What Happens At Howdy's Doesn't Stay At Howdy's - Recap

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The episode begins with Sabrina and Jimmy talking about Hope’s sleepover. Jimmy thinks that Hope is not ready for her first sleepover. He thinks that he can skip his bachelor party and Sabrina doesn’t want him to do that as then she will feel guilty of having her bachelorette party. She wants both of them to be ashamed when they share notes. Virginia too has some kinky plans for the bachelorette party. Burt feels bad as they are not doing anything special for the bachelor party. Virginia tells him that he should be proud of their son that he did not turn out to be some sort of a pervert. The bachelor party is totally boring.

At the bachelorette party, the women are supposed to eat a banana when the door bell rings; it is the pizza guy and Sabrina tears his shirt apart to check his physique. At the bachelor party, they have a camera and start shooting the party. Well, Jimmy tells the group that nothing crazy is going to happen. Cut to 16 hours later, Jimmy, Sabrina and the rest wake up at the store and the store is in a mess. Jimmy is wearing a wedding dress! There is a monkey riding a goat! Jimmy then sees the television screen. There is a paper that says PRESS PLAY. Jimmy does the same and Frank appears on the screen. He tells Jimmy that Tyler and the boys recorded all that happened last night and are editing. Everyone is watching the video, where Jimmy tells the people that nothing interesting will happen at the party.

But his best friend Frank is not going to let this party be uneventful. He has called in some fraternity guys who get Jimmy drunk. They set the party rolling. They then watch a video where Frank tries to show Jimmy what Sabrina actually is. They see her digging her nose, farting when no one is around. Frank has shot all this so that Jimmy could know what he is getting into. But Jimmy says that he is in love. The boys then arrive at Sabrina’s house. But the beer is over and this time they wouldn’t get beer anywhere. Barney announces that he has the key to the store. They all rush to Howdy’s and Barney is now a hero. They continue watching the video where they see that Burt and Jimmy are breaking eggs on each other.

Frank’s voiceover tells them that the party was going great and everyone was enjoying it; so he decided to go to his last resort. They then see that Frank brings in his sister’s wedding dress. He says that they should have a fake wedding. And the wedding is between Frank and Jimmy! Frank then tells the camera that this wedding is legal and he flashes the marriage certificate. Everyone watching the video is shocked. Sabrina and Jimmy arrive at Frank’s house. Sabrina is pissed. Sabrina tells him to fix the mess. But Frank is not going to. He tells her that he has planned their whole future together and he shows her the plans. It is a list of all cool stuff.

Sabrina tells him that just because Jimmy is getting married to her doesn’t mean that he cannot go surfing with Frank. Frank is happy and he tells her that he has other plans too. Jimmy doesn’t like surfing as he is scared of sharks and jelly fishes. Sabrina tells him that if they tell Frank what he wants to hear then he will readily give him the divorce. The Chance family and Sabrina hire a lawyer. But it turns out that the lawyer is also representing Frank. That is weird. Frank wants Jimmy to sign a post-nuptial and Jimmy refuses to. Virginia has an idea.

She tells them that if Frank really wants to marry Jimmy, then he should what it is like really being with Jimmy for a long time. Virginia tells Jimmy that he has some annoying habits like singing too loudly in the shower; drink only half the can of soda and leaving it in the fridge and also saying everything that he does. So, Jimmy decides to go live with Frank and annoy him so much that he would readily sign the divorce papers. Jimmy tried everything what his family members complained about. But Frank did not seen to mind as he was too happy to have someone in his life. And with no one judging his actions, Jimmy felt that being married to Frank was kind of fun. Sabrina and Jimmy’s parents quietly come to meet Jimmy as it has been three days since Jimmy moved in with Frank.

Jimmy tells then that he is happy with Frank as Frank doesn’t judge him or complain. Burt tells him that he will end up being caged. Jimmy doesn’t care. He then tells them that he is still working on things. Sabrina has cut Frank’s brakes and she tells Jimmy to tell Frank to go for a long drive. Frank calls out to Jimmy and serves him sardines. He then breaks up with Jimmy; he says that he should try these things with a woman.

Jimmy is upset Frank signs the divorce papers; this time Jimmy has added a post-nup where Frank promises to be friends forever. Jimmy kisses Sabrina. Frank butts in and tells them that when he gets a woman, they should consider swapping. The episode ends at this point.