Hogging All The Glory - Recap

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The episode begins with the family attending a Sunday mass at the church. Maw Maw doesn’t like the way Hope is coloring a picture and voices her opinion; a little loud for the surroundings. Virginia asks her to stop embarrassing them else they will have to stop getting her to the church. Burt thinks that he would get some recognition for the job he did with beautifying the church’s landscape. But to his disappointment he doesn’t. Next, back at home, Virginia gives Jimmy his costumes and tells him to get ready for the act. Sabrina is wondering and Jimmy tells her that ever since they stopped getting their Sunday paper, they do their own comics act.

But Burt is not up to it. He is upset that he did not get any acknowledgement for his church volunteer work. Jimmy tells Burt that he could stand for the election for the next Chairperson and compete against the current one; Sarah Louise, who did not acknowledge his work. Virginia tells him not to cross line with Sarah as she could be unpredictable and dangerous. But Burt decides to stand against her and Sabrina tells him that she would be his campaign manager. Virginia thinks that they should do this week’s script as Burt could learn some very important lessons. And this week’s comic strip is “Peanuts”. And the way it’s written, guess Virginia got her message acroos. Next, they are at a meeting and Carl, the blind musician is playing a little longer as his sister is late to pick him up. Sarah tells the audience that he isn’t as good as the other blind musicians she has heard playing. Carl hears that and Sarah has to see his middle finger!! She gets to the first order of business; that is nominating candidates for the Chairperson’s election for the Heaven’s Helpers.

Burt tells Virginia to nominate him but she refuses. Carl nominates Burt. Two weeks from now, they need to make their respective speech and the attendants of this meeting would cast their vote. Well, Sarah announces that since Carl’s sister would be going to the rehab, she stepped in to help Carl and present by with a new guide animal on behalf of Heavens Helpers; and guess who takes the credit? SARAH. But she makes it a point to get back at Burt for his nomination and tells him that he will have to take care of the animal for a week; and the animal is a PIG! Yes, “a guide pig”. Maw Maw seems to be having a nice time with the pig and Virginia is freaking out with the special care instructions. Sabrina is surprised to know about the pet.

She tells Burt that she can help him with his speech. She says that she learnt a trick at her public speaking classes; imagine that the audience sitting in front of you is naked! But Virginia knows about it. The family enjoys their time with “curly tail”; but Virginia does not like it at all. The pet has become a part of the family. Burt has trained the pet to fetch the newspaper; from the neighbors! He tells Virginia that he is going to the grocery store and asks her to take care of the pet. But she tells him that pet is on its own as she is watching her favorite TV show and eating popcorn and she chokes on it. And guess who comes to her rescue; our very own, Mr. Curly Tail! Virginia is surprised and glad. Guess she begins to like the pet.

Burt is practicing his speech and Virginia rushes in announcing the event! She wants to get some organic apples for the pet. She admits that Burt was right and she was wrong about Mr. Curly Tail and she is going to let him sleep on the bed tonight. Lucky pig! Well the couple is in for a great surprise…rather a shock…Maw Maw has butchered Mr. Curly Tail and he is served for dinner. Virginia says that she cannot eat him and is upset that she could not save his life; as he had saved hers. Burt consoles her that he would had wanted it this way and Maw Maw might have made it quick and painless. But she tells them that it was a hell of a struggle as she cut him with a pizza cutter! No one feels like eating him now. Maw Maw has a question for Sabrina: Who are you?! Virginia tells Burt to forget about the election, tell everybody what they did and face the consequences. Burt tells them that if tomorrow is going to be their Judgment Day; then might as well enjoy now! And they enjoy their dinner. The whole family is at the church; except Burt. Virginia calls him and tells him that they were supposed to do it as a family.

And Burt arrives- but with another Mr. Curly Tail. He says that he got the new pet from a petting zoo for $100 and the guy tells him that he could take any animal he wanted and do whatever he wanted with the animal… and winks at Burt! Sarah presents the pig to Carl, and Burt has a plan. They are the ones who actually take care of Carl and the guide pet, by managing the pig during Carl’s walks. All they had to do was keep the blind man alive until the elections. And while “managing” the situation, Sabrina ends up being the pet for a day! Finally the day of the election arrives. But Sarah brings about a last moment change. She says that instead of the speech, Carl will show them how well trained his new pet is and what a great favor Heaven’s Helpers have done for him, by getting him his new pet. They are going to be busted!

But Sabrina tells them that since Sarah is trying to take all credit, she will end up getting blamed. But that’s not happening. The pig follows every instruction. They ended up training the pig once again; unknowingly of course. And Burt decides that he doesn’t want any credit, as he didn’t need glory at all. Happiness is making other people happy. The episode ends.