Squeak Means Squeak - Recap

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The episode begins with Burt telling Virginia how he saw “him on top of her”. Burt says “he” took off on seeing Burt and climbed up a tree. “Are we talking about a human?” Virginia asks on hearing this. “Squirrel” Burt replies. Virginia asks him to lead with the species from the next time, so she can decide if she should care about his story. Burt doesn’t agree as he apparently cares about all species. Later, Jimmy uses a heavy voice to discipline Hope. Burt and Virginia on hearing this, makes fun of him. “I know it’s stupid, but I have tried everything else” Jimmy says.

Jimmy just then hears Sabrina arrive and tells the two he is going to “start the intervention”, but also wants Burt and Virginia to help. Jimmy tries to come out and tell Sabrina the real issue that he has, but seeing him stalling, Virginia comes out and says it. Basically, they have an issue with Sabrina only doing the fun things with Hope, but not handling any of the serious responsibilities of bringing her up. A few examples to this effect are then shown, proving Jimmy’s point. “Ok you are right, I do avoid the tough stuff” Sabrina admits. They all find that Hope has woken up. Jimmy tries to put her back to sleep by using his heavy voice, but it doesn’t work. Virginia suggests this is a good opportunity for Sabrina to step in.

She does and simply tells Hope to go to sleep. Hope immediately complies, much to Jimmy surprise. Later, Virginia sees the squirrel Burt was talking about, raping another squirrel in a yard. She yells out to the squirrel and then blows a whistle. Virginia returns home and tells Burt about the squirrel and what he was doing. Virginia feels they need to do something about “this”. “If we don’t, who will” she says. The two decide to catch hold of the squirrel and end its rampage “of unwelcome humping”. At work, Jimmy asks Barney if he is too “mom” like instead of being a father figure to Hope. Barney feels Jimmy is, but says Jimmy becoming an auxiliary policeman might make Jimmy manly, just like it made him. Jimmy says he can’t, as he has to take care of Hope all weekend.

Sabrina hears this and says Jimmy should go and offers to take care of Hope for the weekend. Virginia and Burt in the meantime are laying a trap, to catch the raping squirrel. Jimmy hands over Hope to Sabrina for the weekend and leaves to be an auxiliary policeman. Jimmy and Barney then step out of the store in style, wearing their auxiliary police uniforms. Their ride is a tandem bike. Barney and Jimmy wait for their first call. The real cops decide to have some fun with Barney and tell him on the walkie to go to a location, where there really isn’t anything happening. Barney though, takes the cop seriously and feels they are about to encounter danger. He asks Jimmy to be ready for it.

The two begin peddling their way to the location, slowly. Virginia and Burt manage to catch hold of the rapist squirrel and put him in a cage. Jimmy comes back home and tells Burt and Virginia that, he spent the day looking at the back of Barney’s sweaty neck, as nothing worth mentioning happened. He is hoping tomorrow would be better. Jimmy then asks them “what’s with the empty cage?” Turns out, the squirrel has escaped. Burt and Virginia are immediately on the alert; they lockdown all the doors and windows of the house, so it can’t escape. They then begin their search for the squirrel, in the house.

Suddenly the squirrel jumps on Burt’s head and Virginia in order to trap it, puts a bag on Burt’s head. Eventually, the squirrel is put back in the cage, and Burt has multiple scratch and bite marks on his face. Jimmy says the squirrel is too dangerous to be kept in the house with Hope. They decide to castrate him, before releasing him. Next day, Virginia and Burt take the squirrel to a vet and tell him what they want him to do. The vet is shocked to hear their demand. They explain that the squirrel is a rapist. The vet explains to them, what they saw the squirrel do is a completely natural process and that is how animals mate.

Virginia doesn’t believe him and decides to take the squirrel to another vet. But, the vet says he can’t allow that and instead releases the squirrel. “If your daughter was a squirrel, you would have never done that” she tells the vet. Jimmy in the meantime successfully gets a splinter out of a crying kid’s finger. Jimmy returns home and finds that, Sabrina hasn’t had a very great day with Hope. She says she isn’t cut out to be a mother, as she feels she failed at it.

Jimmy consoles her and says she isn’t a bad mother it’s just that she is better at doing the “fun stuff” with Hope, while he is better at nurturing. He gives Sabrina a bag of organic dirt that had strawberries planted in it. Hope comes into the room and Sabrina tries to send her back to bed. Hope says “no mommy”. Sabrina is touched that Hope called her “mommy”. Barney is later called in for help and he firmly asks Hope to go to bed. She immediately complies and runs to her bedroom. The episode ends at this point.