It's A Hopeful Life - Recap

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The scene opens with the Chance Family at the movie theaters. Burt tries to eat Jimmy’s necklace that Hope made for him at Day Care, but Jimmy blocks him. Virginia tells them to be quiet because the Trailers are on. They watch and see that there is a new movie coming out that resembles their own lives at home to the exact detail. The title is even exact called “The Chances of Natesville”. They go to their lawyer, Wally Phipps, and he says that he partied too hard last night. He says that Lucy’s parents sold the rights to Lucy’s story except for the parts with his family. Jimmy remembers that he signed the rights of the story away accidentally over a beach ball. They say that they can’t be famous in the bad way. Wally’s secretary comes in and throws Aspirin at him. He says that he slept with his assistant last night and it is going to make things around the office awkward now.

The Chances get home and Burt reads the reviews on the movie. Jimmy puts Hope down for the night and sees that Maw-Maw is in the bath with Christmas lights all around her eating spaghetti. They see that there are a bunch of people in their yard taking pictures. Burt moons them and Jimmy says that they are dumb and Virginia says that they are not trash and it is Jimmy’s fault. He doesn’t care and says that he is going to go get a tree. Virginia joins in on the moon-fest. Maw-Maw comes out with her hair on end. She was electrocuted by the lights and says that she has the most invigorating bath ever. Jimmy drives around and sees that Shelly, Barney and Frank are in line to see “The Chances of Natesville”. He asks what they are doing and they say that they are sorry. Sabrina comes up and pretends to be Italian.

Jimmy is drinking at the bar and says that he is a screw-up. He stands up and says that he made sex with a serial killer and now his life blows. He wishes that he never picked up Lucy in his van. He falls and gets knocked unconscious. When Jimmy wakes up, Maw-Maw is there and says that his wish came true and everything is the way it is without Hope. Jimmy finds out that Burt and Virginia are separated and Virginia is fat and smoking. Burt comes in and says that he got a girl’s digits. Maw-Maw tells him that he never slept with Lucy and that means that he didn’t have a purpose. Jimmy says that it is just like the movie “Inception”. Virginia asks why Jimmy is talking to himself like a crazy person. He says that he is talking to Maw-Maw. She says that she is dead because she choked on the bumble gum. She says that it was a good thing though. She is enjoying the fire.

Burt comes in and tells Jimmy that he needs him to shave him so that he can look sexy for his online photo. He tells Virginia to get in the picture so that he can look skinny for the picture. However, she is coughing while Burt lathers himself up with oil. Jimmy goes into Barney’s and it is a liquor store. Shelly is on the ground singing for booze. Maw-Maw says that without Hope, Shelly couldn’t save the Day Care. Frank is the Mayor. He sees Sabrina and she says that her name is Sapphire now. He sees that she got a boob job and she says that she will give him the best time of his life for $100. Lucy comes in and Jimmy realizes that she is Barney’s girlfriend. Jimmy has to get Lucy’s pregnant if he is going to get Hope. Sabrina comes up with a shotgun and asks what he is still doing there. She sees that he is looking at Lucy and she gets her breast in his face and asks if she is prettier then her. Jimmy says that he knows that Sabrina is a good person and wishes he had $20 so that he can touch Sabrina’s breasts. She says that she will help him.

Sabrina tells Lucy that she just found out that she is the boyfriend killer. Lucy run into Jimmy’s van and they start to get “busy”. She asks if he has a condom and he says that he will be careful. She says that she isn’t going take any chances. He goes inside and stalls a bit. When he comes back, Burt is in the van with Lucy. He says that he had her first. They play paper, rock, scissors and Virginia says that she wants in on it too because she is sick of men. They see a report on Lucy and how she is the boyfriend killer. She comes in and Virginia is about to hit her in the head with the TV, but Jimmy pushes her out of the way and says that he will never get Hope back if she does it. However, instead of hitting Lucy, Virginia hits Jimmy.

He wakes up on the floor of the bar and sees that he has the necklace that Hope made for him. He celebrates that everything is back to normal and runs around shouting Merry Christmas to everyone and everything including an uneven sidewalk that he trips over. He gets home and says that they are there. He says that he is glad that he is stupid and says that he wouldn’t have Hope. His friends show up and Jimmy says that there are “some” things that he misses. They tell him that they left the movies after hearing the audience. Sabrina says that she yelled “Fire!” and that cleared them out. The episode ends with everyone enjoying Christmas and decorating the Christmas Tree. The episode ends.