Prodigy - Recap

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The scene opens with Shelly singing to Hope and the rest of the Daycare that she runs. Hope is grown up a little. After Daycare, Hope and Jimmy watch home videos of when Jimmy was younger and Jimmy sees that he used to be able to play piano and sing really good. They try to say that they had a self playing piano, but can’t come up with a lie for the singing. Virginia says that Maw-Maw taught him how to play the piano with a method that made him remember it. She says that she couldn’t believe it that she gave birth to a musical genius and that she used to show Jimmy off everywhere they went. However, when they went to the miniature golf course, a golf club hit Jimmy in the head and he forgot what he learned. Jimmy says that it was a talent and it has to be in there somewhere. He tries to play and sing, but he fails.

Jimmy goes to work and shows Sabrina the tape when he was 13-years-old and she falls in love with it. Jimmy goes back home and says that he has to do it for Sabrina and Jimmy asks what they did about going to the doctor. Burt and Virginia say that they didn’t have insurance. They go to the doctor and ask if they hit him with a coconut, can they get the memory back, but the doctor says that it is not possible. He says that they have to recreate events. They have Maw-Maw teach him and put him in his old outfit, but it doesn’t work. Later that night, Jimmy is drinking beer and Bert says that he got a crow to recreate the bird incident. Jimmy says that he is going to stop. Burt pushes Jimmy and says that he has to get him going. Burt admits that it was him who threw the golf club because he was getting too much attention. Virginia and Jimmy are shocked, but Jimmy says that he is fine with being normal.

They get drunk and Jimmy tells them that they are proud of things. Burt says that they are really great at loving each other. Burt starts singing and Jimmy joins in. He sounds really good. Virginia asks how old Jimmy was when he was sneaking beers. Jimmy realizes that it was the same time when he was good at singing and playing the piano. They go inside and Burt says that they are lucky. The next day, they get Jimmy ready for the recital and tell him to go warm up. However, when Jimmy gets to the piano, he is not good. Burt asks what is different from last night. Jimmy and Burt realize that Jimmy isn’t drunk and that they need to get him drunk again. Burt and Jimmy get drunk and says that he is not going to allow Jimmy drink alone.

They go to the recital and Sabrina asks if Jimmy is drunk. Virginia says that they just had a few beers. Jimmy stumbles up and starts to play. He is horrible and Sabrina says that she is going to go. Virginia realizes that they were drunk and that is why Jimmy was great. Later at home, Jimmy is embarrassed that he made a fool out of himself. However, Virginia and Burt tell that it is alright. They hear Hope on the piano and say that she could pick up where he was. Maw-Maw promises that she will teach Hope the piano as long as she is lucid. Virginia says that she posted the video online and it has 7 hits already. Meanwhile, Sabrina watches the video of Jimmy when he was 13-years-old and she falls in love with it once again. The episode ends.