The Leap Home Part II (Vietnam) - April 7, 1970 - Recap

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Sam leaps into a SEAL in Vietnam, still yelling "Tom!" from the end of his last leap. The other soldiers in Bravo Squad think he's warning them and open fire on the Vietcong around them. Sam emerges from the water and sees… Tom, who wonders how Sam knew about the ambush.

Back at base, Colonel Deke Grimwald is giving an interview to photojournalist Maggie Dawson. They're interrupted when Tom's squad comes in by helicopter, towing one soldier, Blaster, behind on water skis. On board the helicopter. Sam is grateful to be with his brother again and have a chance to save him. The other SEALS call Sam "Magic," their lucky charm, who has kept them from being badly injured since they arrived. The men spot Maggie and as the helicopter comes in, Blaster falls into the water. Tom and the others are unconcerned despite The colonel is concerned, until Blaster emerges from under the water right on cue. Grimwald isn't amused and tells Tom to meet with him while the other SEALs take Maggie for a drink. The colonel wants Tom to take Maggie out on a special op.

As the men clean their weapons, Al arrives to give Sam tips. When Sam tries to get away by claiming to take a shower for Maggie's benefit, the other soldiers beat him there. Sam gets alone with Al and tells him he's in Tom's squad, and realize that he's arrived a day before Tom dies.

Sam gets back to his tent and Al warns that Sam isn't technically there to save Tom. He's signalman second class Herbert Williams, who has had good luck ever since he arrived in Vietnam. Sam is there to make sure that the mission succeeds, but all Ziggy has come up with is a code name, Operation Lazarus, and a casualty list. The files are over 25 years old and buried in an old Pentagon computer. Sam insists that they save Tom, but Al warns that until they know how Tom dies, they have to try and complete the mission. Tom arrives, arguing with Grimwald and insisting he won't take a female reporter on a mission. Maggie seemingly accepts his decision and asks if she can stay to take some photos. Tom tells Sam to fix her a bunk in the communications bunker. As Sam goes, Grimwald tells him to send in Titi, a chieu hoi, a local Vietnam guerilla who has switched sides and is outside waiting. Maggie follows him out and Grimwald tells Tom that he'll be going 10 klicks up the river to Mai Choi on Operation Lazarus. Titi comes in and Grimwald informs Tom that she'll be taking him to Mai Choi.

Later, Tom's squad is partying in the local bar and Blaster is showing off his strength. The guys point out that Magic is double-jointed and suggest that Maggie help him demonstrate. Al arrives to tell Sam that Ziggy has bypassed the Pentagon computer and found a Times photo story Maggie did on a sapper attack that night. Maggie overhears Sam talking to Al, as Al explains that the sappers take out Grimwald's helicopter, and there's a 52% chance Sam is there to save Grimwald… and will leap as soon as he does. Sam tells the squad the sappers are coming in and they accept what he says and move out.

Tom goes over the map with Titi and Grimwald, and gets word that the sappers are coming in. Tom tells Grimwald to stay on the ground and not give away that they're setting up an ambush. Tom puts Sam on the minigun and the men dig in to wait for the sappers to show themselves. Al tells Sam what to do while Maggie goes out to take pictures. Tom spots her and puts her back in the bunker with Titi, and tells Titi to shoot her if she tries to leave. When Maggie starts to go out, Titi draws her gun.

The sappers don't show up and Al is surprised and puzzled as to how Sam changed history when it was too dark for the sappers to see them. Sam thinks it's a good sign that he can save Tom the next day. He goes into the tent to tell Titi it's over and she can go. Once the Vietnamese woman leaves, Sam goes to secure the radio net and Maggie starts undressing for bed. Sam isn't able to get through and Al manages to get his eyes off Maggie long enough to realize the frequency has been changed and give Sam the correct frequency. Maggie comes over and offers Sam a drink to the mission the next day. She admits someone higher up than Grimwald gave her the information and starts flirting with Sam to convince him to convince Tom to come along so she'll bring them luck. Much to Al's surprise, Sam gives in and they end having sex.

Afterward, Al wonders what Sam is doing and Sam explains that when Maggie goes on the mission, she'll file the story and Ziggy can get the information the same way Al got the information on the sappers. Sam then talks to Tom, who thinks taking Maggie along is a stupid idea but Sam insists that it's vital. Tom notes that he sounds like his younger brother Sam, who also gets feelings about the future. He explains that he promised his brother he'd crawl into a hole on the day Sam thought he'd die, but Tom plans to lead the mission. He agrees to take Maggie along.

The next day, Bravo Squad departs but Al doesn't show up to tell Sam that Ziggy has found the information from Maggie's story. The squad goes over their plan to capture a Vietnamese major, and Tom tells Maggie to stay in the chopper. Tom finally reveals that they're rescuing several American POWs. Al arrives and tells Sam that the POWs don't get rescued, and Maggie never filed her story because she was killed on the mission.

Sam wonders if he might have killed everyone by altering history, and Al warns that Tom will carry out the mission if Sam protests. However, he'll stand by to do what he can as a hologram. The choppers land and Maggie takes photos from the helicopter while Titi leads the SEALs in. As Grimwald flies the helicopter away, Maggie asks him to land so she can take a potty break. He reluctantly agrees and she slips away once she's in the bushes.

Tom and the others take out a team of sappers leaving on a mission. As Sam searches them, he finds a radio set to the original frequency on the radio from the previous evening. Meanwhile, Grimwald realizes Maggie isn't coming back and has no choice but to proceed to the next insertion point.

Titi leads the SEALs to the village and Tom has Sam and Doc stay behind to cover their escape. Al appears to tell Sam that he's found the POWs nearby and he and Doc can free them. Sam shows him the captured radio and they realize that Titi radioed the sappers to warn them, and is leading Tom into an ambush. When Sam starts to go after Tom, Doc thinks he's flipped and prepares to sedate him, and Sam asks Al to help.

Maggie inadvertently avoids a booby trap and finds the POWs being lead down the trail. As she takes photos, she cries at the sight of the beaten men.

With Al helping him to avoid bobby traps, Sam leads Doc to the village to stop the ambush and get there ahead of Tom. Al checks and determines the Vietcong have set up an ambush. He tells Sam to call Grimwald for reinforcements.

The Vietcong prepare to open fire on Tom… and Sam and Doc arrive to kill them from the rear. Grimwald opens fire on the village from the air. Tom takes cover in the bamboo, unaware that Titi is preparing to shoot him. Sam arrives in time to kill her and save his brother. The men retreat toward the helicopter, with Sam having Al help him avoid the booby traps. However, Maggie comes up and sets off a trap before Sam can stop her. The explosion mortally wounds her, and she seems to see Al before dying.

The men take Maggie back with them while Sam considers her camera. Back at the bar, the men drink in her honor and Tom tries to assure a drunken Sam that he didn’t kill Maggie. Tom doesn't understand when Sam says that Maggie didn't die the first time. Al appears and assures Sam that he saved Tom, but Sam realizes he traded Maggie to keep Tom alive. Al says that he led her back and he's the one responsible. Grimwald arrives with Maggie's last photos. The colonel blames herself for insisting she go along. Al tells Sam that Maggie won a posthumous Pulitzer for her last photograph. Sam takes a look at it and realizes that one of the POWs was… Al.

Al admits that he was repatriated in five years. When Sam says that he could have been free, Al assures him that he was always free… in his mind. Tom realizes that it's midnight and that he survived. He embraces Sam, thanks him, and calls him "little brother…" and Sam leaps.