Lord of the Ring - Recap

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The episode begins with Jimmy watching television with his family. Sabrina is there too. She comments on how the society judges the woman by her engagement ring. Just then the alarm goes off; cookies are ready! Burt tells Jimmy not to fall for what Sabrina just said; he has to buy her an engagement ring. Jimmy feels that rings are expensive. Maw Maw also supports the idea of buying Sabrina a ring. At night, Burt asks Virginia about the engagement ring he gave her. Oh no! Virginia makes up an excuse that she left it in the car and will get it in the morning. The next day she goes to the pawn shop where she had pawned the ring. She asks the woman if she can take the ring and pay later.

The woman says a no. Virginia goes back home with Burt’s favorite onion rings; he realizes that she lost the ring. He is upset and decides to re-trace her steps. Jimmy has found a source of secondary income; he decides to become a guinea pig for a doctor. But at the clinic, the doctor has a twin and both of them seem crazy. They conduct their experiment by repeatedly passing electric currents through him. Burt tears the house apart searching for the ring. Jimmy goes to the pawn shop and decides to buy the Virginia’s ring. The woman doesn’t let him buy that as it is one of her top earners. She indirectly hints him as too who the owner is; but Jimmy doesn’t get the hint. He leaves. Jimmy is about to leave for his next job where he need to take anti seizure mouth spray.

Well, seizures are a part of the side effects of the pills he is asked to take! The woman from the store calls Virginia and tells her that someone is trying to buy the ring. She again tries to drop a hint as to who the buyer is; but with the Chance family, none of it is going to work. Virginia slips in to the house unnoticed and picks up few things like Maw Maw’s candle sticks, Burt’s video tape and the toaster to pawn so that she could get the ring. Well that went well. But she is horror struck when she finds that her house has turned into a crime scene. Burt tells her that they were robbed. Virginia wonders how he noticed that those things were missing. He explains to her how those things were an integral part of his workout routine.

Walls who has a thing for Virginia is ready to go an extra mile for her; he is going to go and check all the pawn shops! Virginia goes back to the shop and gives her ring instead of the other items. She then dumps them in the washing machine and puts the blame on Maw Maw. Burt then tells the cop that the ring is missing; but he thinks that it too could have been stolen. As a last resort, Virginia sneaks into Sabrina’s house and tries to steal some valuables. One of them is a painting made out of her mother’s fake breasts. Virginia sees that Sabrina is waxing off the hair on her back. Well, Jimmy doesn’t know about this issue that runs in her family! Virginia tells her that if Sabrina lets her pawn her stuff, she will not tell Jimmy about her hairy secret.

Sabrina and Virginia go to the pawn shop; but somebody has already bought the ring. It is Jimmy. But they don’t know that. Virginia is upset that she lost the ring as it reminded her of how much Burt loved her and how helpful it has been when she needed money for groceries. She tells her that she was sure no body would want that ring as ot was cheap and dingy. Jimmy is about to give that ring to Sabrina but Sabrina arrives and tells him that earlier she did not want a ring; but now she does as it is not just a jewllery but something that represents their love. Jimmy decides not to give her Virginia’s ring as now he feels he might have to buy her something expensive (given the fact that Sabrina now wants one). He goes to the pawn shop to return the ring and the cop arrests him.

The cop returns the ring to Burt and tells him that Jimmy’s bail would require $500. Burt thinks that it was his fault as he was the one who told Jimmy to do whatever it takes to get Sabrina a ring. He feels that Jimmy was faking the seizures. So, this time Burt goes to Judy to pawn the ring! Jimmy tells Burt that he did not steal the ring. Burt doesn’t believe him. Virginia tells Burt that she has something to tell him. Just the Sabrina arrives with the ring and tells her that she found the ring under the couch of her new house. Burt is sorry for not believing his son. He tells Jimmy that he will help him in his scientific experiments.

The next day, Virginia tells Jimmy hat he can give Sabrina her ring; she wants to pass it on as a family ring. Burt swallows the experimental pills. But then he finds out that Virginia gave Jimmy the ring. Oh no! Jimmy finally presents the ring to Sabrina. The episode ends at this point.