A Germ of a Story - Recap

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The scene opens with Jimmy coming in the house and sees everyone giving back massages to each other. Jimmy tells that he bought a video camera at a garage sale. Maw-Maw becomes lucid and asks what they are doing. Virginia tells that it was Maw-Maw’s idea and that they started the massage train. Maw-Maw wants to be in front. Burt fights for his spot and he tells that they already voted on it. She tells them to get out of her house and Burt tells that she will only remember it is her house for another two minutes. Virginia asks if Jimmy wants to pull out his camera and video tape this.

Later, Jimmy videotapes Hope in the chance that he is going to get her on camera shaking her rattle. Virginia comes in and Jimmy video tapes her. She has some crème above her lip and tells him to stop videotaping her on Bleaching Day. Hope starts shaking her rattle, but Jimmy didn’t catch it on tape. Jimmy tries to get Hope to put spaghetti on her head like she did before when Burt comes in and tells that Sabrina is engaged to Wyatt. He starts to cry and Burt grabs the camera. He videotapes Jimmy and then tazes him. Jimmy looks over at Hope and sees that she put the bowl of spaghetti on her head, but Jimmy didn’t catch it. Jimmy tries to get Hope to give him the finger again and goes to grab his camera. Maw-Maw tells that she will play her song for him and Virginia is dressed up going to the kitchen to pretend to cook. However, she slips and falls. Burt tells that he buttered the floor and Jimmy goes to help her up when she tazes him. Jimmy looks over and Hope is giving the bird to everyone, but he didn’t get it on tape.

Jimmy has had enough trying to get Hope on tape through doing it himself because all he got was 12 hours of Maw-Maw playing and footage of Burt touching hot things. Jimmy hides the camera. Later at work, Jimmy watches the footage he got and Sabrina sees that Virginia picks up Hope’s pacifier and shakes it off a little before putting it back in her mouth. Sabrina gets sick to her stomach and tells that is gross. Jimmy tells that Sabrina is just being overly clean about it and she tells that she has a tendency to be too clean, like with microwaving the waxed dental floss. Jimmy takes the tape home and shows Burt and Virginia. They are a little upset that Jimmy secretly video taped them and Jimmy shows them their germs. They panic and start to clean like crazy. At the end, Virginia tells that she got a crime scene blacklight from her friend. There are no more germs. However, when Maw-Maw comes in, she is covered from head to toe and is spreading it around the house. Jimmy tries to get Maw-Maw outside and she coughs on Jimmy’s face.

They go outside and watch Maw-Maw dirty everything and are trying to make a list. They give up and Virginia says that they are not going to be able to clean fast enough. Jimmy suggests a home for Maw-Maw and Virginia and Burt tell that they tried that and Maw-Maw set off a fire extinguisher on the man in charge. Virginia tells that Maw-Maw can’t be locked in a room because she loves nature. Jimmy suggests that they put her into the Greenhouse. They move all her things and they are happy with it. Jimmy video tapes her and Sabrina is over at the house. He tells her that Maw-Maw used to be a cheerleader for the Colts and that she can still move. Virginia and Burt are trying to move a trunk of Maw-Maw’s and Sabrina suggests that they take things out. They look inside and find an old film real.

Outside, they watch the home videos and Virginia remembers everything. Her Pa-Pa is in the videos and she reminisces. However, they see that Maw-Maw licks the knife and then continues to cut the cake. Unconvinced still, Virginia doesn’t see that as a problem until her Pa-Pa coughs on the cake and then serves it. Jimmy tells that they are a generation of germies. Virginia pauses and tells that Maw-Maw is really old and that her Pa-Pa was older before he died. They ask how old Sabrina’s neat freak grandma is and she tells that she died at 65 years old from respiratory problems. Virginia tells that whatever germs are in the house are keeping them all healthy. Maw-Maw gets welcomed back to the rest of them and she starts to remember her memories. She throws the corn that she was eating on Sabrina and Virginia tells that it is only spit. Sabrina licks it. Maw-Maw remembers more, but it is gone when she sees an ice-cream truck on the video and starts to run to it and takes off the sheet.