Don't Ask, Don't Tell Me What to Do - Recap

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The episode begins with the Chance family gearing up for Halloween. Hope is crying her lungs out because her pacifier has been taken away from her. Jimmy feels it’s for the best. Sabrina though feels that Hope not having her pacifier also has a lot of cons, like she sucking on her thumb and messing up her teeth. She also gives a few other examples, which scare Jimmy enough for him to give Hope back her pacifier. Later, Burt plays Battleship all by himself, because it’s Thursday, and Virginia is busy with her “bunko night”. “Do you know anything about gay people?” Jimmy enters and asks. “I think sometimes they like to buy handkerchiefs” Burt says.

Jimmy says how Sabrina has a gay friend named Jordan and every time he comes to town, Jimmy ends up looking like a fool. Basically Jimmy ends up saying things unintentionally that, are offensive to gay people. Burt says he doesn’t know any gay people so he really can’t help. “Is it weird that we don’t know any gay people?” Jimmy asks. “We clean pools and cut lawns; not a lot of gay guys in that profession” Burt says. Burt adds that it not like they are intentionally avoiding them. Jimmy agrees, but also is worried about looking like an idiot in front of Jordan once again. Burt suggests that Jimmy should go to a gay bar, so he can find out “what’s ok to say and not to say”.

Jimmy asks Burt to come along and he agrees, saying he always wanted to know “what goes on in those places”. The two then head to a gay bar named “Polka Dot”. At the bar, Steve runs into two guys he knows named Steve and Guy. He is surprised to find out that they are gay. Burt leaves to get a drink with the two, leaving Jimmy all by himself. Jimmy is then shown talking to a lot of gay guys at the bar, and saying the most inappropriate things. Later in the night at home, Burt tells Virginia her was at a gay bar with Jimmy. “I had so much fun, I just lost track of time” he says. “It was amazing Virginia. It changed my life” he yells. Virginia asks Burt how his life was changed.

He then describes how he did things at the bar; he normally is embarrassed to do in public. Burt has decided to hang out at the gay bar every Thursday, which is bunko night for Virginia. Virginia is cool with it. “Don’t worry I will always be the same guy you married” Burt tells her reassuringly. He then asks Virginia if it would be weird if he shaved his chest, as some of the other guys are doing it. “Give it a try” Virginia says with a shrug. Next day, while Jimmy and Sabrina are hanging out with Jordan and his partner Elisha, Jordon shocks Jimmy by asking Sabrina to donate her egg and provide her uterus so they can have a baby.

Jimmy is even more shocked when Sabrina readily agrees to the request. Jimmy later tells Virginia about it. He also tells her how Sabrina chalked out the pros of her going through with it and how he couldn’t really come up with any cons, to counter her. “Your problem is you are trying to win an argument with words” Virginia tells him. She suggests that Sabrina’s mind cannot be changed, but Jordan and Elisha could change their minds. “We need to get them to change their minds, about wanting a baby” Virginia says. Burt, Virginia and Jimmy then formulate a plan to convince Jordan and Elisha that they would have to give up their “fabulous life” if they had a baby.

They plan to do that on Halloween. Basically, Jimmy drops Hope at Jordan and Elisha’s on some excuse and leaves. He also makes sure before leaving that, she doesn’t have her pacifier. The moment he leaves, he hears Hope’s wails coming from the inside the house and concludes that the plan is in motion. Jimmy watches from the window how Hope is driving the two crazy. Just then he sees Sabrina arrive. She tells Jimmy she is going to the Polka Dot to meet Jordan and Elisha, Jimmy too decides to tag along. At the Polka Dot, Burt is having a drink and enjoying himself. Just then someone dressed as Charlie Chaplin walks up to him and pinches his butt.

He recognizes that it’s Virginia and is visibly surprised. She tells him she was really missing him and therefore had to see him. Burt and Virginia begin to dance rather sensuously. Jimmy and Sabrina arrive at the Polka Dot just then. He is shocked to find Virginia dancing with Burt. “I’m here, we’re queer. Get used to it” she tells Jimmy. “If you guys are here, then who’s watching Hope?” Sabrina asks. Later, Jimmy tells Sabrina the whole thing. She feels Jimmy ruined Halloween for Jordan and Elisha. The two, arrive at Jordan and Elisha’s and are surprised to be informed that Hope is sleeping. Sabrina asks them if Hope screamed a lot. Jordan says she did and they had to find a way to make her stop.

They describe how they have read a lot of parenting books, and so they knew Hope needed a pacifier. But, to wean her off the habit they gave her a pacifier made of candy, which would eventually melt away. It is then shown how the pacifier melts in Hope’s mouth and falls off, but she is fine with it and keeps playing with the two. The two ask Jimmy to donate his sperm, because they want a daughter like Hope, but have changed their minds about Sabrina. They have found a new girl named Petra, who is tall and has blonde hair. Jimmy agrees to Jordan’s request.

Sabrina is visibly unhappy with it. Later at home, Jimmy figures out that Sabrina isn’t happy with his decision and decides to turn down Jordan and Elisha. “The only person I want to donate sperm to is you” he tells Sabrina. Burt and Virginia while dancing at the Polka Dot realize it’s starting to get weird and decide to leave. The episode ends at this point.