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Not Indecent, But Not Quite Decent Enough Proposal - Recap

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The episode begins with Jimmy’s voiceover stating the challenges of living in a small house. Next, Virginia and Burt go to Sabrina’s grandmother’s funeral and Virginia uses her “funeral voice” to express how sorry they are for her loss. Sabrina says that they didn’t care much about her grandmother. And we see that it is true. Sabrina’s grandmother knew that people won’t bother much about her, so she wanted her body kept in the kitchen, surrounded by the buffet. Good idea! Maw Maw tells Virginia that she wants to be buried in a dress just like the one Sabrina’s grandmother is wearing.

She also wants her hair wrapped in tin foils so that worms don’t get in. What a waste of foil! Sabrina introduces jimmy to her self-involved mother. We learn that Sabrina’s mother left her alone at home for a week and flew to Vegas with her boyfriend when Sabrina was 12! Jimmy tries to strike a conversation with Sabrina’s mother; but she asks him if his daughter is dating him to hurt her. Barney tells the group that he wants his body to be frozen. They discuss a bit about cryogenics and Maw Maw is busy undressing the dead grandmother! Sabrina invites everybody to the living room as her grandmother has made a video that she wanted everyone to watch. Sigh!

Well, she knew that would be the reaction; so she has put up a chocolate fountain there! That sounds tempting. The video begins to play and Maw Maw waltz into the room wearing the dead woman’s dress. Sabrina’s grandmother knows that her daughter, Tamara is a spoiled brat with no respect for marriage or money and hence she has left her nothing. Tamara hates her mother and Sabrina smiles at her mother’s misfortune. She has left all her money to a non-profitable organization. And the house; well, that is for the only relative she has, who hasn’t broken her heart by getting a divorce; Sabrina!! Once Sabrina is married, she can move in and start a family. The Chance family returns home and Virginia is excited about the house.

Sabrina doesn’t want Jimmy to marry her for her money as she feels that he always loved her for who she really is. Jimmy agrees. Virginia thinks they are being selfish by not thinking about Hope. She could live in a better place and go to a better school. She has a point! So they decide to get married. But Sabrina tells Jimmy that she doesn’t feel the way she thought she would, when she got engaged. Jimmy wants to do this right and so he takes back the proposal. So now, the first step is to find out what sort of a proposal Sabrina had dreamt of. Shelley and Frank help him out with few of Sabrina’s childhood dreams; but there are a lot of them; like sky-riding, a white horse etc. Jimmy has an idea. Next, Virginia and Maw Maw arrive with Sabrina.

In the car, Sabrina tells Virginia that she won’t be able to do this. She knows that Jimmy loves her but it is also a fact that he wants to marry her at the moment for the house. Virginia tells her that if she doesn’t feel anything then she must fake it. That is how it works! Jimmy proposes to her and Sabrina acts surprised and she really “FAKES” it. Tamara gives a speech (just a line) for her daughter and Jimmy. Frank has put together a video to celebrate the life of the bride and groom. They are all old pictures and one of them is Tamara’s where she had her old nose and her new big, fake boobs. Tamara and Jimmy are reminded of something; something that happened seven years ago. Jimmy was in a gothic disguise and Tamara was at the store.

Tamara tells Sabrina that her grandmother did this to her nose and so she had to get herself new boobs, so that her self-esteem is not hurt. Tamara then meets Jimmy at the counter and asks him out. Obviously, Jimmy is awed at the sight of her new fakes. They then go to her car to make out. But Tamara is freaked out to see Jimmy wearing a corset and she asks him to leave. They are jolted back to the present with Shelley’s song. Tamara’s signals Jimmy not to mention anything to anyone. Jimmy rushes to the bathroom to get away from Sabrina. But when he enters, he is shocked to see his father in the bath tub and his mother “searching for an earring” Tamara arrives and tells Jimmy that he should act normal.

Jimmy tells his parents that he cannot live a lie and pretend to be happy. Burt tells him that he can do it and also gives him Sabrina’s example of how she faked it when Jimmy proposed to her. He tells Jimmy that they are Virginia’s typical Monday night moves. She tells Jimmy that Sabrina faked it because she loves him. Jimmy comes back and Maw Maw finishes her speech. Sabrina gets up and tries to kiss Jimmy. But he stops her and tells her what happened seven years ago. He says that he didn’t even know it was her mother till he saw the video.

He says that it is fine if she doesn’t want to marry him, but he totally wants to marry her. He asks her once again and she gladly says a yes! And this time she didn’t fake it. Everyone is happy and Burt is happier as he manages to flick the VCR from Sabrina’s house. The episode ends at this point.