Girth - Recap

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As a child, Ned waited every day at the boys’ school for a letter from his dad. On Halloween he finally received something: a pre-printed card saying that his dad was moving. Ned ran away and, disguised as a ghost, went to his father’s new house to see that he had remarried.

An ex-jockey, Louis Shoemaker, is working in a stable when a ghostly figure rides in on a horse… and tramples him to death.

Chuck is decorating the Pie Hole for Halloween but Olive warns her that Ned doesn’t like Halloween. Chuck is more curious about what Olive told her aunts, but Olive refuses to tell her anything. Ned comes in and hates the Halloween decorations, while Olive hears about Shoemaker’s death. The police say he was accidentally trampled to death but Olive believes he was murdered and takes out a lot of money from her safe deposit box. She hires Emerson to investigate Shoemaker’s death and reveals that she was once a jockey who competed against Shoemaker.

Emerson, Ned, and Chuck go to the morgue and interrogate Shoemaker’s corpse, and he reveals he was killed by a ghost: the ghost of John Joseph Jacobs, a jockey who died seven years ago. Shoemaker warns that Jacobs will kill again before Ned is forced to re-kill him. They tell Olive and she gives them a list of the other jockeys who raced against Shoemaker: herself, Pinky, and Gordon. Emerson goes to Pinky’s jockey bar while Ned lies about going to the stable to look for clues. Chuck realizes he’s lying and when Ned won’t tell her what, she goes to the stable with Digby.

Emerson and Olive go to Pinky’s bar where Gordon the ex-jockey and wino is, and Gordon warns about the ghost of Jacobs who emerges from his grave to seek vengeance on his killers. Olive and Emerson go to Jacobs’ tomb but when they open the coffin they find the skeleton of a legless horse.

Chuck goes to the stable and finds cracker crumbs, then Emerson shows up and surprises her. She finds crackers crumbs as well. Meanwhile, Ned has gone back to his old house, and remembers how he hid there as a child after seeing his father at his new home. Meanwhile, Chuck, Olive, and Emerson go to see Jacobs’ mother who is okay with Olive despite the fact that Olive trampled her son to death when he fell off of his horse. Olive won the race, literally over Jacobs’ dead body. Mamma Jacobs has her son’s ashes in his trophy cup on the mantle, and explains that she secretly substituted beloved Jacobs’ horse, All the Gold, into his coffin. they leave, unaware that someone was watching them from the basement. Meanwhile, the ghostly horseman appears at Pinky’s bar and tramples him to death.

Ned goes next door to Vivian and Lily and talks with them about his father, who they say was jerk. When Ned has a piece of their pie, he realizes it’s from the Pie hole and that Chuck is having pies delivered to them to keep in contact. He leaves even after Vivian tries to comfort him.

Ned meets with the others and after Chuck gets Olive out, they interrogate Pinky’s corpse. Pinky confesses that he fixed races and explains that one of them cut the girth on Jacobs’ saddle, which caused him to fall so Olive trampled him. Pinky, Shoemaker, and Gordon conspired together to hide the information over Olive’s objections then burn the saddle to hide the sabotage. When Olive comes back they explain that Pinky briefly revived and explained things.

They take Olive to her apartment and lock her up, then Ned and Emerson go to collect Gordon. Olive sees her trophy outside and goes out to the roof to get it… and finds herself face to face with John Joseph Jacobs. He’s alive and two foot taller, and Chuck knocks him down. When he comes to, he reveals that he was revived after his “death,” but his legs were broken in the fall. He had his horse’s legs transplanted onto his and has spent the last few years learning how to walk while living in his mother’s basement. Olive tells him it’s time to move on with his life and Jacobs agrees with her.

Chuck and Olive takes john back to his mother’s house, but as he goes to find them the women realize that she likes crackers. Realizing that Jacobs’ ashes can’t be real since he’s not dead, they check them and realize that it’s the incinerated saddle. The horseman gallops into the house and reveals that he is… Mama Jacobs, who wants revenge for her son losing the chance to race.

Emerson and Ned have collected Gordon, who reveals that Shoemaker confessed everything to Mamma Jacobs and gave her the saddle ashes. They head for the house where Olive and Chuck have run into the woods to get away. When Chuck twists her ankle, Olive gets her to safety then lures Mamma Jacobs to her. Ned rescues Olive and Emerson clubs Mamma Jacobs unconscious with a shovel. However, Ned drops Olive and goes to Chuck’s aid as soon as he realizes she’s there.

Mamma Jacobs goes to jail and John Joseph Jacobs gets what’s left of the trophy money from Olive, who is glad to give it to him. Ned drives Chuck to her aunt’s house where she dresses up as a ghost and goes up to their door to trick-and-treat and meet with them again.