Throw Maw Maw from the House (2) - Recap

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The episode begins with Maw Maw telling the audience how she has been put in a nursing home. She recounts the incidents that took place last week, which in turn led to her being sent to the nursing home. Later, Virginia is shown telling a guard at the nursing home to let her grandmother out. The guard tells Virginia she can’t be allowed to see Maw Maw for her own protection. Sabrina asks Jimmy if he would like to be put in a nursing home when he goes crazy. Jimmy says he would. He then asks Sabrina the same, but she tells her she won’t, as no one in her family has ever gone crazy. Burt then adds that, there is a history of people going crazy in the Chance family.

Virginia and gang figure out that they wouldn’t be allowed to see Maw Maw and therefore decide to leave. Virginia says they need to figure out a way to sneak Maw Maw out of the nursing home. “We’re breaking her out of this hellhole” Virginia adds. The family goes back home and sits together to formulate a plan to get Maw Maw out. Burt comes up with the first plan. As per the plan, Sabrina while wearing a revealing dress will use her feminine wiles to distract the security guard. Burt shall then step in with Hope as the handsome cable repair man. Once inside they will disengage the security cams. Virginia and Jimmy will on the other hand enter dressed as food delivery people.

They will give everyone cupcakes that are drugged. If anything goes wrong a pie will also have a gun hidden in it. On hearing that, Virginia interrupts Burt. She then comes up with her own plan. She asks Jimmy to get his magic supplies from under his bed. Later, Sabrina and Jimmy are shown dragging a huge wooden box inside the nursing home, dressed as magicians, Hope is also shown sitting on the box. Burt and Virginia are inside the box, sitting with magic supplies all around them. Jimmy manages to convince the guard to let them in. Once inside, Virginia and Burt are let out. The two then wear old person’s masks and get to work. They enter the dining area where all the old people are, and see Maw Maw at a distance. Virginia tells Burt who is distracted that, Jimmy only knows 6 magic tricks which gives them 10 minutes to get Maw Maw out of there.

Virginia and Burt remove their masks and tell Maw Maw they are there to bust her out. While trying to bust Maw Maw out, Virginia observes that, people at the nursing home know a lot of tricks to take care of old people that, she or her family didn’t. She also observes that, the methods used by the people at the nursing home are a lot cheaper, than the methods used by the Chance family. Virginia in the end tells Burt they can’t take Maw Maw, as the staff at the nursing home is really taking great care of her. “I owe it to her to let her stay” she tells Burt. “I know it’s hard but you are doing the right thing” Burt tells her. Back at home, Sabrina dresses up like Maw Maw in order to make Virginia feel better, but it doesn’t have the desired effect.

She tells Sabrina how it won’t make her stop missing Maw Maw. “She only has been at the nursing home for a week and they take better care of her, than we ever have” Virginia says. Burt comes in just then and tells Virginia how he is turning Maw Maw’s room into a bed and breakfast. He as it turns out has already found someone who will rent it. Later, Virginia gets a call from Joan, who tells her Maw Maw has gone completely crazy. At the nursing home, Joan tells the family how Maw Maw has barricaded herself in the animal therapy lab. “What got her so upset?” Virginia asks. Joan reveals that, somebody ate the last piece of taffy before Maw Maw could get her hands on it. The family on hearing this immediately realizes the reason for her being mad.

They warn Joan to never take away Maw Maw’s taffy, or she shall go nuts. Joan recounts how, when Maw Maw was told to share her taffy she lost her cool and attacked the nursing home staff. Later she barricaded herself in the animal lab. Maw Maw from inside the lab threatens to hurt Joan’s cat, which is also inside. “Get in there and stop her before she hurts my Muffin” Joan pleads with the family.

The family then springs into action and using their own methods restrains Maw Maw and rescues Muffin. “Finally somebody who knows how to control me” says Maw Maw, while restrained. Later the family brings Maw Maw home. Virginia is then shown using some of the methods to control Maw Maw that, she saw at nursing home. Sometimes though, they have to use the old methods to control her when nothing else works. The episode ends at this point.