friendly IndiansEver So SlowlyJuliet comes to return Gus' shoes
White ZombieMore Human Than HumanLuntz makes his entrance

Episode Quotes
Gus: You're not coming in? You're gonna make me stand in that deposit line all by myself?
Shawn: No, buddy, I will be with you in spirit ... like a tiny wood nymph.

Shawn: Well, if you remember, I'm holding a bit of a grudge against this particular banking institution.
Gus: Why, because they turned you down for a small business loan last year?
Shawn: Yes, because they turned me down for a small business loan! That was completely legitimate, Gus.
Gus: Shawn, it was for a zip-line pulley system to transport snacks from the kitchen to your desk.
Shawn: Or the reception area.

Shawn: (to Luntz after he has just made a theatrical entrance) And ... cut! Great, dripping with swagger. Let's go again, though, and maybe ease up on the cocksure smile just a bit. I liked it. I'm just not sure it's gonna play in the Midwest.

Luntz: Who the hell are you?
Shawn: Oh, my apologies. I'm Shawn Spencer, lead psychic for the SBPD and dilettante of shadow puppetry. What's this? (holds up hands) What's this right here? (makes kissing noises) Oh, that's a swan kissing the moon.

(a cell phone starts to ring)
Phil: Whose phone is that?
Man: (pointing to Gus) It's his phone.
Gus: Thank you, sir! We're hostages together. We're supposed to be on the same side here.
Phil: Gimme the phone.
Gus: I apologize. I would, but it's my work phone, and I get charged the deductible for any lost or stolen items, so how about I just turn the ringer off?
(Phil grabs the phone and throws it to the ground)

Karen: You're not a trained tactical officer, Spencer.
Luntz: Are we positive he's even house trained?
Shawn: (laughs) OK, all right, maybe you and I got off on the wrong foot, and you know what? You're correct. I have had a few close calls around the house recently, but I can help you.

Shawn: (to Phil) Why don't you let me go out there and make this right? On my way back in, I'll have them throw in a couple liters of old-fashioned root beer and some cinna-stars. They're like cinna-dots, they're just—they're—they're pointy. They're good. They're not great, but I can get them free of charge.

Gus: You mouthed off to him and got yourself taken hostage!
Shawn: Of course I did. That was my plan all along, you sweet dollop of spicy goodness.

Shawn: You know I'm not really a regular person, right, Phil?
Phil: What does that mean?
Shawn: I tried once and failed. I'm just too unique and interesting. The French call it "du fromage," which, loosely translated, means "of cheese."

Phil: (reading the list of demands that Shawn wrote for him) "My Demands, by Phil. An airplane to take me wherever I want. Tour bus, blue, with full tank of gas ... and groupies."
Shawn: That's non-negotiable.
Phil: "Five thousand dollars in unmarked bills." This is a huge list. What if they won't give me any of this stuff?
Shawn: I don't expect them to, Phil. That's just to buy us time so that we can figure out who in here has put you up to this.
Phil: "A zip-line pulley system used to transport deliciously flavored snacks and such from one location to another." What is this?

Shawn: (on the phone with Juliet, about Luntz) Just—just answer me this: does he have those older guy boobies that sort of droop at the ends?
Juliet: OK, I'm hanging up on you now.

Shawn: (to Gresling) Do you recall rejecting a small business loan for a zip-line snack transportation system, calling it, and I quote, "fiscally irresponsible"?
Gus: Shawn...
Gresling: Yes, I do.
Shawn: Well, Mr. Nathanial Gresling, this little task of retrieving the Mini Oreos took me fourteen seconds. Zip-line? (makes whoosing noise) Five. Fiscally irresponsible? Nay, I call that my fiscal obligation to my shareholders, namely Gus here.

(Shawn tackles Phil onto the floor and out of the way of the police's gunshot as the hostages stare)
Shawn: Free hugs. Who's next?

Gus: Oh, and, Shawn ... I just want you to know that no matter what happens, I care about you, and I appreciate you, and, well ... I love you, Shawn. (he embraces Shawn)
Shawn: OK, buddy. I hear ya. You know I'm gonna be back in, like, half an hour, right? Wow, that is a tight hug.

(Shawn has just been released from the bank)
Luntz: I wanna debrief him.
Lassiter: No, no, no. No way, Luntz. This is our guy. Any debriefing's gonna be done by us.
Luntz: No, this is my investigation.
Shawn: Guys, guys! I appreciate you arguing over me, but let me just point out ... I'm not wearing briefs.

Shawn: Can we screw protocol and get the hell out of here?
Lassiter: (pauses) You take shotgun.
Shawn: You are so sexy right now!

(Shawn has just called Lassiter "partner")
Gus: Partner? Uh, excuse me. What was that about?
Shawn: Well, you gotta admit, it's better than a little boy cat ... or a little girl cat.
Gus: Not appreciated, Shawn.

Shawn: Go ahead. Slap me in the face. Tell me they call you Mr. Tibbs.
Gus: I'm not doing that.
Shawn: Come on. It'll make you feel better.
Gus: They call me Mr.—I'm not doing that.
Shawn: (laughing) You were one word away!

Cultural References
Shawn: (to Juliet about Luntz) He's SWAT. That's your argument? He's not Colin Farrell!

Colin Farrell is an actor. He starred in the 2003 movie S.W.A.T. as Jim Street, an officer called in to help take care of a bank robbery.

Shawn: (to Gus) But look at you, man. Surviving a bank hostage crisis and still looking all Poitier on a hot day. What? Go ahead. Slap me in the face. Tell me they call you Mr. Tibbs.

Sidney Poitier played Detective Tibbs in the 1967 movie In the Heat of the Night. In the film, his latest investigation takes him to a racist town. The line "They call me Mr. Tibbs!" is in response to Chief Gillespie asking what they call him up in the North. Mr. Tibbs later gets slapped across the face by a white man and promptly slaps the man back.

Episode References
(Shawn has just called Lassiter "partner")
Gus: Partner? Uh, excuse me. What was that about?
Shawn: Well, you gotta admit, it's better than a little boy cat ... or a little girl cat.

In the episode "9 Lives," Shawn becomes quite close with a cat whose owner was murdered. Though he referred to it as a little boy cat, male calicow cats are rare; it was likely a little girl cat.

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