Season 2

10 :02x01 - Bzzzzzzzzz!

In the aftermath of learning the Aunts' secret, Olive decides to resign as waitress and Lily arranges for her to be checked into a nunnery. Meanwhile, Emerson takes on the case of a woman who died in a bee-related incident.
Guest Stars: Missi Pyle as Betty Bee | French Stewart as Woolsey Nicholls | Peter Cambor as Dusty Fitz | Autumn Reeser as Kentucky Fitz | Diana Scarwid as Mother Superior | Sy Richardson as Coroner | Sammi Hanratty as Young Chuck |
Co-Guest Stars: Robin Gwynne as Customer
Director: Adam Kane
Writer: Bryan Fuller

11 :02x02 - Circus Circus

A woman hires Emerson to find her missing daughter, and the trail leads to a circus. Meanwhile, Chuck moves out of Ned's apartment, and her aunts visit the Pie Hole.
Guest Stars: Rachael Harris as Georgeann Heaps | Lee Arenberg as Arnaud Bailey | Diana Scarwid as Mother Superior | Googy Gress as Bryce Von Deenis | Theodore Zoumpoulidis as Pierre |
Co-Guest Stars: Sy Richardson as Coroner | Michael C. Alexander as Customer #1 | Artie O'Daly as Rocky Milano | Nicole Greenwood as Miss Moss | Loren Lazerine as Jackie Johnny | Hayley McFarland as Nikki Heaps | Mark Povinelli as Small Person | Casey Weiant as Randi Jean |
Uncredited: Jackie Harris as Miss Dijon
Writer: Peter Ocko

12 :02x03 - Bad Habits

Still at the nunnery, Olive hires Emerson and Ned to investigate the suspicious suicide of a nun. Meanwhile, Chuck wonders what to do with her new life.
Guest Stars: Mo Collins as Sister Larue | Graham McTavish as Hansel Von Getz | Diana Scarwid as Mother Superior | Michael Hitchcock as Father Ed |
Co-Guest Stars: Samantha Bailey as Young Olive | Diana Costa as Mother Snook | Mary K. Devault as Sister Maria Christina | Marc Raducci as Father Snook
Director: Peter O'Fallon

13 :02x04 - Frescorts

Emerson has to deal with a visit from his mother, and a sexy client who needs his help in solving the murder of her best friend Joe... and Joe had a lot of best friends.
Guest Stars: David Arquette as Randy Mann | Debra Mooney as Calista Cod | Alexandra Barreto as Veronica Villanueva | Dana Davis as Barb | Hayes MacArthur as Buddy Amicus |
Co-Guest Stars: Phil Abrams as Dr. Eugene Halifax | Amelia Borella as Young Calista | Heather Brooker as Missy Scrivner | Colton Haynes as Ares | Joshua LeBar as Joe | Carolyn McDermott as Brave Faced Wife | J.R. Nutt as Teen Buddy | Stevie Wash, Jr. as Young Emerson Cod (as Steven Wash Jr.)
Director: Peter Lauer

14 :02x05 - Dim Sum Lose Some

A Chinese restaurant owner, Mr. Bao Di, is killed in a seeming accident. His wife hires Emerson to investigate what she believes was murder, and the team discovers that Bao owed gambling debts and used his daughter's hand in marriage as collateral.
Guest Stars: Stephen Root as Dwight Dixon | Christine Adams as Simone Hundin | Blake Kushi as Rubbie Wu | Andrea Lui as Mei Ting | Graham Miller as Ralston | Alex Miller as Maurice | Ping Wu as Bao Di Ting | Ron Yuan as Shrimpboy |
Co-Guest Stars: Chao-Li Chi as Hua Jaing | Teddy Chen Culver as Busboy | Daeg Faerch as Ingmar | Mae Hi as Lai Di Ting | Allen C. Liu as Perry the Busboy | Jolene Kim as Waitress/Dealer | Charles Shen as Bodyguard #2 | Atticus Todd as Bodyguard #1
Writer: Davey Holmes

15 :02x06 - Oh Oh Oh...It's Magic

The Great Herrmann hires Emerson to find out who's trying to kill him, and magic, murder, and mystery mix, while Ned discovers that there's some magic in his father's history.
Special Guest Stars: Fred Willard as The Great Herrmann |
Guest Stars: Stephen Root as Dwight Dixon | Paul F. Tompkins as The Geek / Gunther Pinker | Alex Miller as Maurice | Graham Miller as Ralston | Sy Richardson as Coroner | Kerri Kenney as Alexandria (as Kerri Kenney-Silver) |
Co-Guest Stars: Tina Gloss as Ned's Mother | Connor Merkovich as 12 Yr Maurice | Keenan Merkovich as 12 Yr Ralston | Jon Eric Price as Ned's Father | Jason Simmons as 5 Yr Maurice | Kristopher Simmons as 5 Yr Ralston
Director: Adam Kane

16 :02x07 - Robbing Hood

When Gustav Hoffer, the creator of the mechanized yarn-baller, dies during a robbery, his laywer hires Emerson to determine if premeditated murder was planned. Meanwhile, a man out of Chuck's past finds her empty coffin and starts asking questions of the aunts.
Guest Stars: Shelley Berman as Gustav Hoffer | Danny Comden as Rob Wright | Jennifer Elise Cox as Elise Hoffer | Ethan Phillips as Daniel Hill | Jamison Yang as Tam Phong | Stephen Root as Dwight Dixon |
Co-Guest Stars: Nicholas Khayyat as Eugene (as Nicolas Khayyat) | Ethan Kogan as James-Andrew, Bellboy-Porter
Director: Paul Shapiro

17 :02x08 - Comfort Food

Chef Colonel Likkin takes a licking, and Ned decides to help his widow obtain her husband's secret recipe. However, the corpse admits that he was murdered and someone stole his recipe. Meanwhile, Chuck makes an impetuous decision after Ned brings her father back to life, and Dwight Dixon drops in... and out.
Guest Stars: Josh Randall as Charles Charles | Tim Bagley as Colonel Likkin | Patrick Fischler as Waffle Nazi | Beth Grant as Marianne Marie Beetle | Eric Stonestreet as Leo Burns | Stephen Root as Dwight Dixon |
Co-Guest Stars: Daeg Faerch as Ingmar | Hugh Holub as Judge | Nicholas Khayyat as Eugene | Joleen Lutz as The Widow Likkin
Director: Peter Lauer
Songs: The Bangles / Kristin Chenoweth -- Eternal Flame

18 :02x09 - The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

Elliott McQuoddy hires Emerson to investigate the death of his mother Nora, a lighthouse keeper found harpooned to death on her own light.
Guest Stars: Josh Randall as Charles Charles | Perry Anzilotti as Augustus Papen | Alexander Gould as Elliot McQuoddy | Sammi Hanratty as Young Chuck | David Koechner as Merle McQuoddy | Mary Kay Place as Annabelle Vandersloop |
Co-Guest Stars: Jordan Feldman as Willie | Leyna Nguyen as News Anchor | Kristen Olson as Nora
Songs: Helen Reddy / Kristin Chenoweth -- Candle on the Water

19 :02x10 - The Norwegians

When Emerson turns down her offer of employment, Vivian hires a team of Norwegian detectives to locate the missing Dwight Dixon. However, the trail of clues leads to Ned and Chuck, and their secrets.
Guest Stars: Orlando Jones as Magnus Olsdatter | Ivana Milicevic as Hedda Lillihammer | Michael Weaver (1) as Nils Nilsen | Stephen Root as Dwight Dixon |
Co-Guest Stars: Nicholas Khayyat as Eugene Mulchandani |
Uncredited: George Hamilton as Ned's Father
Director: Tricia Brock

20 :02x11 - Window Dressed to Kill

Chuck convinces the gang to take on the case of a murdered window dresser whose partner may have done her in. Meanwhile, Ned questions his value to the team and his relationship with Chuck when his abilities dies out on him.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Benjamin as Jerry Holmes | George Segal as Roy "Buster" Bustamante |
Guest Stars: David Arquette as Randy Mann | Willie Garson as Dick Dicker | Diana Scarwid as Mother Superior | Wayne Wilderson as Wendell Feathersone | Constance Zimmer as Coco Juniper | Sam Pancake as Denny Downs |
Co-Guest Stars: Rachel Cannon as Erin Embry | Sy Richardson as Coroner | John Cantwell as Devotee | Diana Costa as Olive's Mom | Marc Raducci as Olive's Father | Ellery Sprayberry as Young Olive |
Uncredited: Sean Lake as Pie Hole Patron | Evan Shafran as Crime Scene Passerby | Eve Curtis as Debbie Dicker
Songs: Lionel Ritchie -- Hello

21 :02x12 - Water and Power

Emerson is approached by an old flame who wants him to investigate her ex-husband's murder... while he rekindles his relationship with Simone. Meanwhile, Olive takes an interest in Randy Mann.
Guest Stars: Christine Adams as Simone Hundin | Robert Picardo as Detective Puget | Francesca P. Roberts as Amelia Stingwell | Gina Torres as Lila Robinson | Fred Williamson as Roland Stingwell | Matt Winston as Michael Brunt | David Arquette as Randy Mann |
Co-Guest Stars: Melinda Bennett as Principal Eleanor Swindle | Stephen DeCordova as Specialist #1 | Nick Endres as Tour Guide | Andy Forrest as Mr. Booker | Sam Ingraffia as Specialist #2 | Carol Mansell as Trish | Stefan Marks as Mr. Abner | Byrne Offutt as Mr. Cray | Yolanda Snowball as Female Teacher | Craig Tsuyumine as Red Faced Teacher | Stevie Wash, Jr. as Young Emerson |
Uncredited: Sean Lake as Pie Hole Patron
Director: Dean White
Story: Lisa Joy, Jim Danger Gray | Teleplay: Peter Ocko

22 :02x13 - Kerplunk

When one of Lily and Vivian's old synchronized swimming rivals is murdered, the aunts must come out of retirement to solve the case.
Guest Stars: Wendie Malick as Coral Remora | Nora Dunn as Blanche Remora | Wilson Cruz as Sid Tango | Michael McDonald (1) as Galveston Gus (as Michael James McDonald) | Joey Slotnick as Jimmy Neptune | Josh Hopkins as Shane Trickle |
Co-Guest Stars: Scott Director as He Lobster | Lisa M. Haskins as She Lobster (as Lisa Hoskins) | Giselle Gail Gaines as Young Vivian (10 yrs) | Mackenzie Brooke Smith as Young Lily Charles (5 yrs) (as Mackenzie Smith) | Avery Stevens as Young Lily (11 yrs) | Katie Haider as Synchronized Swim Double | Angela Schaub as Synchronized Swim Double | Marita Schaub as Synchronized Swim Double | Jaclyn Thomas as Synchronized Swim Double |
Uncredited: Bob Ross (4) as Aquacade Goer | Sean Lake as Pie Hole Patron | David Arquette as Randy Mann | Sy Richardson as Coroner
Songs: Pyotr Tchaikovsky -- Waltz of the Flowers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama | Fantasy | Mystery | Romance/Dating
Status: Canceled
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 2007
Ended: June 13, 2009
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