Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x5
Production Number: 66410
Airdate: Friday October 26th, 1990

Guest Stars
Paul LinkePaul Linke
As Sheriff Ben Masters
Paul LinkePaul Linke
As Sheriff Ben Masters
Valerie MahaffeyValerie Mahaffey
As Mary Neeley
Fran RyanFran Ryan
As Dorothy Jaeger
David KriegelDavid Kriegel
As Stevie
David KriegelDavid Kriegel
As Stevie
Donald HottonDonald Hotton
As Tully Maltin

Chris RuppenthalChris Ruppenthal
As Joshua Rey / Mirror
Chris RuppenthalChris Ruppenthal
As Joshua Rey / Mirror
Main Cast
Dean StockwellDean Stockwell
As Rear Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci
Dean StockwellDean Stockwell
As Rear Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci
Episode Notes
Paul Linke (Sheriff Ben Masters) previously played Lionel in "Play It Again, Seymour - April 14, 1953".

Episode Quotes
Sam: The problem with Quantum Leaping is it often left me feeling like a scarecrow. With my head all full of stuffing, and no idea as to why I was really there.

Al: Well, what are you waiting for, Sam?
Sam: Uh, women and holograms first.

Sam: You go back to sleep, okay, and, um, I'll be back to check on you later.
Mary: Promise?
Sam: Cross my heart and hope... to limbo. The Bahamas.

Sam: When I was growing up, Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. Trick or treat, we used to say. Of course, back then, we always expected a treat and if we did play a trick, it was always funny and harmless. But tonight, there were no treats. There were no tricks. There was only death.

Mary: Who are you?
"Al": Yin and yang, good and bad. God...
Sam: The Devil.
"Al": In the flesh, so to speak.

Sam: Why are you doing this?
"Al": To put an end to your meddling. Who gave you the right to go bungling around in time, putting right what I made wrong?
Sam: I'm just trying to get home.
"Al": Well, you're not going to make it!

Cultural References
We see Stevie getting the idea for several future Stephen King novels. He mentions:

* Christine, when talking about a red Plymouth Fury with a mind of its own.

* The Dark Half, when talking about there being two identical individuals, and one is a murderer.

* Carrie, when Sam mentions someone psychokinetically throwing knives.

* Cujo, based on Stevie's pet St. Bernard.

Sam: Unbelievable. I've leaped into The Addams Family.

Sam is talking about Charles Addams' creation, The Addams Family. The cartoonist created them for The New Yorker, and they spawned two TV series and several movies.

Al: You're a second-rate H.P. Lovecraft.

Referring to one of the premiere horror writers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Lovecraft wrote primarily of Cthulhu and his ilk, a race of evil demi-gods defeated and sealed away on various places on Earth. Their influence is still felt, and they can sometimes drive humans to madness, and to perform rituals that can free them.

Al: This is like The Exorcist, Sam.

Talking about the novel by William Peter Blatty and subsequent movie, which tells the tale of Regan MacNeil, a young girl possessed by a demon. In the movie, Regan is played by Linda Blair, in arguably her most famous role.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorDonald P. Bellisario  |  Wilfred Greatorex
Executive ProducerDonald P. Bellisario
Co-Executive ProducerDeborah Pratt
Supervising ProducerRobert Wolterstoff  |  Harker Wade
ProducerChris Ruppenthal
Co-ProducerPaul Brown (2)  |  Jeff Gourson
Associate ProducerJames S. Giritlian
Production DesignerCameron Birnie
EditorJon Koslowsky
CastingEllen Lubin Sanitsky
Unit Production ManagerRonald R. Grow
First Assistant DirectorPaul Sirmons
Music EditorDonald Woods (2)
Costume DesignerJean-Pierre Dorleac
Set DecoratorRobert L. Zilliox
Supervising Sound EditorPaul B. Clay
OtherCam Wagner
Director of PhotographyMichael W. Watkins
Sound MixerMark Hopkins McNabb
Executive Story EditorTommy Thompson (3)
Costume SupervisorDavid Rawley
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