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Raising Hope: Dead Tooth

Jimmy needs to find a babysitter for Hope. Sabrina, the girl he has a crush on, recommends her cousin, not knowing that Jimmy and her had hooked up a couple of years ago. Meanwhile, Burt tries to get Virginia to quit smoking. She says that if he can get Maw Maw to quit, then so will she.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x2
Production Number: #1ARY01
Airdate: Tuesday September 28th, 2010

Director: Michael Fresco
Writer: Greg Garcia

Alternate Airdates:

AU (Eleven) Nov 24, 2010
UK (sky 1) Nov 25, 2010
Hungary Feb 08, 2011
Czech Republic Feb 08, 2011

Special Guest Stars
Cloris LeachmanCloris Leachman
As Maw Maw

Guest Stars
Cameron MouleneCameron Moulene
As Teenage Burt
Gregg BinkleyGregg Binkley
As Barney
Jermaine WilliamsJermaine Williams
As Marcus
Kate MicucciKate Micucci
As Shelley
Kelly HeyerKelly Heyer
As Teenage Virginia
Ray SantiagoRay Santiago
As Javier
Ryan DoomRyan Doom
As Wyatt
Trace GarciaTrace Garcia
As 3-year-old Jimmy
Main Cast
Lucas NeffLucas Neff
As Jimmy Chance
Martha PlimptonMartha Plimpton
As Virginia
Garret DillahuntGarret Dillahunt
As Burt Chance


The scene opens with Jimmy talking to Hope and apologizing for being rough with the parenting and says that he is new to it and his parents are trying to relearn it. He apologizes for spilling the milk on her and having the Maw-Maw experience of her breastfeeding her. Jimmy’s friends come over and ask if he wants to jump off a bridge with them. He tells that he can’t and that he is a father now. Jimmy walks in the house and his breakfast is ready. He tells that Hope had a good night and that she stopped crying when Jimmy crawled into the crib with her. His parents think that is strange. Jimmy asks where Nick is and it turns out that he met a girl and joined a cult. Virginia thinks that he is serious this time. Burt tells that he is going to have to pull extra duty. Jimmy wants to know what he can do about the baby. Virginia tells that they left Jimmy home when he was little. Flashback twenty years ago and Little Jimmy is tethered to Maw-Maw and he walks over and extinguishes her cigarette and goes back to the TV. ..

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Episode Notes
This is the first episode that contains the opening credits sequence.

The lyrics to the theme song used in this episode are slightly different to those that will be used for the rest of the season.

Burt's license plate number is 4IHA398.

The local newspaper is the Natesville Times.

Guest star Gregg Binkley, who plays the recurring character of Barney, is the first person from creator Greg Garcia's former sitcom, My Name Is Earl, to guest star. Gregg appeared as the character Kenny James in a total of 8 episodes of My Name Is Earl.

This episode was viewed by an estimated 7.09 million viewers.

This episode received a 3.1 rating.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The AggrolitesEver Want To TryWhen Burt is waiting for Virginia to have sex
Pop LeviWannamamaFlashback scene
Valley LodgeComin' AroundWhen Jimmy and Burt are working with Hope

Episode Quotes
Jimmy: Hey!
Marcus: You want to go fake fight on the bridge?
Javier: We're going to throw each other into the river and watch people freak out as they drive by.
Jimmy: Aw, man. That sounds awesome! I can't. Remember that girl I got pregnant that murdered those people?
Marcus & Javier: Yeah.
Jimmy: They executed her. I got stuck with the baby. (to Hope) Not stuck. Didn't mean stuck. I'm cool with it. (to Marcus & Javier) I got to watch what I say. I don't know if she understands words yet. Anyway, I can't go jump off the bridge. I got a baby now.

Virginia: How'd the second night of sleeping go?
Jimmy: Ah, she cried a few times, but she settled down once I got in the crib with her.
Burt: You got in the crib with her?
Jimmy: For a little bit, yeah. Why? Is that weird?
Virginia: It's a little weird.
Burt: It's a lot weird.
Jimmy: Well, I can't just let her cry. I'm pretty sure she already hates me. She never smiles.
Burt: Yeah, I noticed that. I was making funny faces at her last night, for like an hour. Nothing.
(Burt gets up and tries to make a funny face to get Hope to laugh.)
Virginia: Maybe she's just a bitch.
Jimmy: She's not a bitch.
Virginia: How do you know? She's the daughter of a serial killer. Some of that evilness has to be hermeditary.

Jimmy: Hey, where's Mike's tent?
Burt:(handing him a note) Here.
Jimmy:(reading note)Guys, met a chick, joined a cult. Later.(to Virginia) Again?
Virginia: I think he's serious this time.
(She picks some hair out of the sink.)
Virginia: He shaved his head. Eww! (drops the hair) Not just his head.

Jimmy:(to Virginia) Whoa, hey. I thought I talked to you about this. You can't smoke around the baby.
Virginia: Jimmy, smoke rises. She's not going to be tall enough to breathe it for a long time.

Virginia:(to Sabrina) Do you guys do discounts on day old anything else, or is it just bread?
Sabrina: Sorry, it's just bread. (to Jimmy) So, is this your wife?
Jimmy:(embarrassed) Mom.
Sabrina:(shocked) Mom?
Virginia: I had him when I was young. I don't recommend it.

Virginia:(to Jimmy, re: Sabrina) So, is that her?
(Jimmy nods yes)
Virginia: She's cute.(looks at her butt) Nice dumper.

Jimmy: Did you see that? She smiled. Hope smiled at her.
Virginia: Huh, maybe you're baby's not a bitch.
Burt: Well, you're stuck with your dead tooth little girlfriend now. Not only is it free daycare, she's the only person your kid likes.
Burt and Virginia both laugh

Jimmy: What are you doing?
Burt: Waiting for your motheeeer.
Jimmy: Gross.
Burt: We're going to have sex.
Jimmy: I realized that, that's why I said "gross". Can you shut the door?
Burt: Nope. I shut the door she forgets I'm back here, waiting.

Maw Maw: What are all you guys doing in my backyard? And where's my Buick Skylark?
Virginia: Uh oh, somebody found her marbles.
Burt: Good, I've been waiting for this. (to Maw Maw) Maw Maw, I'm your grandson-in-law Burt. You've lost your mind, and you're never lucid for very long, so listen up.
Maw Maw: I understand, go, let's do this.
Burt: We'd like you to quit smoking.
Maw Maw: What are you talking about? You guys aren't letting me smoke are you? I quit smoking in 1971.
Virginia: You did?
Maw Maw: Yeah, I quit when Virginia was born.
Virginia: You quit smoking, for me?
Maw Maw: If you're Virginia, yeah. I wanted to live long enough to see what you'd grow up to be.
Virginia looks touched
Maw Maw: Doesn't look like it was worth the wait.
Virginia:(insulted)Thanks!(sarcastic)I guess you can die now.
Maw Maw: You wish! That's why you're letting me smoke. You're trying to kill me.
Burt: No one is trying to kill you. And we won't let you smoke any more. In fact, since you're quitting, no one in this house is going to smoke any more.
(Virginia points to Maw Maw)
(Burt turns to look and sees Maw Maw light up)
(Burt turns to look at Virginia and sees her light up too)
Virginia: Good luck with that.

Episode Goofs
When Virginia is giving her "daughter of a serial killer" speech Jimmy has a bottle of ketchup in one hand and a bottle of mustard in the other. He's holding the mustard bottle so that the lid is pointing towards his stomach, and the ketchup bottle is being held in an upright position. The angle then changes to a wide shot and he's now holding the mustard bottle upside down.

Cultural References
Burt:(to Virginia) When we were young I thought it made you look like dirty Sandy at the end of Grease. But the older I get, the less I'm enjoying the taste of your mouth.

This is a reference to the 1978 musical film Grease. The film, which is based on a 1971 musical and set in the 1950's, starred John Travolta as Danny Zuko and Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsson.

Sabrina:(holding up a DVD case) Oh, man. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. (blows the dust off the case) I've been dying to see this movie. You know, I'm off soon, would you guys care for some company?

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo is the 2005 sequel to the 1999 comedy, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Rob Schneider plays Deuce Bigalow, a male prostitute, who takes a trip to Amsterdam to visit his friend/pimp T.J. While there they discover that a serial killer preying on male prostitutes is on the loose. They devise a plan to try and catch the killer, but T.J. keeps getting caught in situations that make him like look like a homosexual and possibly the killer.

Visual: Beer Pong

During the party scene Virginia, Javier, Sabrina, and Wyatt are seen playing beer pong. Beer pong is a drinking game in which two teams are set up on either end of a ping pong table. The table has a set amount of cups filled with beer and each team takes a turn throwing a ping pong ball. The aim is to get the ball into one of your opponents cups. If the ball lands in a cup your opponent then has to drink the beer from that cup.

Maw Maw: What are all you guys doing in my backyard? And where is my Buick Skylark?

Produced by Buick, the Skylark was first introduced in 1953 to mark Buick's 50th anniversary. Production on the Skylark ended on December 4th, 1997, however, and the car has now been discontinued.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorGreg Garcia
Executive ProducerGreg Garcia
Co-Executive ProducerChristy Stratton  |  Liz Astrof  |  Mike Mariano  |  Bobby Bowman
ProducerHenry J. Lange, Jr.
Co-ProducerKim Hamberg
Consulting ProducerAlan Kirschenbaum  |  Timothy Stack
Production DesignerJohn Zachary
EditorWilliam Marrinson  |  Tim Boettcher
CastingDava Waite
Unit Production ManagerHenry J. Lange, Jr.
First Assistant DirectorSusan J. Hellmann
Second Assistant DirectorStacy Schrader
Costume DesignerRobin Kennedy
Location ManagerRuss Fega  |  Larry Pearson
Transportation CoordinatorHal Lary
Production Sound MixerDarin Knight
Production CoordinatorSarah Werner
Assistant EditorDan Riddle
Post Production SupervisorJohn M. Myrick
Supervising Sound EditorDavid Rawlinson
Re-Recording MixerDavid Rawlinson  |  Peter Kelsey
Director of PhotographyWalt Fraser
Story EditorElijah Aron  |  Jordan Young
Chief Lighting TechnicianSean Tanner
ScoreMatt Mariano  |  Danny Lux
Casting AssociateMelissa Messer
Hair Department HeadMarilyn Patricia Phillips
ProductionMatthew Thompson (3)  |  Dan Coscino
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