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Rachael Ray

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 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
371 8x01 30/Sep/2013 We're Celebrating Incredible Weight-Loss Stories! Our Audience Has Lost a Combined Total of 20,000 Pounds N/A
372 8x02 01/Oct/2013 Susan Lucci Spills the Secrets to a Successful Marriage, Gretta Helps You Find Your Personal Fashion Formula N/A
373 8x03 02/Oct/2013 Rach and Her Celeb Chef Pals Make Four Two-for-One Meals! N/A
374 8x04 03/Oct/2013 Fix Your Biggest Fails! TLC's Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Fixes Baking Disasters, and a Woman Whose Hair Makes Her Look Years Older N/A
375 8x05 04/Oct/2013 Ann Romney and Governor Mitt Romney Cook Up a Recipe from Ann's New Cookbook; Romance Novelist Superstar Nicholas Sparks N/A
376 8x06 07/Oct/2013 Can a Menu Make You Spend More? We Uncover What They Don't Want You to Know! Plus, Giuliana and Bill Rancic Stop By! N/A
377 8x07 08/Oct/2013 Can You Cook a Delicious Meal With Items From a Dollar Store? Two Chefs go Head-to-Head in a Dollar Store Cook-Off! And, Peter Walsh N/A
378 8x08 09/Oct/2013 Bubblegum That Tastes Like a Hot Dog? We're Looking Into the Future and Getting the Scoop on the Coolest Food, Medical Breakthroughs N/A
379 8x09 10/Oct/2013 Bobby Flay Co-Hosts and Jessica Seinfeld Joins Them in the Kitchen! N/A
380 8x10 11/Oct/2013 Music Legend Kenny Rogers Cooks With Rach and Chelsea Clinton Chats at the Kitchen Table! N/A
1365 8x85 27/Jan/2014 Which 2014 Diet Trends Should You Do or Ditch?! Dr. Ian Smith Breaks Down This Year's Biggest Fads! N/A
1366 8x86 28/Jan/2014 Two Rock Star Chefs Are Battling It Out With Four Dip Recipes! Then, Candace Cameron Bure Shows How to Entertain the Little Ones N/A
1367 8x87 29/Jan/2014 You'll Never Believe What Items in Your Home and in Your Purse Could Be Putting You at Risk for Identity Theft! N/A
1368 8x88 30/Jan/2014 Three NFL Superstars Are Competing in Our Kitchen, and They're Throwing Down Their Best Game Day Dishes N/A
1369 8x89 31/Jan/2014 Kate Hudson Is Here to Chat and Make a Game Day Snack With Rachael; Plus, She's Serving Up Great Workout Looks for Our Viewers! N/A
1370 8x90 03/Feb/2014 Emeril Lagasse Is Co-Hosting! He's Cooking Up Pasta Bolognese and Serving It Up for Our Mystery Taster! N/A
1371 8x91 04/Feb/2014 Sunny Anderson Is Making Ten Recipes That Only Require Two Ingredients Each! Then, It's a Fashion Face-Off N/A
1372 8x92 05/Feb/2014 Can Kitchen Gadgets Really Deliver the Perfect Pizza or Breakfast Sandwich? Plus, Thomas Gibson Is Stopping By to Chat N/A
1373 8x93 06/Feb/2014 Rachael's Transformed Her Studio Into a Giant Ice Rink for a Gold Medal Gourmet Cook-Off! N/A
1374 8x94 07/Feb/2014 Donnie Wahlberg Is Co-Hosting With Rachael! And, He's Bringing His Brother to Help Cook Up Burgers in the Kitchen! N/A
1375 8x95 10/Feb/2014 We're Kicking Off Waffle Week, and Bobby Flay Is in the House to Cohost With Rach! Rachael's Making a Maple-Bacon-Pecan Waffle N/A
1376 8x96 11/Feb/2014 Can You Feed Your Family for Free?! One Mom Reveals Her Tricks to Getting a Week's Worth of Groceries Without Paying a Cent N/A
1377 8x97 12/Feb/2014 Clinton Kelly Helps Rach Make Spinach and Artichoke Waffles! And, He's Helping Three Couples Fix Their Love Lives N/A
1378 8x98 13/Feb/2014 Rach Hits the Gym with Dr. Ian Smith! He's Sharing His New Workout Method, and They're Checking in on a Group of Friends N/A
1379 8x99 14/Feb/2014 We're Celebrating Valentine's Day With Regis and Joy Philbin!; Regis and Rach Wrap Up Waffle Week With a Red Velvet Waffle N/A
1380 8x100 17/Feb/2014 Chefs Sunny Anderson, Scott Conant and Jeff Mauro Raid One Viewer's Fridge to Create Three New Recipes N/A
1381 8x101 18/Feb/2014 It's Transformation Tuesday! Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Is Helping Us Tackle the Longest Hair We've Ever Seen on Our Show! N/A
1382 8x102 19/Feb/2014 Katie Holmes Is Stopping By to Make Mac and Cheese With Rach! Then, Are New Kitchen Gadgets All They're Cracked Up to Be? N/A
1383 8x103 20/Feb/2014 Ever Wanted to Go Decor Shopping With Nate Berkus? Or Grocery Shopping With Richard Blais? N/A
1384 8x104 21/Feb/2014 We're Celebrating the Academy Awards! Good Morning America's Lara Spencer Is Serving Up Her Red Carpet Beauty Tips and Three Tasty Dips N/A
1385 8x105 24/Feb/2014 Cooking School Is in Session! Chef Bobby Flay, Chef Jacques P├ępin and Chef Richard Blais Go Back to Basics N/A
1386 8x106 25/Feb/2014 Sunny Anderson Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Hour, and She's Throwing Down a Slow Cooker Pulled Pork, Plus 10 Instant Suppers! N/A
1387 8x107 26/Feb/2014 We're Dedicating the Whole Show to One of Everyone's Favorite Foods: Pizza! And, Our Whole Audience Is Tossing Their Own Dough! N/A
1388 8x108 27/Feb/2014 TLC's Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, Is Helping Our Entire Audience Frost Cakes; They're Following Along to Learn His Expert Techniques! N/A
1389 8x109 28/Feb/2014 Nick Lachey Is in the House Today for the Whole Show! He and Rachael Are Surprising One Young Music Fan With His Favorite Band! N/A
1390 8x110 03/Mar/2014 Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings From 2 Broke Girls are Racing Rachael to See Who Would Make the Best Waitress -- and the Girls Are Dishing N/A
1391 8x111 04/Mar/2014 We're Celebrating Fat Tuesday With Sunny Anderson! She's Making Festive Beignets!; Plus, Jenna Elfman Is Joining The Fun N/A
1392 8x112 05/Mar/2014 Rachael Is Teaming Up With First Lady Michelle Obama! They're Cooking in the White House Kitchen -- And the First Lady Is Answering N/A
1393 8x113 07/Mar/2014 Chelsea handler Is in the House With Rachael and They're Answering Calls From the Foodie Phone Booth! N/A
1394 8x114 10/Mar/2014 Legendary Jane Fonda Is Dishing Out Sex Advice For Our Viewers! N/A
1395 8x115 11/Mar/2014 Sunny Anderson Is Hanging With Rach All Day, and They're Pitting Two Food Network Stars Against Each Other in a Cooking Competition N/A
1396 8x116 12/Mar/2014 Want a Hairbrush That Dries and Styles at the Same Time, or a Hairdryer That Lets You Dry Hands-Free?! N/A
1397 8x117 13/Mar/2014 It's Our Couch Potato Show, and Bill Bellamy Is Hanging With Rach To Whip Up His Favorite Snacks for Lazy Days! N/A
1398 8x118 14/Mar/2014 Wedding Bells Are Ringing for Our Pal Nate Berkus, and We're Helping Him plan the Sweetest Part of the Party: the Cake! N/A
1399 8x119 17/Mar/2014 Chef Curtis Stone Is Hanging With Rach For The Whole Show To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day! N/A
1400 8x120 19/Mar/2014 Which Is Worse for Your Diet: Fat, or Sugar? Two Doctors Claim The Answer Could Be Found Using Doughnuts! N/A
1401 8x121 24/Mar/2014 It's Ray and Flay Day! Bobby Flay Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Show, and He's Making a Dish From His New Restaurant in NYC N/A
1402 8x122 25/Mar/2014 Ever Wonder What Could Be Hidden in Your Food? Dr. Ian Smith Takes a Look at Some Unlikely Things That May Be in Your Daily Diet N/A
1403 8x123 26/Mar/2014 Peter Walsh Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Hour! They're Joined by the Hilarious Niecy Nash, Who's Helping Fix Our Audience's Love Lives N/A
1404 8x124 27/Mar/2014 Don't Have Time for a Workout? Think Again! Rachael's Hitting the Gym With Dr. Ian Smith to Try His New 15-Minute Workout N/A
1405 8x125 28/Mar/2014 The Most Wanted Man in Hollywood Is in the House ... Kermit the Frog! He's Spilling His Hidden Talent! N/A
1406 8x126 31/Mar/2014 Two Women With Extreme Makeup Habits Are Trading Places to Experience What It's Like Following Someone Else's Beauty Routine! N/A
1407 8x127 01/Apr/2014 It's April Fools' Day, and This Time, the Prank Is on Rachael: It's Mystery Taster Day! Then, Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe N/A
1408 8x128 02/Apr/2014 Regis Philbin Is Hanging With Rach, and He's Challenging Her to Play Against Chris Meloni in Our Most Eye-Popping Game Ever! N/A
1409 8x129 03/Apr/2014 A Show Business Legend Is in the House: Bette Midler! And, Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Boitano Is Cooking Up a Recipe From His Cookbook! N/A
1410 8x130 04/Apr/2014 Nick Cannon Is in the House With Rach! Plus, Rachael's Cooking With Kurt Warner and His Wife Brenda! N/A
1411 8x131 07/Apr/2014 'America's Got Talent' Judge Heidi Klum Is in Our Kitchen Showing off Her Cooking Talents by Making a Classic German Recipe N/A
1412 8x132 08/Apr/2014 Clinton Kelly Is Reviving the Wardrobe of One Woman Who Lost Over 60 Pounds; Maria Menounos Is Making a Figure-Friendly Snack N/A
1413 8x133 09/Apr/2014 Rachael and Cedric the Entertainer Are Ringing Up a Phone Booth in the Middle of Manhattan to Test New York's Trivia Smarts N/A
1414 8x134 10/Apr/2014 Hall & Oates Are Here to Celebrate Their Induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Perform in Our Studio! N/A
1415 8x135 11/Apr/2014 We've Got Two Stars in the House! Denis Leary Is Hanging With Rach; Brooklyn Decker Is Dishing on Her New Show! N/A
1416 8x136 14/Apr/2014 We're Celebrating Moms, Starting With the Funniest One on TV: Mom Star Allison Janney! Then, Mom of Three Melissa Joan Hart N/A
1417 8x137 15/Apr/2014 Gretta Monahan and Katie Lee Are Swapping Homes to Organize Each Other's Kitchen and Closet! Then, Chef Ryan Scott N/A
1418 8x138 16/Apr/2014 Rachael's Hanging With the Charming Greg Kinnear! He's Revealing the Worst Job He's Ever Had and Sharing His Easter Traditions! N/A
1419 8x139 17/Apr/2014 Rach Is Getting Ready for Easter With Elisabeth Hasselbeck! Rachael Has Easter Supper Covered With a Slow-Roasted Leg of Lamb N/A
1420 8x140 18/Apr/2014 It's Ray and Flay Day! Rach Kicks Things Off With a Challenge for Bobby N/A
1421 8x141 21/Apr/2014 Alley Is Here, and She's Throwing Down a Figure-Friendly Chicken Dinner! Plus, She's Helping One Inspirational Viewer N/A
1422 8x142 22/Apr/2014 Sunny Anderson's Lighting Up Our Kitchen With Four No-Bake Desserts! N/A
1423 8x143 23/Apr/2014 Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is Hanging With Rach! What Will He Say When Rach Gives Him 60 Seconds to Dish on Anything He Wants?! N/A
1424 8x144 24/Apr/2014 Rachael's Crashing One Couple's Wedding, Then Sending Her Pal Bert Kreischer to City Hall N/A
1425 8x145 25/Apr/2014 The Amazing Race Host Phil Keoghan Is Hosting Our Amazing Taste! Audience Members Go All Over New York City to Track Down Ingredients N/A
1426 8x146 28/Apr/2014 Aspiring Cookbook Authors Are Competing in Our Studio to Win the Prize of a Lifetime: A Book Contract With Rachael Ray Books! N/A
1427 8x147 29/Apr/2014 Your Most-Requested Questions Are Answered by Rachael, Sunny Anderson, Peter Walsh and Mally Roncal! N/A
1428 8x148 30/Apr/2014 Katie Lee Is Our Short Order Cook Today, and Her First Customer Is Dr. Phil! And, He's Answering Our Audience's Most Pressing Questions! N/A
1429 8x149 01/May/2014 Sunny Anderson's Throwing Down No-Cook Suppers That Will Make the Whole Family Happy! Plus, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Hanging With Rach N/A
1430 8x150 02/May/2014 The New York Giants' Victor Cruz Is Hanging With Rach All Day to Get Ready for Cinco de Mayo N/A
1431 8x151 05/May/2014 Kiefer Sutherland Is Dishing on Everything From What's on His Bucket List to the One Actor He Most Wants to Work With! N/A
1432 8x152 06/May/2014 Rach and America's Got Talent Judge Howie Mandel Are Putting Unsuspecting Fans on the Line N/A
1433 8x153 07/May/2014 Emeril's Kicking It Up a Notch as Rachael's Co-Host ... and They're Making Their Favorite Midnight Snacks! N/A
1434 8x154 08/May/2014 Dr. Travis Stork Is Whipping Up a Tasty Weight-Loss Smoothie! Then, Chef Richard Blais Is Making a Chili-Spiced Corn on the Cob! N/A
1435 8x155 09/May/2014 It's Our Mother's Day Show, and We've Got One Awesome Mom in the House: Frozen Star Kristen Bell N/A
1436 8x156 12/May/2014 Our Cookbook Competition Is Down to Three Competitors, and Shark Tank's Lori Greiner Is Deciding Which Two Make It to the Finale! N/A
1437 8x157 13/May/2014 Could You Lose Two Inches From Your Middle in 20 Minutes?! See How Much One Viewer Loses During Our Show Using a Cutting-Edge Treatment! N/A
1438 8x158 14/May/2014 We're Turning Our Studio Into One Huge Garage Sale ... and Patricia Heaton's Stopping by to Sell One of Her Treasures From The Middle! N/A
1439 8x159 15/May/2014 Guy Fieri Is Firing Up the Grill to Make a Steak Taco Salad! Plus, He and Rach Are Surprising Four Young Superfans! N/A
1440 8x160 16/May/2014 Dr. Oz Is Helping Us Find the Perfect Sleep Position to Prevent Heartburn, Snoring and Wrinkles! N/A
1441 8x161 19/May/2014 It's Down to Two for the Chance to Win Our Great American Cookbook Competition! N/A
1442 8x162 20/May/2014 Donny Osmond's Got the Surprise of a Lifetime for One of His Superfans! N/A
1443 8x163 21/May/2014 Rachael's Showing You the Five Recipes You Need to Make Before You Die, With the Help of Guy Fieri, Emeril Lagasse and Sunny Anderson! N/A
1444 8x164 03/Jul/2014 Our Big Summer Q and A Show N/A
1445 8x165 07/Jul/2014 Sunny Anderson Gives Summer Grilling Tips N/A
1446 8x166 08/Jul/2014 Tips for Getting High End Results in Your Own Home N/A
1447 8x167 11/Jul/2014 Surprising Tools for Summer Protection N/A
1448 8x168 18/Jul/2014 Making the Best Burgers with Celebrity Guests N/A
1449 8x169 21/Jul/2014 Some Foods in Your Cart Are Not As Healthy As You Think N/A
1450 8x170 25/Jul/2014 Rachael Gives the Judges of Next Food Network Star a Hand N/A
1451 8x171 28/Jul/2014 Money Saving and Family Safety Tips N/A
1452 8x172 30/Jul/2014 The Cake Boss is Back N/A

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