The Walk for the Runs - Recap

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The episode begins with Barney informing his store workers, about the “1K walk to fight A.B.S. Angry Bowel Syndrome”. “A.B.S is similar to irritable bowel syndrome, except your bowels are in a blind rage” Barney explains. Ricardo Montez is going to be the spokesman for this. Barney then admits that he has suffered from A.B.S for years. Jimmy is the first one to volunteer to walk the 1K. Later Virginia tells Sabrina that A.B.S is no laughing matter. Virginia then reveals that Jimmy too at one point, suffered from it. Sabrina is surprised to hear this. Virginia clarifies that Jimmy had J.A.B.S, Juvenile Angry Bowel Syndrome.

Jimmy assures Sabrina that he is fine now and it was only a problem when he was younger. The school nurse told him it was stress related. “Mostly because my parents made me be their tie-breaker, in their argument” he adds. Burt and Virginia then begin arguing and ask Jimmy to decide who is right. Jimmy as a result, feels a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. The Chance family then enters a Japanese restaurant for a meal. From a distance, Sabrina sees Wyatt entering with his family. She immediately is ill at ease. Wyatt and his family sit at the same table as the Chances, making the situation even more awkward.

Wyatt’s mother tells Sabrina how she crushed Wyatt’s heart into a “million pieces and leapt into bed with the first buffoon to come along”. “In my day they called women like that whores, but never bothered me” Maw Maw says. Wyatt then begins taunting Sabrina and the two get into a war of words. The two then ask for all the stuff they have of each other’s, back. Later at home, Virginia is angry because the Chef, Yoshi, tossed a shrimp to Sabrina instead of her, like he usually does. “You don’t think because she is younger do you?” Virginia asks Burt. Burt assures her that is not the reason, but Virginia is not convinced. She feels both Burt and she are getting old. Burt disagrees but his back says a different story.

The two, then decide to prove to themselves that, they aren’t getting old. They basically decide to have sex. But, the problem is Burt back is killing him and Virginia is too exhausted to “get on top”. The two then begin arguing about who should “get on top”. They eventually yell out for Jimmy, to settle the argument. “I can hear you through the wall and I am not settling it” Jimmy yells from the other room. “We are old” Virginia and Burt in the end conclude. Next day, Virginia while massaging Burt back, wonders how they got so old. Maw Maw on her part feels that, getting old isn’t a bad thing. “You can say whatever the hell you want and nobody pays any attention” Maw Maw says. Virginia and Burt pay no attention to Maw Maw and decide to instead start acting younger. At work, Sabrina and Jimmy see Wyatt, who is there buying “hair products”.

The two then once again get into an argument about the stuff they gifted each other and how they should be returned now that they aren’t dating anymore. Sabrina basically wants back her ice-cream maker that she gifted Wyatt, when they were dating. In the end, Wyatt agrees to give it back to her if Jimmy can defeat him in the 1K walk race. Sabrina basically warns Jimmy that he better win the race. “I love you, unless you lose” she tells him. Jimmy feels Sabrina is wrong and gifts once given shouldn’t be taken back. He asks Burt how he should bring this up with Sabrina. Burt suggests that Jimmy never bring it up with Sabrina.

Burt gives the example of Virginia and him and says, he doesn’t argue with Virginia even if she is wrong, till the time it doesn’t affect him, as it used to stress Jimmy out and Virginia used to stay angry for weeks. “The basic fact is you can either be happily married or you can be right, but you can’t be both” Burt says, summarizing his point. Later, Burt and Virginia visit a club full of youngsters, wearing clothes young people wear, as a part of their endeavor to be young. The music in the club is really loud and Burt isn’t too crazy about that. Next day at the 1K walk race, Sabrina pumps Jimmy up for a victory. Jimmy on his part has taken Burt’s advice and tries keeping his silence despite his feeling that Sabrina is wrong.

The race begins and both Burt and Virginia are participating in it. The two in the effort to prove that they are young, get competitive. During the race Wyatt tells Jimmy he is never going to get married as he lost the love of his life to him. Wyatt then begins crying while walking. Jimmy sees this and begins to feel visibly guilty. He feels sorry for Wyatt and feels like Wyatt really needs the win. Jimmy as result slows down his pace and lets Wyatt race ahead. Just then Sabrina arrives and orders Jimmy to “pick up the pace”. Jimmy does as is ordered. Virginia and Burt catch up with Jimmy and begin walking alongside him. They are both still busy arguing about who looks younger.

They ask Jimmy to decide. Sabrina on the other hand is still pushing Jimmy to catch up with Wyatt. In the end, Jimmy can take it no more and his A.B.S works up. He leaves the race and runs to the bathroom. Wyatt as a result wins the race. Later, Burt and Virginia sort out their differences and accept the fact that they growing old. Sabrina returns Wyatt his stuff. Jimmy buys Sabrina a new ice cream maker. Later at the restaurant, Yoshi tosses Hope a shrimp. The episode ends at this point.