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Throw Maw Maw from the House (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with Virginia saying how they invested in a deadbolt, due to Maw Maw doing quite a bit of wandering in the night. During the day they can keep an eye on her, but in the night they have no way of knowing if she is getting loose. In one instance she is shown sleeping with Sabrina and Jimmy, in the same bed. She is also shown doing things like dancing the mambo in the middle of the night and doing make up on Burt’s face while he is sleeping. At one point she manages to get a horse from somewhere. In the morning at the store, Sabrina is bothered by a shirt Jimmy is wearing, and tells him how the things he wears also reflects on her, as they are now engaged.

Jimmy though, tells her it’s his favorite shirt and therefore he is going to continue to wear it. Sabrina in turn says “ok fine” and walks away. Frank commends Jimmy for sticking to his guns and tells him “don’t let her change you man”. A woman named Joan who is from social services pays the Chance residence a visit. She tells Burt and Virginia about how a complaint was received about the welfare of a child living there. Virginia and Burt tell Jimmy about Joan. The three then try to figure out what the complaint was all about. Sabrina tells them they do a really good job with Hope, so they really have nothing to worry about. Virginia asks them to make everything look ok, till the social worker leaves.

While cleaning the room Sabrina asks Jimmy to throw away the shirt of his that she doesn’t like. He though, is adamant that he won’t. Maw Maw is dead bolted into her room, but manages to escape from the window. Hope is later brought out in front of Joan. Joan sees Hope and says she is a little girl, but the complaint that she received was about a 5 year old boy, who was seen at a concert. “That wasn’t Hope that was Jimmy” Burt says. “That happened 20 years ago” Virginia tells her. Joan says they are a little behind because of budget cuts and hence the mistake.

Maw Maw comes in through the door just then, and is shooed away by Virginia, into her room. Joan on seeing this comments she is becoming a little concerned about the fact that, Maw Maw is being abused. Joan then proceeds to ask her some questions. Maw Maw tells Joan the things they do with her and to her. The family hears the things she is saying and concludes that, Maw Maw is making them sound crazy. Joan after hearing everything says that’s its all very disturbing. She then recounts the things that Maw Maw told her, about them ill treating her. They try to justify their actions, but Joan isn’t convinced. “I have no other choice but to start a formal investigation” she tells them, unconvinced by their justifications.

She then asks them to fill a form and tells them she would be back in a week for a second inspection, and if there isn’t a major improvement in her treatment “we will forced to put her in a state run home” Joan says. Virginia tries explaining to Joan that Maw Maw is crazy, but Joan will hear none of it. They plan to prove to the authorities that they care about Maw Maw’s health, so they don’t take her away. As a consequence she is brought to a doctor, but locks herself in the car. Burt tells Virginia that, old age homes are really nice nowadays. Virginia though, tells him that Maw Maw took care of her, her whole life and therefore she doesn’t want Maw Maw to be taken away. Virginia then manages to convince Maw Maw to see the doctor, by telling her how she will be put in the nuthouse if she doesn’t.

They also device ways to keep Maw Maw in check, based on the guidelines given to them by Joan, but find it to be a really difficult job to do so. Joan arrives on the stipulated day for her inspection. Jimmy on the other hand is shocked to find out that Sabrina threw his shirt away. She hints to Jimmy that, if he wants to sleep with her he shouldn’t complain about the shirt. Virginia and Burt in the end, manage to convince Joan that they have really taken measures to improve Maw Maw’s quality of life.

She then talks to Maw Maw but finds out that, they have been lying to Maw Maw in order to get her to comply. Joan as a result, asks Maw Maw to pack her bags, so she can be taken to someplace better. Virginia protests, and even insults Joan, but in the end Maw Maw is taken away by the social services. The episode ends at this point.