Cheaters - Recap

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The scene opens with Jimmy and Burt dropping Hope off at Shelly’s Day Care and Shelly challenges Burt on their self defense moves and Burt tells Jimmy that their teacher told them to attack each other at every chance they get. Burt sees a girl that Jimmy could hook up with and tells him that he should talk to her. He tells that he doesn’t have to, but she comes over and introduces herself as Zoe and says that she likes Jimmy’s shirt and says that she loves “Pancake” which are a local band. Jimmy says that he likes to eat them and Burt tries to hook them up on a date. Jimmy tells that he sort of has a girlfriend, but Burt intervenes and tells that it is an imaginary one and says that his last girlfriend was a serial killer that was electrocuted. She gives Jimmy her number and tells him to call her if the “imaginary” girlfriend gets electrocuted.

At dinner, Burt tells Virginia that Jimmy turned down the girl with the perfect nose at the Day Care. She tells that Jimmy doesn’t want to waste his time with waiting for Sabrina. Jimmy tells that he will make his move. Virginia finds Maw-Maw under the desk and tells that she is obviously upset about something and suggests that she is lonely. Burt suggests they get her a pet and Virginia remembers Maw-Maw eating the pet bird they got and tells that she doesn’t want to do that again. Jimmy suggests that they should send Maw-Maw to the Day Care to hang out with the other old people. Maw-Maw likes the idea. The next day at work, Jimmy realizes that his lunch got switched with Maw-Maw’s. Sabrina is upset because Wyatt texted her telling that he has a Fraternity party that he can’t get out of. Frank sneaks up and takes Maw-Maw’s applesauce full of medicine and Jimmy asks why he can’t go home and suggests that Wyatt is cheating on her. She tells that she is going down there and find out for herself. Frank tells Jimmy that he is going to make his move and Jimmy tells that she is his. Frank gives up and tells that there is a lot of medicine in the hospital.

Later that night, Jimmy tells Virginia and Burt the news and Burt tells that Jimmy has to go with her. When she finds out that he is cheating on her, he makes his move. Later, Maw-Maw is in a good mood because earlier that day an older man named Mel hits on Maw-Maw and they are both senile. She tells Virginia and Burt not to tell her husband Wilford. Burt looks that Wilford’s ashes and tells that won’t be a problem. However, Virginia says that she doesn’t like it because Maw-Maw thinks that she is still married and it would be considered cheating. The next day Maw-Maw asks Burt to take her to “the officer’s club” to meet Mel and Virginia tells that she will be right back and then she will take her. However, Virginia tells Burt that she is not going to do that. Burt feels bad that when he comes home two hours later, he decides to take her. She gets there and Mel tells that he has been waiting for her and they fall asleep in the chair.

Jimmy is on the road with Sabrina and she tells that she is going to have sex with the first guy she sees if she finds him cheating. She tells that she is going to sleep with ten guys and Jimmy tells her to start with the one. Shelly calls Virginia and asks when she is supposed to stop Maw-Maw from getting “busy” with Mel and she goes to Shelly’s and tells Maw-Maw that they need to go. Meanwhile, Sabrina and Jimmy are disguised as a Pimp and a Hoe and see that Wyatt is sitting on the couch bored. Sabrina is relieved and goes up toward him. However, she sees that he is with a girl. Jimmy smiles. Sabrina goes up to Wyatt and she kicks him in the groin and walks out. Virginia gets home and Burt defends what he did and tells that it is crazy to call it cheating when the other person is dead. She asks what Burt would do if she was dead. He tells that he can’t and Virginia has him think about what he would do and he tells that he won’t be with anyone and tells that he is going to have her stuffed.

Meanwhile, Jimmy sees that Wyatt is still following them and Jimmy’s van runs out of gas. They get in Wyatt’s car and Sabrina tells that she is not going to talk to Wyatt. He swerves into the other lane and tells that he is going to stay in the other lane until she listens to him. He says that he only kissed the girl to get back at her for kissing Jimmy. She doesn’t listen until Jimmy tells that Wyatt deserves a second chance. They pull over and Wyatt and Sabrina make out. Virginia takes Maw-Maw to Mel’s and Zoe answers the door. Virginia says that she is there with her mother for a Booty-Call with Mel. Zoe tells that Mel picked up an Asian woman at the coffee shop and thinks that he is back in the Korean War. Mel comes up and tells that she is nothing to him and asks how she found him in the jungle. Mel tells that Maw-Maw has to leave because they are under enemy attack. Maw-Maw gets her heart broken and they go home.

Later that night, Maw-Maw and Jimmy sit in front of the television and Maw-Maw tells that they wouldn’t call it falling in love if you didn’t get their heart broken once or twice. Jimmy hears her and decides to take Zoe out on a date to "Pancake". They start to name all the bands that are named after food and realize that there are a lot of them. Sabrina and Shelly come up and Sabrina says that she didn’t know that Jimmy liked “Pancake” and asks who he is with. He whispers that she is only a friend. The episode ends.