Window Dressed to Kill - Recap

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When Olive Snook was 9, she was bored at her parents’ party and went outside. According to her parents she was kidnapped by two men, Jerry Holmes, and Ray “Buster” Bustermonte. After two days, Jerry and Buster demanded a ransom. When the parents agreed to pay, the kidnappers brought her back and found themselves in a trap set by the police.

Now, Buster and Jerry have busted out of prison and thinking of only one person: Olive Snook. Meanwhile, at the Pie Hole Olive is confused by what Ned said in the double negative when they were hanging from a cliff. While reading up on double negatives, she samples pies for Ned and tries to figure out what he meant. When that doesn’t prove helpful, Olive hangs from the ceiling to try to recreate the trauma and asks Ned what he’d like to say to her, and in the declarative.

Emerson and Chuck arrive and Emerson announces a dead woman is being fished out of the county fountain. Ned doesn’t want to use his abilities any more after everything turned out badly when he brought Chuck’s father back, and just wants to live a life as a pie maker. Chuck supports him but Emerson suggests Ned get over it. She offers to help Emerson and he tells her it’s about the hustle. They go to the fountain where window dresser Erin Embry froze to death after falling into the water. The cops think she was drunk and died by accident, and Emerson agrees. Chuck thinks otherwise and talks Ned walking with their pets. She leads him to Dickers’ Department Stores, where Erin Embry worked. The window display has a fountain like the one at the park and the mannequin is dressed just like Erin one when she died. She wants to tell Emerson but Ned insists he isn’t a hero and is going to make pies.

Randy Mann, taxidermist, comes to the Pie Hole to bring Ned stuffed birds for his cousins and to see Olive. She isn’t aware how he feels about her. Buster and Jerry come in and to see Olive and Randy rushes to her defense. Ned arrives to discover that Buster and Jerry sucker-punched Randy. Olive explains that Buster and Jerry didn’t kidnap her. They were petty thieves and Young Olive hid in their stolen car. They befriended her for two days and watched cartoons with her. They eventually found out her name and returned her to her parents, and then accused the parents of neglecting her. The Snooks called the police and had the men arrested for kidnapping. While in prison, Buster and Jerry corresponded with Olive and vice versa.

Jerry and Buster now need help getting out of the country. When Randy introduces Ned as the Pie Maker, Buster and Jerry figure that he’s marrying Olive. It turns out that Olive lied to them and said she was engaged. To protect Olive and the two men happy to see Olive in love, Ned lies and says they’re in love.

Chuck explains to Emerson what happened, but Emerson tells her that she doesn’t know Olive lied. He thinks it’s a bad eye but Chuck insists it’s just for one day. They check out the window display and Emerson is impressed. Erin Embry’s mourners and devotees are gathered, including Wendell Feathersome. Wendell claims that Erin worked with her partner Coco Juniper but Erin had all the talent. Emerson wants to get paid so Chuck does some hustling and spreads rumors that Erin was dead and the devotees should hire Emerson. They agree and Emerson is soon counting the money.

Emerson and Chuck meet with Dick Dicker, the store owner. Dick insists it was an accident, just like the police determined. Dick admits that the store doing well because of Erin’s windows, which brought in customers. He also attributes Coco to a lesser degree, and insists Erin was a part of the Dickers family. He introduces them to Coco Juniper, who is trying to prepare a new window with the help of assistant Denny Downs. Coco claims she was carrying Erin all along. She notices a window display for Erin’s memorial window but puts down Denny’s efforts on it. Coco insists that it will show once and for all that she’s the one with the talent. Emerson and Chuck plan to be at the unveiling that night, unaware that the killer is watching them.

Randy is driving Olive, Ned, Buster, and Jerry toward the border in his taxidermy van. He’s doing work for a zoo and a large dead animal is stored in the back. Buster sends Olive up to sit on Ned’s lap to make room, much to Ned’s and Olive’s discomfort. They come to a roadblock and have no choice but to turn around and go to Aunts Lilian and Vivian. They plan to fashion animal pelts into fake wigs and need Charles Charles’ old clothing. They’re surprised to hear that Ned and Olive are engaged, and Olive and Ned end up kissing to prove their love. Outside on the porch, Olive sings of her feelings. Ned comes out and admits he’s glad to help as a friend, without using any special abilities.

Chuck and Emerson go to the unveiling and Dick Dicker makes a brief speech. Coco isn’t there and Denny tells them that Coco plans to meet her fans at the party after the unveiling. They open the window to reveal a female mannequin caught in an escalator going to Heaven in a spiritual maze. They hear a scream and rush inside to discover that Coco has been cut in half in an escalator.

Emerson confirms with the coroner that Erin was dead 30 minutes. Wendell admits he had hoped to work with Erin and Coco to feed his creative soul. Denny admits he’s relieved that they’re both dead, much to Chuck’s surprise. She thinks Denny is responsible for the murders and Emerson decides to check out Erin and Coco’s work space.

Olive and Vivian are going through clothes and Olive starts to tell her the truth. Vivian finds the veil she was going to wear to her marriage with Charles Charles, and insists that Olive has given her hope that relationships can work out. Olive can’t bring herself to destroy Vivian’s newfound belief.

Emerson and Olive sneak in disguised as mannequins and discover that Erin and Coco didn’t do any of their own work. Chuck worries about what might happen between Olive and Ned, but Emerson ells her nobody is going anywhere. They find Denny’s book and determine all of the window dressings were Denny’s, not Coco’s or Erin’s. They also find a sketch of a window display with Dick Dicker, dead, and go to find Dick.

Olive shows Ned the wedding veil and says they can’t go any further. Ned admits he’s been curious about having a normal relationship and interested to try one on. Olive takes offense at his comment. She shoves him out of the way and starts to tell everyone the truth: Ned insists he loves her as a friend, but Olive says she doesn’t need that kind of help and tells him to leave. However, as Ned goes outside he discovers that the police have surrounded the house. Olive promises Jerry and Buster they won’t go back and Ned tries to figure out how he can make things right. He and Randy discuss Ned comparative to Clark Kent, and how no one cared about the man, but just cared about Superman. Randy insists that people with superpowers wouldn’t not want to use them. Ned gets an idea and runs outside.

Chuck and Emerson ride with Dick Dicker and tell him Denny Downs went demented. They explain that Denny designed the windows and blames Dick as well. Dick reaches for his decanters but discovers his decanter is empty. Emerson tells him to get to a police station while they go to the morgue to confirm their theory.

Ned sneaks out to Randy’s van and uses is ability to bring back to life Randy’s newest zoo project: Aloysius the rhino. The rhino stampedes through the police and runs down the street, and Ned gives chase to stop it before the one minute is up. Randy is surprised because he thought that the rhino was dead, and then gets in the van with Olive, Jerry, and Buster to make their escape.

At the morgue, Emerson determines that the bruise on Erin’s head matches that of Dick Dicker’s liquor decanter. Ned arrives and announces that there’s no point in pretending he’s normal. He brings both victims back to life and they confirm that Dick Dicker killed both of them so that the store would shut down but he still wanted to stay in the family. They figure that Denny is Dick’s next target. They get the police there just in time to save Denny.

As it turns out, dick wanted to get rid of the Dicker store without being disowned, so he killed the two women who designed windows that brought in customers. He thought Erin and Coco were the talent, and planned to kill Denny, make it look like a suicide, and frame Denny for the murders. Dick’s wife Debbie becomes the new proprietress, she promoted Denny to head window designer, and Denny made Wendell his apprentice.

As they drive for the border, Olive realizes Ned is with the person he loves. Jerry and Buster point out the one who really loves her is Randy. As they discuss what to do, Olive remember what Mother Superior told her at the nunnery and gets an idea. Olive goes back to the Pie Hole and calls the police in to tell them what happened. Mother Superior and her nuns arrive, and she explains they’re here to use the restroom. The sisters are spreading the good word in the community and beyond. As Mother Superior and her nuns leave for the border, the police are unaware that Jerry and Buster are among them in habits, with Mother Superior’s help.

Ned and Chuck stock the storeroom with rotting fruit. Chuck admits she was peeved about how he had a relationship in public with Olive, a relationship she can never have. She admits she’s jealous of Olive, but Ned insists he’ll always stand by Chuck. However, he has a tinge of some other feeling. As he looks out and sees Randy and Olive together, he realizes that he’s jealous.