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Season 3

32 :03x01 - The Leap Home Part I - November 25, 1969

November 25, 1969: Sam leaps into himself as a 16-year-old boy in Elk Ridge, Indiana. He has the chance to win a basketball game that he had blamed himself for losing, and save his father, brother and sister from their sad fates.
Guest Stars: Scott Bakula as John Beckett | David Newsom as Tom Beckett | Olivia Burnette as Katie Beckett | Hannah Cutrona as Mary Lou | Mai-Lis Kuniholm (1) as Lisa Parson | Caroline Kava as Thelma Beckett |
Co-Guest Stars: Mik Scriba as Coach Donnelly | Niles Brewster as Dr. Berger | Matthew John Graeser as Herky | Ethan Wilson as Sibby | John Tuell as No Nose Pruitt (as John L. Tuell) | Adam Affonso as Young Sam Beckett / Mirror
Director: Joe Napolitano
Songs: John Lennon -- Imagine

33 :03x02 - The Leap Home Part II (Vietnam) - April 7, 1970

April 7, 1970: Sam leaps into a Navy SEAL who is in Tom Beckett's squad. Sam tries to save his life and to succeed on the mission his brother goes on, and discovers he may have to kill one life save another.
Guest Stars: David Newsom as Tom Beckett | Andrea Thompson as Maggie Dawson | Ernie Lively as Colonel Deke Grimwald | David Hayward as Dempsey | Tia Carrere as Titi | Adam Nelson as Preacher | Patrick Warburton as Blaster | Ryan Reid as Shamoo | Rich Whiteside as Doc |
Co-Guest Stars: Rodney Kageyama as Choo Choo | Christopher Kirby as Herbert "Magic" Williams / Mirror
Director: Michael Zinberg

34 :03x03 - Leap of Faith - August 19, 1963

August 19, 1963: Sam leaps into Father Frank Pistano. A young boy is being lead astray by his older brother. Sam must find a way to help them reform. Meanwhile, Al reveals the problem he has had with faith ever since his father died.
Guest Stars: Sandy McPeak as Fr. John McRoberts | Danny Nucci as Tony Pronti | Davey Roberts as Joey Pronti | Robert Beecher as Allen | Lisa Passero as Mrs. Delliso |
Co-Guest Stars: Bo Sabato as Policeman | Bud Sabatino as Father Frank Pistano / Mirror | Pat Crawford Brown as Old Woman in Church | Amy Tritico as Tony's Girlfriend | Todd Raderman as Young Sly | Kane Picoy as Young Man | Erica Yohn as Rose Montocelli | Penny Stanton as Rita Montocelli | Dominic Oliver as Cab Driver

35 :03x04 - One Strobe Over the Line - June 15, 1965

June 15, 1965: Sam is a photographer and has to stop a model from overdosing on pills.
Guest Stars: Marjorie Monaghan as Edie Landsdale | Susan Anton as Helen Le Baron | Kristoffer Tabori as Byron | David Sheinkopf as Mike | Robert Trumbull as Frank | Nigel Gibbs as Waiter |
Co-Guest Stars: John Achorn as Irv | Danny McCoy, Jr. as Karl Granson / Mirror | Lawrence McNeal III as Nubian Guard | Elizabeth Gast as Joanne
Director: Michael Zinberg

36 :03x05 - The Boogieman - October 31, 1964

October 31, 1964: Sam leaps into a horror novelist on Hallowe'en. There are various murders being committed under bizarre circumstances and Sam has to figure out what is going on.
Guest Stars: Valerie Mahaffey as Mary Neeley | Paul Linke as Sheriff Ben Masters | Fran Ryan as Dorothy Jaeger | David Kriegel as Stevie | Donald Hotton as Tully Maltin |
Uncredited: Chris Ruppenthal as Joshua Rey / Mirror
Director: Joe Napolitano

37 :03x06 - Miss Deep South - June 7, 1958

June 7, 1958: Sam must finish at least third in a beauty pageant to get Darlene her scholarship to be a doctor. Sam must also help a fellow contestant when her future is threatened by a sleazy photographer.
Guest Stars: Karen Moore as Cheryl Lynn | Heather McAdam as Connie Duncan | Nancy Stafford as Peg Myers | Julie Ann Lowery as Vicky Jenkins | David Allen Brooks as Clint Beaumont |
Co-Guest Stars: Linda Hoy as Arlene | Hugh Gillin as Contest Judge | Marte Boyle Slout as Woman Judge | Janeen Rae Heller as Beauty Contestant Sawyer | Theresa Ring as Darlene Monte / Mirror | Martin Clark (1) as Master of Ceremonies

38 :03x07 - Black on White on Fire - August 11, 1965

August 11, 1965: Sam leaps into a black man who has to get his white girlfriend accepted by his prejudiced brother. He also has to deal with the Watts riots.
Guest Stars: Gregory Millar (1) as Lonnie Harper | Corie Henninger as Susan Bond | SaMi Chester as Papa David Harper | Ron Taylor (1) as Bebe | Marc Alaimo as Police Captain Paul Bond | Laverne Anderson as Sheri | CCH Pounder as Mama Harper |
Co-Guest Stars: Montrose Hagins as Matty | Cheryl Francis Harrington as Young Woman | Jon Berry (1) as Police Sniper | Garon Grigsby as Ray Harper / Mirror
Director: Joe Napolitano

39 :03x08 - The Great Spontini - May 9, 1974

November 9, 1974: Sam leaps into a amateur magician who risks losing his daughter to his ex-wife and her boyfriend unless he can pull off a life-threatening magic trick to get the money needed to buy a permanent residence. When the girl tries to perform it herself, will Sam get back in time to save her? And will Sam succeed in keeping the daughter?
Guest Stars: Amy Steel as Maggie Spontini | Erich Anderson as Steve Slater | Lauren Woodland as Jamie Spontini | Michael Fairman as Judge Mulhern |
Co-Guest Stars: Robin Greer as Elaine | Jean Adams as Mrs. Futrell | Dan Birch as Harry Spontini / Mirror

40 :03x09 - Rebel Without a Clue - September 1, 1958

September 1, 1958: Sam leaps into a biker and must stop a woman from being murdered.
Guest Stars: Josie Bissett as Becky | Theodore Wilson as Ernie Tyler | Scott Kraft as Jack Kerouac | Diedrich Bader as Dillon |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Boone Junior as Biker #1 | Michael Bryan French as Mad Dog | Joshua Cadman as Biker #2 | Kristopher Logan as Shane "Funny Bone" Thomas / Mirror

41 :03x10 - A Little Miracle - December 24, 1962

December 24, 1962: As a personal valet to a rich uptown millionaire, Sam must convince the bitter man not to tear down the building where a Salvation Army mission is located in order to build a large plaza bearing his name. So, on Christmas Eve, Sam and Al try to "Scrooge" him, showing the past, present...and the future in an attempt to change his mind.
Guest Stars: Tom McTigue as Max Wushinski | Robert Lesser as Calloway | Melinda McGraw as Captain Laura Downie | Charles Rocket as Michael G. Blake | Michael Dan Wagner as Lt. Porterman |
Co-Guest Stars: Dale Harimoto as Newscaster | Christopher Fleming (3) as Mickey | Jarrett Lennon as Tiny Boy | Dylan Brown as Charlie | Duane Whitaker as Maintenance Man | Milan Nicksic as Reginald Pearson / Mirror

42 :03x11 - Runaway - July 4, 1964

July 4, 1964: Sam leaps into Butchie who has to put up with his older sister and stop his mother from running away for "what could have been".
Guest Stars: Sandy Faison as Emma Rickett | Sherman Howard as Hank Rickett | Joseph Hacker as Billy McCann | Ami Foster as Alexandra Rickett | Amber Susa as Beth McCann |
Co-Guest Stars: Buff Borin as Butchie / Mirror

43 :03x12 - 8 1/2 Months - November 15, 1955

November 15, 1955: Sam leaps into Billie Jean, a pregnant teenager in the 1950s.
Guest Stars: Anne Haney as Mrs. Taylor | Parley Baer as Dr. Rogers | Philip Linton as Willis | Lana Schwab as Dorothy "Dotty" Louise Billings | James Whitmore, Jr. as Bob Crockett |
Co-Guest Stars: Ann Walker as Leola | Hunter Von Leer as Keeter Slade | Tasha Scott as Effy | Peggy Walton-Walker as Nurse Denton | Molly McClure as Mrs. Suffy | Priscilla Weems as Billie Jean Crockett / Mirror

44 :03x13 - Future Boy - October 6, 1957

October 6, 1967: In his latest leap Sam Beckett leaps into Future Boy, who is part of a science fiction show Captain Galaxy. Sam has to prevent his counterpart Moe Stein from being committed to a mental institution, because of his "wild" ideas of time travelling. And just where did Sam get that string theory from?
Guest Stars: Debra Stricklin as Irene Kiner | George Wyner as Ben Harris | Alan Fudge as Dr. Richard Sandler | David Sage as Judge | Richard Herd as Moe Stein / Capt. Galaxy |
Co-Guest Stars: John Christian Graas as Small Boy | Jesse Switzer as Kid | Matt Marfoglia (1) as Kenny Sharpe / Mirror | Nicholas Shaffer as Roger | Jason Kincaid as Caped Futurite
Director: Michael Switzer

45 :03x14 - Private Dancer - October 6, 1979

October 6, 1979: Sam as Rod "The Bod", a Chippendale dancer, must help a hearing impaired woman named Dianna Quinna realize her dream of being a dancer. Otherwise, she will end up as a prostitute and die of AIDS in 1986.
Special Guest Stars: Debbie Allen as Joanna Chapman |
Guest Stars: Harry Cohn as Louie | Henry Woronicz as Martin | Louis Mustillo as Mario | Heidi Swedberg as Valleri | Robert Schuch as Otto | Melinda Cordell as Winnie |
Co-Guest Stars: Rhondee Beriault as Diana Quinna | Charles Emmett as Officer Arden | Frank Novak (1) as Lou | Christopher Solari (1) as Rod McCarty / Mirror | Marguerite Pomerhn Derricks as Female Dancer
Director: Debbie Allen

46 :03x15 - Piano Man - November 10, 1985

November 10, 1985: As a lounge singer hiding from the Mafia, Sam finds himself being tagged by an old girlfriend who has tracked him down to prove to herself that she no longer loves him. However, Sam needs to find a way to keep them both alive as an unknown assassin tracks their every move.
Guest Stars: Cherry Davis as Thelma | Marietta DePrima as Lorraine | John Oldach as Frank | Frank Roman as Hector |
Co-Guest Stars: Angelo Tiffe as Carl Morgan | Denise Gentile as Nikki Bellini | Sam Clay as Joey De Nardo / Mirror
Writer: Ed Scharlach

47 :03x16 - Southern Comforts - August 4, 1961

August 4, 1961: As the proprietor of this worthy establishment, a brothel masquerading as a sewing school, Sam must prevent the mysterious death of a resident who does not belong there.
Guest Stars: David Powledge as Luther | Lauren Tom as Sophie | Dan Butler as Jake Dorleac | Georgia Emelin as Gina | David Graf as Sheriff Nolan | Rita Taggart as Marsha | Walter Sylvest as Warren | Stacey Cortez as Paulette | Monica McMurty as Abby |
Co-Guest Stars: J. Marvin Campbell as Sailor | Richard White as Gilbert La Bonte / Mirror | Diane Delano as Prostitute #2 | Minnie Summers Lindsey as Prostitute #1 | David Alan Graf as Carl | Jeffrey Conklin as Reese

48 :03x17 - Glitter Rock - April 12, 1974

April 12, 1974: As a glitter rock musician nicknamed "Tonic", Sam has to find out who it is that is going to kill him, which is made all the more difficult by a large line of suspects.
Guest Stars: Peter Noone as Dwayne | Liza Whitcraft as Sandy | Jon Gries as Flash McGrath | Christian Hoff as Philip Silbart | Robert Bauer (2) as Wilder | Michael Cerveris as Nick |
Co-Guest Stars: Bruce Michael Paine as Jeffrey Mole / Mirror | Jan Eddy as Whittler | Sharon Martin as Blonde | Dorrie Krum as Heather | Bob Cady as Chase
Director: Andy Cadiff

49 :03x18 - A Hunting Will We Go - June 18, 1976

June 18, 1976: Sam is handcuffed to an embezzler, who will stop at nothing to get away from him and he also has to deal with his attraction to her, not to mention Al's.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey King as Luke | Michael McCarty as Jack | Cliff Bemis as Sheriff Michaels | Kenneth Marshall as Rodney Owens | Jane Sibbett as Diane Frost | Dale Swann as Bill |
Co-Guest Stars: Warren Barrington as Clive | Maxine Elliott as Edwine | Dorothy Blass as Cashier | Ken Kells as Gordon O'Reilly / Mirror
Director: Andy Cadiff

50 :03x19 - Last Dance Before an Execution - May 12, 1971

May 12, 1971: As he leaps in, Sam finds himself strapped into an electric chair for a murder his host may not have committed. But as he is granted a sudden 48-hour stay of execution, he must quickly dig through legal papers and barriers to find the truth before he goes back to the chair again. Otherwise, his life and that of another prisoner will be forfeit.
Guest Stars: Jenny Gago as Tearsa Lorrea | Julio Oscar Mechoso as Raul Casta | Christopher Allport as Alan Ripley | James Sloyan as District Attorney Theodore Wallace Moody |
Co-Guest Stars: Leonard Lightfoot as Officer Little (as Leonard C. Lightfoot) | Jack Jozefson as Officer Hudson | Michael Holden (1) as Herb Stein | Krista Muscare as Maria | Charles Woolf as Father Raftery | Irene Olga Lopez as Tia | A.J. Freeman as Bart Manners | Wendy Gordon as Reporter (as Wendy Jill Gordon) | Andrew Amador as Reporter | Harry Fleer as Older Man in Jail | Neil Barton as Black Man in Jail | Stephen Domingas (1) as Jesus Ortega / Mirror

51 :03x20 - Heart of a Champion - July 23, 1955

July 23, 1955: When he leaps into half of the "Battling Rooskies" tag team wrestling duo, Sam must find a way to keep his brother from wrestling...or it will result in a heart attack. Meanwhile, the wife of a jealous wrestler tries to seduce Sam.
Guest Stars: Deborah Wakeham as Terri Shiloh | John Kidwell as Hank Sammis | Angela Paton as Sheri Shilo | Rance Howard as Lamar | Jerry Bossard as Ronny Sammis |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Hochendoner as Terry Sammis / Mirror | Susan Isaacs as Myra | Don Hood as Carl Shilo | Jay S. York as Executioner | Terry Funk as Carl | Don Dolan as Referee | Tim De Zarn as Stan
Director: Joe Napolitano

52 :03x21 - Nuclear Family - October 26, 1962

October 26, 1962: In the body of a bomb shelter salesman during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Sam has to stop the killing of a neighbor during a false air raid alarm which results in the conviction of his brother.
Guest Stars: Timothy Carhart as Mac Elroy | Kurt Fuller as Burt Rosencranz | Candace Hutson as Kimberly Elroy | Robert Hy Gorman as Stevie Elroy | Kim Flowers as Kate Elroy |
Co-Guest Stars: Delia Salvi as Mrs. Kingman | Patrick M. Bruneau as Eddie Elroy

53 :03x22 - Shock Theater - October 3, 1954

October 3, 1954: Sam leaps into a mental patient just as he is undergoing a high electric shock therapy dosage, which brings out several of the personalities Sam has leaped into in the past. It becomes increasing harder for Al to communicate with Sam and if he and Doctor Beeks can not figure out how to get Sam out, he will be stuck there forever.
Guest Stars: David Proval as Dr. Masters | Bruce A. Young as Butch | Scott Lawrence as Tibido "Tibby" Johnson | Robert Symonds as Dr. Wickless | Candy Ann Brown as Dr. Verbeena Beeks | Nick Brooks as Freddy | Lee Garlington as Nurse Chatam |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Collison as Mortimer | Ralph Marrero as Oswald | Kevin Page as Young Doctor | Harry Pugh as Older Doctor | LaReine Chabut as Samantha Stormer / Mirror (as Le Reine Chabut) | Howard Matthew Johnson (1) as Jesse Tyler / Mirror | Brad Silverman as Jimmy LaMotta / Mirror |
Uncredited: Jean-Pierre Dorleac as Mental Patient
Director: Joe Napolitano
Warning: Quantum Leap guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 26, 1989
Ended: May 05, 1993
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