I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back - Recap

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The episode begins, and we see an unconscious Jimmy lying on the floor. He faints on knowing that Hope’s mother, Lucy, is still alive. He sees the television and starts to remember things. The episode showed as to how Jimmy impregnated Lucy and how Lucy ended up in prison and also their prison wedding. But then, Nancy breaks the news that Lucy was never executed and that she is alive. Jimmy faints once again. Virginia tells him that Lucy is alive and he needs to deal with the fact. Nancy is interviewing Lucy and asks her as to how did she survive the execution. Lucy recounts her execution and what happened after that. She says that she was nervous when she sat on the chair. They executed her. Later she found that she was walking through a hallway and was drawn towards this light at the end of the hallway.

She says that she got to the light and HE appeared. HE tells her that she wasn’t welcome then and just then the devil appears and chases Lucy down the hallway. And the next thing she knew is that she is alive. The warden says that everyone was very shocked. The guards beat her up in a way that no one would feel is right. But the Chance family is happy to see the guards beat up Lucy. Back from the dead and brutalized by the cops, Lucy got herself a lawyer, Sylvia Barnes. Nancy interviews Sylvia and Sylvia tells her that this was a dream case.

The State wanted to cover up the beating and so they dropped all charges against Lucy and cut her a fat check. Jimmy wonders as to where has Lucy been for the past two years. Virginia knows that Nancy would get it out of her. On television, Lucy tells Nancy that she wanted to get out of the town where everyone knew that she was a serial killer and she says that she needed some spiritual guidance. So she spent her time with some monks, who taught her to love and not hate. But still there was something missing in her life and she has decided to go back to Natesville. Lucy tells Nancy that she is going to fight for the custody of her daughter. On hearing that, Jimmy faints again. The Chance family meets their lawyer.

He tells them that he charges less because he knows that he is a terrible lawyer and that he makes most of his money by selling juices. Jimmy tells his lawyer that Lucy is a serial killer and so the case is going to be easy. Virginia tells him that this would be a chance for him to prove that he is a good lawyer to his ex-girlfriend. He agrees. The Chance family is getting ready to go to the court, when Lucy arrives. Lucy tells them that she wants to see that if they could avoid the craziness of the court. She wants Jimmy and Hope to come with her to Tibet. Sabrina snaps at her. She tells them that she will take her daughter to Tibet with her.

Next, in the courtroom, Sylvia tells the judge that the charges against Lucy were officially dropped and so she cannot be characterized as a serial killer. The Judge says that personally she feels that it is stupid; but legally, she says that Lucy cannot be addressed as a serial killer. The jury walks in and they are people who don’t know anything about the murders. Wally, the lawyer, tells Virginia that it was a gentlemanly to allow the ladies choose the jurors. Wally assures them that the jury will see them as a lovely family who are doing their best in raising Hope. Sylvia tells the jury about their research on the Chance family. She presents a number of witnesses who testify that the family was violent and crazy.

Next, Wally presented the witnesses who had nice things to tell about the Chance family. But we know that if friends know about our good things; they also know about the bad ones as well. So, the Chance family had to help themselves. Virginia went blank under the pressure and Burt’s speech written on his palms got washed off. So it was only Jimmy who was left and was Hope’s only “Chance”. He showed the jury some of the drawings he drew and also Hope’s rock collection. He then decided to speak with his heart. He tells them that they are good people who stick together and find out ways to laugh even when they are pissed. And when this happens, you can find happiness even if you are living in a cave.

The jury of the miners who were stuck underground together, didn’t want to be stuck in a small room together; they decided on their verdict pretty fast. The jury awarded Hope’s custody to Lucy and Jimmy’s speech had no effect. Wally tells the Chance family that at least now they would stop coming to him for legal advice. Virginia and Burt protest against this decision. Sylvia hands over Hope to Lucy. Jimmy decides to go with Lucy and Hope to Tibet. Virginia breaks down and Sabrina, with a heavy heart, watches the love of her life leave. Just then Lucy stops the car. She realizes that Jimmy really loves Sabrina. But Jimmy tells her that he loves his daughter as much and hence he decided to come with her.

Lucy tells Jimmy that she wants Hope to grow up in a happy family and so she says that she has to do what she is about to. Saying this, she pulls out a dagger from under the car seat and runs towards Sabrina. Sabrina runs for her life with Lucy chasing to kill her. Just then a bus drives by and runs over Lucy. It was the blind man from the church, Carl, who was driving the bus. The friends of the Chance family had planned this. The Judge gives back Hope’s custody to Jimmy and asks them to promise her that they would do a better job raising Hope. The episode ends.