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Quantum Leap: The Leap Home Part I - November 25, 1969

November 25, 1969: Sam leaps into himself as a 16-year-old boy in Elk Ridge, Indiana. He has the chance to win a basketball game that he had blamed himself for losing, and save his father, brother and sister from their sad fates.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x1
Production Number: 66401
Airdate: Friday September 28th, 1990

Guest Stars
Scott BakulaScott Bakula
As John Beckett
David NewsomDavid Newsom
As Tom Beckett
Olivia BurnetteOlivia Burnette
As Katie Beckett
Hannah CutronaHannah Cutrona
As Mary Lou
Mai-Lis KuniholmMai-Lis Kuniholm
As Lisa Parson
Caroline KavaCaroline Kava
As Thelma Beckett

Co-Guest Stars
Adam AffonsoAdam Affonso
As Young Sam Beckett / Mirror
Mik ScribaMik Scriba
As Coach Donnelly
Niles BrewsterNiles Brewster
As Dr. Berger
Ethan WilsonEthan Wilson
As Sibby
John TuellJohn Tuell
As No Nose Pruitt (as John L. Tuell)
Main Cast
Scott BakulaScott Bakula
As Dr. Samuel "Sam" Beckett
Dean StockwellDean Stockwell
As Rear Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci


Sam finds himself in a cornfield in what he recognizes as November. He believes that there are pheasants nearby and mimics shooting at one as it flies up. Three cheerleaders are parked nearby and Sam recognizes one of them as Lisa, a girl from his high school. The other two cheerleaders are there to see if Sam wants to take Lisa to the upcoming dance. Sam runs off and finds himself on the road going to his childhood home in Elk Ridge, Indiana. He runs up to the door and sees his younger self in the reflection. His mother Thelma comes out and calls him by name...

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Episode Notes
Scott Bakula plays a dual role in this episode: Dr. Samuel "Sam" Beckett and his father, John Beckett.

This episode marks the first time that Sam (Scott Bakula) leaped into himself. He would later do so again in the series finale "Mirror Image - August 8, 1953".

Olivia Burnette (Katie Beckett) previously played Susan Bruckner in "Another Mother - September 30, 1981".

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
John LennonImagineSam (Scott Bakula) singing to his sister

Episode Quotes
John: You stayed after practice to shoot baskets, didn't you?
Sam: Uh, yeah, I guess I did.
John: Well, I admire your dedication, but, uh, you got chores to do, son.
Sam: Won't happen again.
John: The hell it won't.

Al: The mind of a mature man in the persona of a 16-year-old at the height of his sexual powers. The possibilities are just mind-boggling. They would be if you didn't run away.
Sam: Well, what would you do if you ran into a girl that you had a crush on 25 years ago? Don't answer that.

Sam: I can save Tom.
Al: I don't think so, Sam. You can't change something that isn't meant to be changed.
Sam: Look, I can try.
Al: Like I did with Beth? Even though we tried, Beth still married that stupid lawyer. And I came home to an empty house.

Sam: Look, Al. I've been leaping, around putting right whatever God or fate or time or whoever it is that's leaping me around wants put right. Why?
Al: Well, you got a lot of Boy Scout in you, Sam.
Sam: No.
Al: And, well, because, with luck, one of these leaps might be your leap home.
Sam: I am home.

John: Well, since the milking's done, guess I might as well eat breakfast.
Sam: Right here on the table, Dad. Fruit, skim milk, some bran cereal. A healthy well-balanced breakfast.
John: For a hippie.

Sam: It's all like a dream, Al.
Al: Well, you better enjoy it before you wake up.

Al: Cheerleaders. I'll bet you Lisa's the one with the cute pompoms.
Sam: They don't have...
(Realising what this remark means, Sam proceeds to glare at him)

Tom: Sam, in BUD/S, they pushed us to the limit and then beyond until we collapsed. They did it to show us that we have our limits. Now maybe that's what Vietnam is doing for America. Showing us our limits. That's not a lost cause.
Sam: Is it enough to die for?

Al: Sam, you're not changing anything. Your father still does in '72. Tom still gets killed in Vietnam and Katey still marries Chuck. You're not changing their future, Sam. All you're doing is making their present miserable.

Al: I know it hurts, Sam. But you did the right thing.
Sam: I always do. I always do the right thing, Al. And what does it get me? Why can I... save strangers and not the people I love?
Al: I don't know.
Sam: Well, I'm not going to do it anymore, Al. I'm not gonna do it. (yelling at the sky) You hear that?! Whoever you are, wherever you are! I'm not doing it anymore. I quit. I quit.

Al: Feel better?
Sam: No. No, I don't feel better. It's not fair, Al. I mean, come on, it's not fair.
Al: Well, I think, uh... I think it's damn fair.
Sam: What?
Al: I'd give anything to see my father and my sister for a few days. To be able to talk with them again. Laugh with them. Tell them how much I love them. I'd give anything to have what you have, Sam. Anything.

Al: (referring to Tom) You know he's right, Sam. A good jump hook can melt a woman's heart.

Coach Donnelly: Defense! Defense! Not patty cakes, defense!
Al: Patty Cake? That's high five! That's called high five! And why are you yelling "defense"? You should put them into a press! I feel like Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers.

No Nose: The game's over, jerk.
Al: Hey, don't t listen to sans a beak there. You got plenty of time.

Cultural References
Al: I feel like Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers.

Al is referring to the 1986 movie that featured Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper as the men trying to lead an Indiana high school basketball team to victory. Although Dean Stockwell (Al) wasn't in Hoosiers, he's worked with Dennis Hopper on a number of projects dating back to the 60s.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorDonald P. Bellisario
Executive ProducerDonald P. Bellisario
Co-Executive ProducerMichael Zinberg  |  Deborah Pratt
Supervising ProducerRobert Wolterstoff  |  Harker Wade
ProducerChris Ruppenthal
Co-ProducerJeff Gourson  |  Paul Brown (2)
Associate ProducerJames S. Giritlian
Production DesignerCameron Birnie
EditorJerry Temple
CastingEllen Lubin Sanitsky
Unit Production ManagerRonald R. Grow
First Assistant DirectorPaul Sirmons
Second Assistant DirectorRobert Brooks Mendel (2)
MusicVelton Ray Bunch
Music EditorDonald Woods (2)
Costume DesignerJean-Pierre Dorleac
Set DecoratorRobert L. Zilliox
Supervising Sound EditorPaul B. Clay
Director of PhotographyMichael W. Watkins
Story EditorTommy Thompson (3)
Stunt CoordinatorDiamond Farnsworth
Sound MixerMark Hopkins McNabb  |  James LaRue
Costume SupervisorDavid Rawley
Main Title ThemeMike Post
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