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Quantum Leap

Alan Shefland     Editor2 Eps
Andrea Mizushima-Jones     Hairstylist 
Barry Thomas (1)     Sound Mixer2 Eps
Beverly Bridges     Staff Writer 
Bill Bigelow (1)     Story Editor 
Bob Webb     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Brian Faul     Second Assistant Director 
Bruce Frazier     Music Editor 
Bruce Humphrey     First Assistant Director2 Eps
Cameron Birnie     Production Designer9 Eps
Cameron Birnie     Art Director5 Eps
Charlie Coffey (1)     Staff Writer 
Chas Floyd Johnson     Co-Executive Producer 
Chris Abbott     Staff Writer 
Chris Ruppenthal     Producer6 Eps
Chris Ruppenthal     Co-Producer4 Eps
Chris Ruppenthal     Staff Writer 
Christy Dawson (1)     Staff Writer 
Chuck Davis     Technical Advisor (Air Force)2 Eps
Chuck de Caro     Technical Advisor1 Eps
Danielle Alexandra     Story Editor 
David Bellisario     Associate Producer9 Eps
David Bellisario     Coordinating Producer 
David Jones (5)     Second Unit Director2 Eps
David Rawley     Costume Supervisor14 Eps
Debbie Allen     Creative Consultant (1991) 
Debbie Allen     Choreographer (1991) 
Deborah Arakelian     Staff Writer 
Deborah Pratt     Co-Executive Producer6 Eps
Deborah Pratt     Supervising Producer3 Eps
Deborah Pratt     Co-Producer6 Eps
Deborah Pratt     Staff Writer 
Deborah Pratt     Story Editor 
Diamond Farnsworth     Stunt Coordinator12 Eps
Donald P. Bellisario     Creator97 Eps
Donald P. Bellisario     Executive Producer97 Eps
Donald P. Bellisario     Staff Writer 
Donald P. Bellisario     Story Editor 
Donald Woods (2)     Music Editor5 Eps
Donna Roberts     Costume Supervisor 
Ed Scharlach     Staff Writer 
Ellen Dambros Williams     Art Director 
Ellen Lubin Sanitsky     Casting11 Eps
Frank Thomas (2)     Sound Mixer 
George R. Rohrs     Editor3 Eps
Gillian Horvath     Staff Writer 
Greg Schorer     Sound Editor 
Harker Wade     Supervising Producer6 Eps
Harker Wade     Producer10 Eps
Henry Lebo     Director of Photography1 Eps
Jacqueline Saint Anne     Costume Designer 
James Dillon (2)     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
James LaRue     Sound Mixer1 Eps
James S. Giritlian     Associate Producer5 Eps
James Turley     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Jean-Pierre Dorleac     Costume Designer13 Eps
Jeff Gourson     Producer 
Jeff Gourson     Co-Producer10 Eps
Jeff Gourson     Associate Producer2 Eps
Jeremy Swan I     Make-up 
Jerry Grant     Composer (Contributing Musical Composer)3 Eps
Jerry Temple     Editor1 Eps
Jerry U. Frizell     Editor1 Eps
Joe Vita     Technical Advisor1 Eps
John D'Aquino     Staff Writer 
John Hill     Supervising Producer5 Eps
John Hill     Staff Writer 
John Hill     Story Editor 
Jon Koslowsky     Editor3 Eps
Julie Bellisario     Associate Producer 
Julie Brown (3)     Staff Writer 
Karen Hall     Story Editor 
Kate Yurka     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Kevin Corcoran     First Assistant Director1 Eps
Lawrence S. Breslow     Editor2 Eps
Mario Digregorio     Editor6 Eps
Mark Green     Music Editor2 Eps
Mark Hopkins McNabb     Sound Mixer9 Eps
Maryann Kohler     Casting2 Eps
Melissa Skoff     Casting1 Eps
Michael W. Watkins     Director of Photography10 Eps
Michael Zinberg     Co-Executive Producer6 Eps
Mike Post     Music8 Eps
Mike Post     Main Title Theme97 Eps
Nick Harding (1)     Story Editor 
Paris Qualles     Staff Writer 
Paul B. Clay     Supervising Sound Editor10 Eps
Paul Brown (2)     Producer 
Paul Brown (2)     Co-Producer10 Eps
Paul Brown (2)     Staff Writer 
Paul Brown (2)     Story Editor 
Paul Brown (2)     Executive Story Editor2 Eps
Paul Cajero     Unit Production Manager3 Eps
Paul M. Belous     Supervising Producer3 Eps
Paul M. Belous     Staff Writer 
Paul M. Belous     Story Editor 
Paul Sirmons     First Assistant Director3 Eps
Ralph Meyering, Jr.     Story Editor 
Randy D. Wiles     Editor 
Randy Holland     Staff Writer 
Randy Holland     Story Editor2 Eps
Richard C. Okie     Supervising Producer 
Richard C. Okie     Staff Writer 
Richard Stanley     Story Editor 
Rich Whiteside     Technical Advisor1 Eps
Robert Brooks Mendel (2)     Second Assistant Director8 Eps
Robert E. Pew     Editor1 Eps
Robert Harris Duncan     Staff Writer 
Robert L. Zilliox     Set Decorator14 Eps
Robert Primes (2)     Director of Photography 
Robert Villar     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Robert Wolterstoff     Supervising Producer5 Eps
Robert Wolterstoff     Staff Writer 
Robert Wolterstoff     Story Editor 
Robin Bernheim     Producer 
Robin Bernheim     Staff Writer 
Ronald R. Grow     Unit Production Manager10 Eps
Ron L. Collins     Sound Mixer3 Eps
Roy H. Wagner     Director of Photography3 Eps
Ryan Gordon     First Assistant Director6 Eps
Sam Gemette     Sound Editor2 Eps
Sam Rolfe     Staff Writer 
Sam Rolfe     Story Editor 
Sandy Fries     Staff Writer 
Sandy Fries     Story Editor 
Scott Ejercito     Associate Producer 
Scott Shepherd     Supervising Producer1 Eps
Scott Shepherd     Staff Writer 
Scott Shepherd     Story Editor 
Steve Gautier     Make-up2 Eps
Susan Mick     Music Editor2 Eps
Tammy Ader     Staff Writer 
Thomas Meleck     Production Designer1 Eps
Tom Blomquist     Story Editor 
Tom Connors     First Assistant Director3 Eps
Tom Gleason (2)     Music Editor5 Eps
Tommy Thompson (3)     Story Editor (1990-1991)3 Eps
Tommy Thompson (3)     Executive Story Editor4 Eps
Toni Graphia     Staff Writer 
Velton Ray Bunch     Music6 Eps
Velton Ray Bunch     Composer (Contributing Musical Composer)3 Eps
Vic Lackey     Sound Editor2 Eps
Virginia Kearns     Hairstylist2 Eps
William Beaudine, Jr.     Unit Production Manager2 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 26, 1989
Ended: May 05, 1993
This guide is currently edited by:
Gus (Challenge)