Credit Where Credit Is Due - Recap

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The episode begins with Jimmy arriving late at Howdy’s market. Barney announces the Founder’s day theme and tells his team about a stallion that he is going to bring in to give rides in the parking lot. He wants them to be generous with the carrots. Sabrina asks Jimmy the reason for being late and he tells her that he got a ticket while driving Hope to day care. Cut to the scene where the cop sees that Hope’s seat is being tied to the van with a number of strings. Sabrina tells him that they need to buy a new car. Barney then introduces a vintage cashier’s machine which prints lead; he warns his guys not to lick their fingers.

Jimmy thinks that Sabrina is right about buying a new car. He says that he will ask his parents after work. Sabrina tells him that he is 25 and he is past the “ask my parents”. Jimmy still would consult his parents. At home, Burt and Virginia are against the idea of buying a new car as it is a waste of money. Virginia tells him to stop listening to what Sabrina says and think for himself…and also listen to what they say! Moreover Burt knows that they don’t have the money to buy a new car. Jimmy talks about taking a loan. But they protest telling that the credit system why the country is in repression. Virginia tells him that they can buy used car. And if Sabrina pressurizes him, he could tell her that she had a boyfriend when Jimmy approached her; he got her “used”.

Next, Sabrina, Virginia, Jimmy and Burt set out to find a used car; for $830!! Sabrina backs out after a long search. They trio then comes across an amazing car. Jimmy has a surprise for Sabrina, but Sabrina is not too surprised to see that it is Virginia’s car. Jimmy tells her that Virginia gave him her car for $830 and then put in some extra money and bought their dream car. Virginia and Burt arrive in the new car and Sabrina is fuming. Sabrina then takes Jimmy to a showroom. Jimmy loves the car they see and agrees to buy it; on installments of course! But he is so mesmerized that he doesn’t care now. On the other hand, Burt and Virginia are having trouble with their “dream car”; it could blow up above 80 mph! At the Dodge showroom, the manager tells Jimmy that he has terrible credit.

Jimmy is shocked as he never took a loan or had a credit card. The manager tells him that he had a credit card when he was five and then never paid for it. he owes 9k! Jimmy remembers his parents calling him a movie star and asking him for autographs. But he now realizes that they were making him sign credit card forms! Poor Jimmy. His parents bought a hot tub for 6k while Jimmy wore torn shoes as a kid. The manager takes back all the goodies that were given to him. Jimmy is upset and confronts his parents. Virginia tells him that they never knew how credit cards worked and they were excited as they could buy all their dream stuff. They tell him that they only tried to protect him from the evils of credit. They agree to go to the bank and fix the mess and Jimmy’s credit could be clear forever.

Jimmy agrees. The next day they are at the bank and they tell the manager of the bank that they were young and made a mistake. Moreover Jimmy was only five! The manager tells them that the debt could be transferred on Burt and Virginia and it is 125,000! They are shocked. They try to tell him that they have mended their ways and they are living a crappy life now as they don’t spend any money. During the conversation, they find out that the manager who is old himself, is living with his elderly mother. Virginia tries to appeal to that side and it works! He agrees to help them with their debt. Just then the secretary arrives and tells Dennis that someone has parked at the handicap spot and that person is driving his dream car.

Dennis goes out and checks the car and wishes that he was rich enough to waste money on a car like this. The Chance family tries to act as if it is not theirs; but Dennis figures out that this is their car. He is furious that they lied to him and assures Jimmy that his debt will follow him to his grave. Burt tells Dennis that they would give him anything to get Jimmy’s credit back and Dennis wants his dream car. They agree and Dennis gives Jimmy his credit back. Jimmy now decides that he doesn’t want to ruin his credit and so he goes back to the showroom and decides to buy the basic model. Good decision!

Dennis is driving his new car and he manages to hit a 100mph. He asks Barney what year it is and Barney is still stuck on Founders Day. Dennis thinks that it worked and says that he is going back to 2008 to marry Susan Boyle before she is famous. The episode ends at this point.