The Norwegians - Recap

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Twenty years ago at the Longborough School for Boys, Ned convinces Eugene to go to war with him in the woods. They stumble across a dead hunter hanging over a fence. Eugene runs away in fear but Ned brings the hunter back to life, believing he was murdered and hoping he can find the killer and bring his father back. The hunter explains that he accidentally shot himself. The park ranger arrived and Ned quickly re-kills the hunter. However, the authorities believe he and Eugene are responsible. Eugene’s parents bailed him out, but Ned remained in jail for a very long while.

In the present, Charles escapes in Ned’s car leaving behind a metal button in the snow. Chuck is upset that Charles is leaving her and Ned is upset about his car and Charles’ threat to his secret. Chuck admits it was selfish of her to trick Ned into bringing her father back to life. They hold hands… via Emerson, who is sick of standing in. He thinks they should be angry and points out they all screwed up. Olive comes over and figures they’re on a case and wants to know what’s going on, but Emerson refuses to discuss the matter and orders pie. Olive is angry with them and stalks off, and Chuck thinks they should tell her the truth. Ned and Emerson disagree.

Later at his office, Emerson meets with Vivian, who wants to hire him to find Dwight Dixon. Emerson is of course aware that Dwight romanced Vivian to get Charles’ pocket watch. When he learned it was buried with Chuck, he dug the grave up and found Chuck and pocket watch missing. He discovered that Chuck was alive and stole her father’s watch, and Lily stole Charles’ watch and Dwight’s. Dwight then died after one minute when Ned brought Charles back to life. Vivian thinks Dwight cared about her. Emerson, knowing better, suggests Dwight is a bad man and left her for another woman and advises her not to pursue the matter. Upset, Vivian leaves.

Emerson goes to the Pie Hole to tell Ned and Chuck that he bailed them out. The last thing they need is an investigation… and three Norwegian detectives arrive: Magnus Olsdatter, Hedda Lillihammer, and Nils Nilsen. Vivian has hired them to find Dwight Dixon. Chuck quickly hides and the Norwegians know Emerson and Ned as fellow detectives. Ned tries to order them out without success, while Olive hides with Chuck and asks what happened. The Norwegians were former police detectives who moved to America and became private detectives when the murder rate in Norway dried up. However, they discovered Emerson thwarting them at every opportunity.

The Norwegians figure that Emerson knows something, since he refused Vivian’s case and said that Dwight Dixon was a bad man. They also know from Dwight’s credit cards that he visited the Pie Hole. They plan to prove Emerson is hiding something with the help of their MOTHER, a mobile lab. Ned orders them out and they try to take a saliva sample from him. Olive intercepts it but Nils takes a strand of her hair and leaves. Olive wonders what is happening but the trio conference privately. Ned is worried what will happen if they find Charles. Emerson needs someone to try to convince Vivian to drop the case, and only Olive is left. Chuck tries to explain that they’ll be in trouble if Vivian doesn’t call off the investigation. Chuck can’t tell her what happened and Olive is upset that none of them even care they’re excluding her. Chuck says it’s for her protection but Olive demands full-access in return for helping them.

Chuck agrees and Olive delivers a pie to the aunts. Vivian insists on pursuing the investigation, and Lily is nervous since she left a note for Dwight to meet her at the cemetery. Lily wants Vivian to call off the Norwegians and Olive says Dwight menaced her but can’t explain why. Lily says Vivian needs to be protected but Olive sympathizes with Vivian about people keeping secrets. As she leaves, Olive wonders about the alliances in her life.

Emerson watches as the Norwegians search Dwight’s hotel room and find the cemetery note, and show it to Vivian. Vivian then confronts Lily and asks what happened. Lily claims that Dwight stood her up but Vivian doesn’t believe her. She wonders if Lily didn’t like Dwight because he made Vivian happy. Lily reveals she was in Dwight’s hotel room and she stole Charles’ pocket watch back along with Dwight’s watch. Lily planned to force him to dig up Chuck’s grave and put the watch back. Vivian thinks Lily is happy to be right again, but Lily says she didn’t want to be.

Ned and Chuck search Ned’s old home and find another brass button. Chuck remembers that her father left her a button on long journeys to let her know he was watching over her. She figures he’s still watching over her but Ned warns that may not be realistic.

The Norwegians are watching Emerson’s office, unaware that Emerson is watching them. He sneaks up to the van and sees that they’re meeting with someone: Olive. They reveal that they suspect Ned and Chuck, and she admits that Dwight was at the Pie Hole. She wants to join them and gives them Ned’s saliva. Nils has tested her hair and determined she’s of Norwegian stock. They’ve figured Dwight is a dangerous man who met a violent end. They also found a shovel with dirt indicating he was at the cemetery by the Charles’ graves. They’re getting an exhumation order to dig up the coffins and find out who is inside.

Emerson tells Ned and Chuck that Olive has joined the other side, and Chuck blames herself. Emerson is worried that the Norwegians will find enough forensic evidence to tie Emerson in. However, the Norwegians discover that both coffins are empty. Emerson learns about their discovery and Chuck wonders if Dwight was buried alive. Emerson is sure he was dead and figures someone else moved the body. Chuck thinks Charles helped her but Emerson figures he didn’t clean up the grave and Emerson’s DNA is all over the site. Emerson figures he’s responsible as part of his organization. However, Ned comes up with a plan and tells Emerson to tell the Norwegians everything he knows.

Emerson invites them into his office to tell them everything he knows. As Emerson talks about the personal aspect of the detective business, Chuck and Ned prepare to hotwire MOTHER. Ned insists that Chuck stay behind for safety. Ned insists he’s to blame and takes responsibility, and he has to handle it on his own. However, Olive finds him in the van and he apologizes. She explains that she gave the Norwegians Pigby’s spit and she’s deep undercover. Olive tries to get Ned to answer her yes-or-no questions and he agrees, and she provides him with the keys.

In the office, Emerson confesses that he isn’t making a confession. The Norwegians realizes that MOITHER has been stolen. They chase down the street as Chuck ducks into the shadows. As they head for a cliff, olive tries yes-and-no questions and discovers that Chuck’s father is alive, sort of. She begins to learn of Ned’s involvement with Ned, but they come to a cliff and drive off of it. Ned manages to leap out and grab a branch, and Olive grabs him. Ned apologizes for involving herself and she wishes he never looked at her the same way he looks at Chuck. He admits she should never say never, making Olive happy. The branch breaks and they start to fall, but a masked man grabs Ned and pulls them back up to safety.

Emerson calls Vivian in to gently break the news that Chuck’s coffin is empty, but that Chuck’s soul is still with Vivian no matter what happened to her niece’s body. Vivian is upset and worries that the news will shatter Lily’s heart.

Olive and Ned go to Chuck’s apartment and they figure that their rescuer was Charles, acting as a guardian angel. They refuse to answer Olive’s question and she begs them not to let her hanging. They have no choice but to leave her out of it.

Downstairs, the Norwegians confront Olive and accuse her of killing MOTHER. Thinking quickly, she blames a roving band of Swedes. They’re skeptical but Ned and Emerson arrive, along with Chuck who quickly hides. The Norwegians get a report that someone used Dwight Dixon’s credit card to check back into his hotel room. They all go to investigate and find Dwight dead in the room. The Norwegians investigate and conclude that Dwight died of natural causes. Someone planted grave relics on Dwight to make it appear he was a grave robber, and a can of fuel accelerant indicates Dwight destroyed Charles’ and Chuck’s bodies. The Norwegians are forced to apologize to Emerson as they leave.

Vivian tells Lily that Chuck’s body has been destroyed and the sisters hug.

Thinking of his responsibilities, Ned tells Chuck that he plans to no longer use his power. All it’s done has got him in trouble, and he already has the best thing from it: Chuck. Ned plans to bake pies and leave Emerson to solve crimes. Ned doesn’t want Charles or anyone else to fight his battles. However, he’s unaware that it wasn’t Charles who cleaned up the mess: it was Ned’s father, quietly watching from a corner of the Pie Hole.