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Corpsicle - Recap

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After the death of Chuck’s father, young Ned and his mother have Chuck at their house to wait for her aunts to pick her up. Lily and Vivian arrive but Lily doesn’t embrace her niece. However, later that night Ned comes over after his mother dies, and Lily embraces him. Later after the funeral, Ned’s father takes Ned to boarding school… as a distraught Chuck calls out Ned’s name.

In the present, Ned looks for Chuck, who has run out into the night after he confessed that he killed her father. He goes looking for her at the aunts’ house, but they aren’t happy at him because he’s reminding them of their (supposedly) dead niece. He helps starts up their furnace then asks them to let him know if they see any strange signs. Lily admits that she thought she saw Chuck’s ghost out of the corner of her eye (from the events of “Pigeon”), but dismisses it as a hallucination brought on by grief.

Ned then goes to see Olive but she says he looks like a mess and should clean up. After he goes, she talks to Chuck who is hiding in Olive’s apartment. Olive insists on knowing the truth, but when Chuck tells her what really happened Olive thinks she’s lying. They notice that Digby is missing a patch of hair from his hindquarter. Chuck does ask Olive to make and deliver another pie to Lily and Vivian, and gives her some of the homeopathic mood-enhancers (disguised as vanilla) to put in the pie. Olive goes to the Pie Hole and makes the pie, but thinks the "vanilla" is too weak and puts in nearly the whole bottle.

Ned meets Emerson at the Pie Hole and tells the detective what happened. Emerson figures something bad would come of the whole thing and isn’t surprised, but wants Ned to focus on their new case. They’ve been hired by a homeowners’ association to investigate the death of Victor Narramore, an insurance adjustor with Uber-Life Insurance. He was found frozen dead in their neighborhood and they want to know who murdered him.

Ned and Emerson go to the morgue and after chatting with the coroner, bring Narramore back to life. He reveals that someone killed him with a baseball bat with the word “kindness” scratched on it. He reveals that his job with Uber-Life was to decide who qualified for organ donations.

Meanwhile, Chuck is on the apartment roof and Oscar Vibenius confronts her. He’s still obsessed with her and Digby’s unique scent and give her back her sample, but asks for a sample of her hair. He already took a sample from Digby, and thinks that with both samples he can identify their unique scent. Chuck refuses.

Emerson determines that Narramore turned down three viable people for organ transplants. Emerson goes to talk to them while Ned goes to Olive’s apartment, suspecting she’s hiding Chuck. Chuck is there and he asks to speak with her. Chuck says she understands that Ned didn’t mean to kill her father, but she needs some time without him. However, she does need someone to talk to… so drops an invitation down into the sewers for Oscar to find.

Emerson is talking with Abner Newsome and his mother Emma. Emma is making potatoes and Abner needs a new heart and is ticked off at everyone… including the insurance adjustors who refused to authorize a transplant for him. Emerson leaves but notices a dog peeing on a snowman… a snowman with a frozen corpse inside.

Emerson and Ned go to the morgue and discover the corpse is Bill Richter, another Uber-Life insurance adjustor. When brought back to life, Richter reveals he was killed the same way as Narramore but he was with a third adjustor, Kevin Vanden Eyke, at the time. They go to Uber-Life to find Vanden Eyke but end up talking to Steve Kaiser, who says Vanden Eyke has gone missing. Kaiser is clearly unhappy with the requirements of his job, noting that as much as he’d like to, he can’t authorize a transplant for Abner because his company is only interested in the bottom line.

Oscar meets with Chuck and spins out a theory about why both her and Digby smell like death. He’s not totally surprised, figuring they were resuscitated but wonders how it happened to both of them. Finally Chuck relents, needing to tell her secret to someone, and gives Oscar some of her hair.

Ned and Emerson figure that Kevin’s body will show up at the Newsome house. When they arrive there, Madeline McLean from the Wish-A-Wish foundation is trying to cheer Abner up with an animal assistant, Bobo the Bonobo monkey. Abner is as grumpy as ever and tells her to get lost. That night, Emerson and Ned watch the house from outside, and Ned suggests that he bring back Chuck’s father for one last father-daughter get-together. Emerson advises against it and finally admits that he has a daughter, although he won’t say anything else. As they argue, a shadowy figure sneaks up behind them and puts a potato in their exhaust pipe. Ned wakes up the next morning just in time before the carbon monoxide fumes kill him and Emerson. However, there’s a new snowman-corpse in the Newsome yard.

Olive visits Vivian and Lily with the new pie. Lily starts eating the entire pie, and mentions seeing Chuck’s “ghost.” She then starts hallucinating, and figures out there’s more then vanilla in the pie. Olive wonders exactly what the secret ingredient is.

Chuck is at the Pie Hole making pies when Oscar arrives. He gives her back the hair in an envelope, saying he’d rather trust her to give him the secret. She thinks about it, then take the envelope for herself and says it’s too late: she’s changed her mind. The only person she wants to talk to about her secret is Ned.

Ned and Emerson watch the police remove Kevin’s body and Ned prepares to touch it, but the men drop it and it shatters into a dozen pieces. Ned refuses to touch it after that. Emerson figures the potato in their exhaust pipe is one of the ones Miss Newsome was peeling at their last visit. They go to talk to her and Abner reveals that Steve Kaiser has rejected him for a transplant yet again. Miss McLean from the Wish-A-Wish Foundation said she’d go to talk to him and Emerson realizes that she’s the killer.

Ned drives them to the Uber-Life parking garage as McLean closes in on Kaiser with the baseball bat. Ned is distracted trying to ask Emerson more about his daughter, but the detective refuses to talk about it. They get there just as McLean tries to kill Kaiser, but she has a gun and holds them off. It turns out that McLean is obsessed with granting people their wishes but couldn’t make Abner happy… until he wished that the insurance adjustors who refused his transplant were dead. She prepares to shoot everyone, but Bobo is in her van and releases the brake. McLean is run over and killed, but she’s able to grant Abner’s final wish: her heart is sound and they transplant it into the boy.

Ned tracks down Chuck at the Charles family plot in the cemetery, and she is ready to talk to him. She asks Ned to bring her father back, but Ned refuses and explains how one minute can’t possibly let her say everything she has to. Meanwhile, Lily is still hallucinating from the pie and is explaining to a mermaid (actually Olive) how when Chuck was a girl she secretly went out in the back and made two snow angels: one to represent Chuck’s mother and one to represent her father. Then she admits that in fact she’s Chuck’s mother.