Poking Holes in the Story - Recap

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The scene opens with Virginia and Rosa cleaning the house, when they hear that the owner is having a nasty fight with his daughter. He tells them that he is going on a business tour and he wants to hire a household help and also someone to care of his daughter, Natalie. Well, looking at the crazy daughter, both of them refuse. Next, Jimmy and Sabrina are still in bed, when Hope throws her toys at them and wakes them up. When Jimmy goes to put Hope back to sleep, his right nipple gets stuck in the hinge of the crib. Ouch! Burt and Virginia return from there walk, when they see Jimmy and Sabrina sending away the crib and some other baby stuff. Sabrina tells them what happened. Burt tells Jimmy that he always knew that his long nipples would cause him some or other trouble. He also tells them it cannot be so bad that they have to throw away these things.

But Virginia tells him that come to think of it, when Jimmy was a child he was always getting hurt. She thinks that in retrospect, they should have paid more attention to child safety. Jimmy tells them that now Hope has to sleep in a cardboard box and play with a teddy bear he had made with rice and toilet seat cover. Sabrina remembers that Hope can choke on the rice. Jimmy tells them that they need to find a way to make some fast money; and Virginia knows the way!! She goes back to the house, where the owner wanted to hire a live-in, and she gets the job. Burt and Virginia are upset that they need to stay apart for two weeks! Everyone is missing Virginia at home; especially Jimmy because he needs to bathe Maw Maw, and every time she tries to kiss him; quite a nightmare!

Burt tells him that he just needs to know to handle it and gives him the tip. Well, Virginia too is having a difficult time dealing with Natalie. Burt sneaks into the house to meets his wife. He says he missed her and they do have an awesome night, reminds them of their teenage. Meanwhile, at home, Maw Maw wakes up Jimmy with a kiss and has prepared his favorite breakfast. Well actually its for Wilfred. But looking at the breakfast on the table, this time Jimmy plays along as Wilfred. Natalie has sneaked a boy into her room, and Virginia tells her that she shouldn’t be doing something like this. She sends her boyfriend away. But he climbs back into the room and Virginia decides to show both of them the cons of teenage pregnancy. She takes them to her house.

Jimmy is getting a foot massage from his grandmother and sipping away on a cocktail, pretending to be Wilfred. Virginia then shows them her photographs before and after pregnancy and it looks like they have aged twenty years in just four. Natalie freaks out and tells her boyfriend that she wants to do a lot with her life and they can’t make any mistakes and decides that they should stop seeing each other. Meanwhile, Jimmy is enjoying being Wilfred. Sabrina sees what’s happening and tells Jimmy that if he is nailing his great grandmother, then that would be a deal breaker. Jimmy tells her that Maw Maw is having one of her delusions, and its easier to take care of her this way. Instead she is taking care of him. Meanwhile, Maw Maw walks in and asks him what is his sister (Sabrina) doing here; and Jimmy tells her that he invited her for dinner.

Maw Maw goes mad as Wilfred forgot his anniversary and starts beating him up. Well jimmy is in pain and Sabrina decides to flee the scene. Burt is trying to help Robert bring Natalie back into his life. Burt brings them to a gym which he used to call the “stabbing cabin”. Well, doesn’t sound too good now, but back then, it sounded cool. He shows them the part Virginia left out about their early life. The movie ticket stubs, the corn that touched Virginia’s cleavage, and stuff like that. Well what he wants to tell them that they should never miss out on their perfect partner. Natalie realizes that Robert is perfect for her; infact they are perfect for each other. Burt tells them that the world maybe against them sometimes but they can always find a friend in him.

Just then Virginia walks in searching for Natalie and they all hide, else they are sure to get killed. But Virginia finds Natalie. She tells her that it is not necessary to sleep together just because you are in love and also that the protection doesn’t always work. She then explains to Natalie that she should know why her man would stay behind with her; if there is a child. Is it for her or the baby? She should also think whether she is stopping her man from becoming something better in life. Just then Burt comes out of his hiding and tells Virginia that he had poked a hole in his condom. He tells Virginia that the moment he saw her, he knew that she was the one; but he also felt that she was way out of his league and so his only shot was to get her pregnant.

Virginia says that she is happy with the results. Natalie is free to do whatever she wants. At home, Sabrina and jimmy arrange a special evening for Maw maw’s anniversary. And Jimmy gifts her necklace, but when he sees that Maw Maw is getting a little out of hand, he sprays water on her and she comes back to her senses. Sabrina tells Jimmy that she hopes to get her necklace back. But Jimmy promises to get her a new one on her anniversary, which she would never forget. The episode ends.