Sabrina's New Jimmy - Recap

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The scene opens with Shelly making Margaritas for the girls’ night. Just then Jimmy walks in with bags of ice, and asks Shelly if they could use her freezer to keep it in as theirs isn’t working and has gone for repairs. Virginia and Burt too arrive with big bags. They notice that Shelly and Sabrina have re-decorated their apartment. Just then Sabrina comes out of her room and she is wearing huge glasses. Jimmy is surprised and thinks they are 3D glasses. So now you know what I mean by huge! But anyway, Sabrina tells him that they are her glasses and that she mostly wore contacts. Hence Jimmy has never seen her in these. Well, it appears that without her glasses she is “practically” blind.

Next we see that Jimmy runs into Sabrina’s house as a bee is chasing him. it seems that the same bee has been continuously chasing him for the past two days. He asks her to come out and “take a look at it”. But to Jimmy’s surprise two people walk out of Sabrina’s room; one of them is Philip, her classmate. Jimmy isn’t comfortable that they were studying in her bedroom. At home, Jimmy tells Burt and Virginia about Philip and they don’t like it either. Virginia tells him that no guy and girl can just be friends. Burt thinks that Philip is trying to steal Jimmy’s girl. Jimmy is says that if that guy does stay away from his girl then he will help Philip get his B.A…Busted Ass! Virginia tells him that if Sabrina finds out that Jimmy went over to Philip’s house then she will think that he is crazy. They need to have a plan. Virginia comes up with a plan.

She takes Jimmy’s phone and puts Sabrina’s name under her number and texts Jimmy to shave his private parts!! And Jimmy does it as he was unaware of Virginia’s doings. She tells him later. Next, he is at Sabrina’s place and wants to show Sabrina and Philip something in the outside room. He tells them that Hope is saying “Sabrina”. They rush out. Meanwhile, Virginia and Burt manage to make some changes on Philip’s phone. While they are trying to make Hope say her name again, she ends up saying “Shelly!” next, the Chance family is sending texts to Philip, making them look as if Sabrina has been sending them. But Philip’s fiancée sees the message and she thinks it’s some black guy from the 90’s. But the family doesn’t think that Philip’s reply is flirty.

They send a reply to this one. And now Philip’s fiancée decides to reply. Even she wants to know what’s going on! So now, it’s Philip’s fiancée and the Chance family exchanging messages. Poor Sabrina and Philip; totally unaware of what’s happening. Well Philip’s fiancée sends a message as Philip that he is coming over to Sabrina’s place for a shower. The Chance family is shocked. Jimmy texts back saying not to come over; but guess it’s too late. Philip’s fiancée has already left for Sabrina’s. Since they don’t find any reply, they all rush to Sabrina’s house. Meanwhile, we see Sabrina sitting on top of her fridge, trying to defend herself from the fiancée’s attacks. Jimmy and his family arrive. Just then Philip arrives. He has seen the texts.

He tells his fiancé that there is nothing going on between him and Sabrina as she is not blonde, she is blind, doesn’t speak French and has a flat ass! Ok! Sabrina is really confused! The fiancé shows her the texts sent by Sabrina. And Jimmy obviously has an explanation. He tells them what exactly happened. The girls apologize for whatever happened. Once the couple leaves, Sabrina talks to Jimmy, asking him what was all that. Jimmy tells her that he should have trusted her and that it is his fault. But things got out of hand when his mom got involved. Sabrina Is upset and calls it a day. At home, Jimmy is making an apology card for Sabrina. Meanwhile, Burt is hanging the dancing coconut boobs on the wall; the ones that he manages to acquire after pestering Sabrina.

Virginia doesn’t want them in the hall; and Burt tells her that he wouldn’t be able to sleep if they are in the bedroom. Well he isn’t the only one who likes it. His neighbor arrives to watch them dance as well. Men! Next day, Jimmy takes flowers for Sabrina and is again chased by the bee. But this morning there is another guy in her room. He removes his t-shirt saying that it was hot and Sabrina shuts the bedroom door. Jimmy is helping Shelly in the kitchen, and she tells him that they are just studying and he should stop his imagination going crazy. Jimmy finds out that Sabrina likes to have a backup for everything- and that’s his worry! Again! He tells Virginia that Sabrina has two of everything. And he thinks it’s the same with guys.

Virginia says that they need proof and that they need a plan. She also says that there could be a possibility that they might have to steal some apology flowers later. Jimmy drinks up Sabrina’s contact solution and her contacts! Sabrina is upset as she is studying with Randy. Jimmy tells her that she has her glasses for back up; and moreover she is only studying and not going for some fashion show. At home, Burt is becoming popular in the neighborhood be cause of the the dancing boobs; but it has a wrong effect on Hope. Burt asks the men to leave and comes over at Sabrina’s to return them. But it seems that there is a problem. Sabrina walks out without her glasses and she thinks that Burt is Randy as she cannot see at all.

And she wants to begin with the studies, unaware of Burt’s presence. Jimmy asks her to admit that she doesn’t want to wear her glasses as she wants to look hot in front of Randy. Jimmy tells her that it is Burt and not Randy. Jimmy confronts her and Sabrina thinks that he is right and that unknowingly she was doing it. She tells Jimmy that she was doing this ‘cause of her parents. Her father left her mom for no reason and she would have been devastated, had she not been sleeping with her tennis coach. She thinks she did this to protect herself. Jimmy tells her that she could continue with it if she feels that way; as he is sure that eventually she will realize that no one could replace him. But she doesn’t have to wait for…she already realizes it. The episode ends.