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Quantum Leap: Genesis Part I - September 13, 1956

September 13, 1956/Summer 1968: In 1995, Doctor Samuel Beckett takes an elite group of scientists into New Mexico to develop a top secret project called "Quantum Leap". Even though it is not ready yet and Gooshie warns Sam not to leap, he steps into the accelerator. Sam awakes with his memory "Swiss-cheesed," and discovers he's in the body of Air Force test pilot Tom Stratton, with a pregnant wife and a total inability to fly.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x1
Airdate: Sunday March 26th, 1989



In the New Mexico desert, Admiral Al Calavicci is driving down the road when he sees an attractive woman in a pink dress at the side of the road. He stops and says he'd like to fix her flat, but he needs to be on his way. He offers her a lift and as they drive, the woman, Tina, notices an odd aurora effect on the skyline. Al tries to dismiss it as sheet lightning but Tina notes that it's the location of the first atomic bomb, and some people claim there's still a secret military project there...

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