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Burt's Parents - Recap

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The scene opens with Jimmy and Sabrina playing living-room balloon ball against Burt, Virginia and Maw Maw. The score is at 11-3 in Jimmy and Sabrina’s favor, when Burt’s parents buzz the phone. They are planning to spend Thanksgiving with Burt’s family. While Burt’s brother has planned an Alaskan cruise trip, Burt has more humble, or may be no plans in mind. Virginia tells him he could avoid them when Burt panics as they have always judged him for being less successful than his borther. Burt is afraid of getting judged again because of the little progress he has made in the last five years. However, his stupid brain gives up, and he ends up inviting them.

The family is getting the house ready for a good impression. Cleaning is in progress, and we see how Burt’s life has been with his parents in flashback. His brother always scored better in school, and when Burt got Virginia pregnant, his brother got through business school. When his parents came five years back, Jimmy had shown up in a bizarre Halloween outfit and showed off his fake diamond piercing somewhere around his crotch.
Virginia decides to use the house she cleans to show Burt’s parents that he has made major progress. It has all the features that spell luxury. The owners are out on vacation, and Virginia thinks it is the perfect opportunity. While Sabrina will pretend being Jimmy’s wife, Barney will play the staple caterer for major occasions. Jimmy and Sabrina practice kissing so that she can pretend being his wife in front of Burt’s parents. The Chances arrive at the luxurious house and manage to arrange it in ways that prove they are the real owners. They change the family picture frame, set up Maw Maw in the children’s room, and change the stickers on the owner’s snazzy car.

Burt’s parents arrive, and are delightfully impressed about the ‘new’ house and Burt’s apparent progress. Virginia tells them they changed the neighborhood because this one has better schools. Jimmy greets them, and looks remarkably different from the way he showed up five years back. He introduces Sabrina as his wife. She is carrying baby Hope. Burt’s father asks Jimmy whether the baby caused the marriage or was the other way round. Barney appears with venison meatballs, and they get started with a pleasant chat. Burt’s mother learns her grandson Jimmy was brave enough to save Sabrina from armed robbers, losing one testicle in the process. They also manage to convince Burt’s mother of other weird stories of Burt’s heroism. She is proud of her grandson, and the way things have shaped up for the Chances in the last few years.

Meanwhile, Maw Maw has been fiddling around with stuff in the children’s room. The computer reports a ping, and she gets all excited about chatting with a complete stranger. The message comes ‘hey girl, whatcha doing?’ Maw Maw replies ‘reading what you just wrote.’ The guy at the other end intends to have an erotic chat, but hardly knows he is chatting with an 85-year old woman. He gets Maw Maw to take off her clothes, but is yet to discover the reality! In the meanwhile, Burt’s dad has found some Cuban cigars and a 40-year old scotch bottle. Burt thinks that drink might have gotten bad by now, but his dad knows the real value. Neither is Burt able to enjoy the drink as he chokes on the first gulp, nor is he able to taste the cigar like his father, who holds it between his teeth while talking.

By now, Maw Maw’s stranger on chat wants to see the girl who has taken off her clothes at his request. Maw Maw tells herself she can start a video chat, and does exactly that. The guy at the other end is extremely shocked to find the woman bizarrely different from his imagination. Later that night at dinner, which is served by the quintessential Barney, he tries advertising Howdie’s wittily, but Burt announces that Howdie’s no place for the rich. Next time he better buy the food from a more posh store. The house phone starts ringing. Virginia casually ignores it saying they will call back, but immediately the voice message comes on. Knowing that the folks at the other end of the line might end up calling out the names of the family that actually lives there, Virginia suddenly begins singing the national anthem. Burt’s parents find it strange, but Virginia tells them they do it everyday around that time.

After dinner, Burt’s parents are in the middle of an argument. Burt’s mother says that they must tell them the truth. Burt overhears and comes in asking if the truth is that he is adopted. That is not the case. Burt’s parents have lost their home, and hope Burt can support them until they are able to get back on their feet. Burt gets terribly worried about it, but tells Virginia that it makes him feel so great, that he wants to continue lying for another couple of days about his own progress. The next morning the real owners turn up, and they have to leave. The truth is out. The parents get to know every bit of the truth there is to Burt’s family, but tell him not to say anything to his brother about their own tragic state of affairs. However, Burt’s parents having a gala time in Burt’s house, having bought a new bed, 3-D television and special glasses for it with a credit card. They also munch on some sushi, but Burt gets down to talking with them.

Jimmy says they were the perfect people for Burt’s parents, as they needed to start behaving poor like they really were. They get Burt’s dad a job advertising real estate wearing a chicken suit, and Burt’s mother learns how to make cheap salad dressings and buying goods from the mall with very little money and a bit of mischief. The family also teaches them how to relax without spas and find entertainment without 3-D televisions.
However, after a few days at dinner, Burt’s dad decides to call it quits. His mom also gives up, and they leave the house. While the mom leaves in a hurry, Burt’s dad tells him that he always thought Burt was a slacker, taking things the easy way out. However, after staying with him and seeing how he took care of Maw-Maw and his illegitimate granddaughter, Hope, by working his butt out for very little money, the dad admits he cannot do it. He feels that Burt is more of man than he is. Later that day, the Maw Maw’s chat pal comes to the door and asks for her with a bouquet of flowers.