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The Last Christmas - Recap

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The episode begins and Jimmy comments that because Hope is now 3, this will probably be the first Christmas she will remember. Jimmy is therefore working double shifts to afford everything Hope wanted. Virginia is at the store with a huge stack of coupons. Barney steps in to deal with her as extreme couponers need extreme cashiers. Virginia tells him that she is hoarding things as the world is going to end on Friday. Jimmy proceeds to explain this thought that his mother has about the world ending on Friday and the scene flashes back to two years ago.

Basically she had heard someone mention two years ago on the radio that, the world is going to end on December 21st 2012 according to the Mayan calendar. She is even more convinced when a caller confirms that this news is completely true as he had heard it on a different “radio show yesterday”. Virginia goes back home and tells the family about it. She also says she has a plan. “Chance family is going to be ready for this” she says. Virginia assigns the family members various tasks as per her plan. The tasks involve everything from listening to Dr. Phil, to learning Krav Maga. Virginia also makes a survival bunker in the cellar and begins stocking it with all the things necessary to survive.

Jimmy is told by Sabrina who he didn’t know at the time that, all this end of the world stuff is just fantasy. Jimmy tells Burt about it and he says he knows. Burt says he checked out about this at the library and it’s all a big hoax like the Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Jimmy then asks Burt as to why he is stocking things in the basement. He argues that there is a lot of neat stuff that he is getting to hoard plus he gets to fake fight, make believe aliens during the weekends, which is great.

Jimmy buys into Burt’s argument and they decide to keep humoring Virginia rather than have a huge fight with her about the issue. Virginia’s insanity continues, till it’s back to the store and the present day. Just 3 more days and it will all be over Jimmy consoles himself, while playing along with Virginia’s insanity. Later at home Jimmy continues preparing for Hope’s Christmas. He explains to her all the traditions of Christmas. Virginia tells Jimmy that she wants to celebrate Christmas “tomorrow”, which is the 20th, as the world shall the ending the day after that.

Burt plays along but Jimmy thinks it’s insane. Burt reminds him that they have invested 2 years into the whole thing, so there is no harm in playing along. “We’re still going to have real Christmas. Consider this practice Christmas” Burt says. Jimmy reluctantly agrees. Next day the family celebrates Christmas and opens presents. Jimmy later discovers that Virginia is breaking certain Christmas traditions with Hope which he doesn’t want happening as he wants Christmas to be perfect for Hope.

Virginia and Jimmy as a result get into an argument, and Jimmy makes it clear to Virginia that he doesn’t think the world is going to end on the 21st. Jimmy tells Virginia everyone at home thinks she is crazy including Maw Maw. Virginia is shocked to hear this and asks Burt if he thinks she is crazy with this whole thing. Burt lies that he doesn’t think she is crazy and in fact feels she is “spot on” with this whole thing. Jimmy gives Virginia proof that Burt also thinks she is crazy. Virginia is disappointed that, Burt too doesn’t believe her theory.

It’s the 21st and the world doesn’t end. Jimmy taunts Virginia about the issue and goes to sleep. “No one said it would happen exactly at midnight. We got 24 hours” Virginia tells him. The whole day Virginia sits by the window, waiting for the world to end. Through the day, Jimmy makes fun of Virginia who maintains that the world would surely end today. Eventually its 12 am and the 22nd, but the world hasn’t ended. Virginia is disappointed. Burt tires to make her feel better. She feels this was a good opportunity for her to show Jimmy that she is a good mother, by being prepared.

Burt argues that she is a good mother and Jimmy knows that, but Virginia isn’t convinced as each week Jimmy comes up with a story to sight how awful she and Burt have been as parents. Virginia’s friend Rose and her family sold everything believing the world is going to end; they also spend all their money. The Chance family helps Rose and her family by letting them, stay in the survival bunker until they are back on their feet.

Virginia then sells all the stuff she hoarded and with the money helps Rose’s husband get his business back. The whole family commends Virginia for her efforts. As a part of her bucket list, Maw Maw is busy performing at a comedy club. The episode ends at this point.