What Up, Bro? - Recap

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The episode begins with Hope sitting in a tire-swing inside the house. Burt and Virginia feel it’s too hot to take Hope to the park. Jimmy accuses his parents of being lazy. Burt though, is feeling too lazy, to even dispute that. Virginia feels “it’s smart parenting”. She then sights a few examples to make her point; like, making your child watch Kung fu movies to teach them martial arts, instead of driving them to a class or showing your child all the old stuff lying around in the house instead of taking them to the museum. Jimmy doesn’t feel those are examples of smart parenting, and therefore decides to take Hope to the park.

Jimmy steps out and then, immediately steps back in and comments on how muggy it is, outside. “I wasn’t expecting muggy” he says. Later, Jimmy finds a picture of when he was a baby, and turns out, the picture is folded. He opens it and sees a man and a woman in the picture, along with another baby. Virginia reprimands Burt for folding the picture instead of cutting it. While at it, she lets it slip that Jimmy is adopted. Virginia and Burt explain to Jimmy that, they are his biological parents. The man and the woman in the picture are Bill and Denise Jenkins, who adopted him, as Burt and Virginia weren’t ready to be parents. Basically, Jimmy was eating into their leisure time. “You were a nightmare child” Virginia tells Jimmy, as he used to cry the whole time as a baby.

The two as a result approached an adoption agency to find Jimmy a better home. But, after a few weeks they started missing him, so they got him back. Virginia asks Jimmy if he is mad, but he says he isn’t, as he too had the same kind of thoughts, when he first had Hope. “I was lucky cause I had you guys to help me” Jimmy says. Jimmy looks at the picture and points at the other child in it and says “I always wanted a brother”. The other kid’s name was Brad. At work, Sabrina tells Jimmy, she has found his “almost brother” on the internet. She shows him Brad’s website. Brad is now a real estate agent and is apparently famous. At home, Virginia and Burt are surprised to find out who Brad is, as they both have seen Brad’s advertisements at the bus stop. Jimmy says he has an appointment with Brad for “tomorrow”.

He and Sabrina are going to pretend to sell, Sabrina’s grandmother’s house. Jimmy basically wants to meet him, hang out with him and see what he is like. The next day, Brad pays Jimmy and Sabrina a visit at Sabrina’s grandmother’s house. Virginia and Burt wonder if Jimmy would have turned out to be as successful as Brad, if they had left him with the other family. Jimmy on the other hand is trying to “squeeze a lifetime of brotherly memories into two hours”. Brad tries to sell a house to Jimmy, in the area where he lives. Jimmy is all excited at the proposition. Brad tells him about an open house that he would be holding in that property and says his parents would also be there. Jimmy is excited to hear this, as it would give him an opportunity to meet his “almost parents”.

Then when they are alone, Sabrina asks Jimmy what he is going to do, when Brad finds out the truth. Jimmy says that in a few weeks time he will lie to Brad that, he got fired from his job and therefore isn’t selling his house. Jimmy returns home and tells Virginia and Burt that, Brad is absolutely amazing. Jimmy also says how he shall soon get an opportunity to meet his “almost parents”. Burt and Virginia voice their apprehension to Jimmy about, how they were feeling Jimmy could have been successful if he was brought up by the Jenkins. Jimmy on hearing this immediately agrees with them and says it’s their fault he is a failure. “It had nothing to do with parenting. They had money” Virginia says. Jimmy counters that, the Jenkins aren’t rich and hold menial jobs.

He then comments on how, Brad’s parents gave him confidence and a good education. “We don’t have any of those things Jimmy, so how are we suppose to give them to you” Burt says. Later at the open house, Brad introduces Jimmy to his parents. Jimmy is shocked to see that Burt and Virginia standing with them. They are pretending to be the “Burgers”, and pretending to be interested in buying a house. Virginia explains to Jimmy that they are there to find out for themselves the kind of advantages the Jenkins had, in order to raise a kid like Brad. “Maybe they just weren’t lazy” Jimmy says. Virginia doesn’t agree with that and argues that all parents are lazy, as bringing up a child is exhausting. Then while having lunch, Brad’s mother figures out that Jimmy is the child they had adopted years ago.

She figures this out from seeing him eat the hairs from his eyebrow. They are overjoyed with the discovery and are glad that he has “come back”. Jimmy tells the Jenkins how his parents did an awful job of raising him. Virginia and Burt agree with Jimmy and admit that they were really awful parents. On realizing the truth Brad’s parents begin insulting the Chances, including Jimmy for being a liar.

While they are at it, they make some racially degrading statements which, confirms the fact that they are racists. The Chances are shocked by the comments. The Jenkins family including Brad walks out, after expressing their outrage. Jimmy thanks Virginia and Burt, and says he would have ended up like the Jenkins family, if the two of them hadn’t taken him back. The Chance family also resolves to not be lazy with Hope. The episode ends at this point.