What Up, Cuz? - Recap

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The scene opens with Jimmy waking up to find Burt naked in a dark room. He tells that he is hiding from Maw-Maw because earlier that night, Burt is getting fresh with Virginia when Maw-Maw, thinking that Burt is Wilford, her dead husband, is with Virginia. She has a shotgun drawn on them and he runs off and hides. Jimmy tells Burt to put some hot sauce on his neck because when Maw-Maw finds Burt that is where she is going to kiss. He asks Jimmy if he thinks other people have to do this in the middle of the night and he doesn’t think so. He also tells Burt to put some hot sauce on his neck because when Maw-Maw finds Burt, that is where she is going to kiss. The next day, Burt comes in with a feather that he found and Virginia thinks it is disgusting. She is trying to see who is on the phone that Jimmy is talking to. He gets off the phone and tells Virginia that her cousin, Delilah, is coming over and Virginia tells that she can’t come over and has Burt do her thing, which consists of him rubbing her nose.

Jimmy asks Virginia why her cousin can come over and Virginia tells the story about how she had Burt first as a boyfriend and that she always got what she wanted. So Virginia decided to steal Burt by telling him that Delilah was a lesbian and went to the lake and let Burt go “all the way” with her. All her life she would send postcards and brag on how stylish her life was and then one day she called and she told Delilah that Maw-Maw was dead. After the story, to which Burt says took a long time, Delilah knocks on the door. Virginia tells Jimmy to take Maw-Maw to work with him. He agrees and Burt answers the door. Delilah tells that it is nice to see that age has treated Burt kindly and in the background, Jimmy is carrying Maw-Maw into the van and closing it behind. Burt invites her in quickly. Inside, Virginia wraps plastic wrap around her stomach to hide her belly fat. Virginia comes out and is holding Hope. Delilah teases her of being a grandma already and tells that she is looking good. She touches her stomach and feels that plastic wrap to which Virginia says that she spends a lot of time in the sun.

At the store, Jimmy tells Sabrina that he is going to lock Maw-Maw back in the van and Sabrina tells that Barney is going bike riding with his brother and won’t be back all day. She tells that Maw-Maw could be a greater. Maw-Maw greets people and tells them their faults. However when she tries to show them her butt, Jimmy stops her. At the house, Delilah asks to see the Will of Maw-Maw and Virginia tells that there was no Will. She tells that she is entitled to half the estate. Virginia tells that she doesn’t need it because of her business. Delilah tells that she has lost a lot of money and needs it for a nipple reconstruction. Delilah tells that they are going to have to call lawyers. Virginia tells that they will take everything in fees and they won’t get anything. Back at the store, Barney comes into the store and tells that he is taking Frank, his “brother” because his family left him alone. Barney tells that the biking helps him work out his anger. He has Sabrina turn around while he picks the wedgie. Jimmy finds Maw-Maw in the deli case and Barney sees it too and asks what is going on. Jimmy asks for some personal time off.

At the house, Burt asks if Delilah was serious about taking half of the house away and she tells that she doesn’t want to, but Virginia took Burt away from her and that she doesn’t want to fight about it. She tells that she wants a piece of Burt. Virginia finds out that Delilah wants to go to 2nd Base with Burt. Virginia tells Burt that she is with it because she doesn’t want Delilah to drag it out in court and know that she lied about Maw-Maw. He tells that he is going to think of his Aunt while he goes to 2nd base with Virginia’s cousin. Jimmy takes Maw-Maw to Shelly’s and says thanks for watching her. Suddenly Maw-Maw grabs a moped and takes off on it. They run after her, but they can’t catch her. At the house, Delilah rinses with Mouthwash and swallows it. She comes in to find Burt and Virginia drinking and Delilah tells Burt to put on clothes that she has. Jimmy, Shelly and Sabrina get in the van and chase her down. They see the moped, but it is “Dancin’ Dan” on it. He tells that he traded his skates for the moped. They continue their search to find Barney and Frank on the side of the road. They tell that Maw-Maw hit Barney in the head with the stereo and took their bike. Maw-Maw meanwhile speeds down the hill.

In the bedroom, Delilah puts on music and Burt comes in the outfit that he wore back when they were younger. She asks if he brought protection in case he can’t stop at 2nd base. He tells that it won’t be a problem. She starts to dance around and gets on top of him. She tells him do touch her. As he touches her breasts, Maw-Maw looks through the window and calls Delilah a harlot. Delilah thinks that it is the ghost of Maw-Maw and runs out of the house and tells Virginia she can have it all. The next day, Burt shows Jimmy what Delilah’s nipples were like and repeatedly stabs the second egg with his fork. Virginia tells that Delilah is just sad and lonely and that Virginia is lucky to have someone to love. Burt tells that single people are pathetic and Jimmy looks at him. He tells Jimmy that he is creeping up on being pathetic and Virginia tells that Jimmy will find the right girl. Maw-Maw comes in and kisses Jimmy’s neck. Jimmy puts hot sauce on his neck and asks if normal people have to do it. Burt tells that they don’t.