Modern Wedding - Recap

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The episode begins with Sabrina telling Jimmy that she has finally found the right flower girl to walk down the aisle during their wedding; Hope. Burt and Virginia arrive and see that a camera is recording all that is happening. Burt thinks that this a part of some reality TV shows. But Sabrina says that it is nothing like that. Sabrina’s mother has told her that since it looks like they are going to get married 4-5 times, she is not going to attend the wedding. She also has a friend who has ties with the movie star Kevin Beacon. So, that is how she managed to arrange this whole camera crew to shoot the wedding.

Virginia is upset as she was planning to record their wedding as a gift to them. But now she needs to think of something else. We then see that Virginia and Burt decide to get them the wedding cake. Sabrina doesn’t want them to pick up the cake as they printed the invitation cards and they got the RSVP address wrong! Virginia and Burt tell the camera that when Sabrina and Jimmy went out to get the cake, they got a call saying that there is a problem with Jimmy and Sabrina’s marriage license. So, Virginia and Burt pretend to be Jimmy and Sabrina and go to the marriage office. She says that this is going to be their gift for the to-be couple. The officer tells them that according to their records Jimmy is still married to Lucy.

She tells them that they will need her death certificate and then the license will be issued in three weeks. But the wedding is tomorrow!! Jimmy and Sabrina go to collect their wedding cake. It is GIGANTIC. It is from Sabrina’s father. They tie the cake on the roof of their car (it was Sabrina’s idea) and thanks to a small child running after his ball, the cake is all over the street. “It is the kid’s fault”. Virginia and Burt meet Lucy’s father and ask him for Lucy’s death certificate; but to their shock they find that Lucy is alive. She is wearing a shock collar and she comes charging at them. But her father presses the button and she falls down. Lucy’s father then tells them that the hospital called saying that she was barely alive and so he got her home to die in peace.

But then she survived just like always; but now her brain is that of an eight year old. But when she saw them, something must have triggered. Virginia wants to call her in. But then they strike a deal. Lucy’s father gets to keep his daughter home in exchange of a fake death certificate. So, finally the wedding day arrives and Burt, Virginia and Maw Maw go to the Reverend’s office with the death certificate. But the Reverend is shocked to see maw Maw. According to him, she was dead 50 years ago. Maw Maw tells the camera that she used to fake her death or heart attacks to get out of situations. He ended up giving up his dreams because of her. He refuses to marry anyone related to her. Burt tells Jimmy and Sabrina that Reverend Bob will be arriving late. They wonder what they would tell the people about the delay.

So Burt has an idea; they start the reception before the wedding. Well, seems to be like a good idea. But not for long! Burt notices Lucy’s father disguised as a butler and serving the guests. He tells Burt that Lucy escaped the house. we then see Lucy watching the news where the “cake accident” is being broadcast. The news also says that the couple which is responsible for the accident is getting married the next day. Old memories come flooding back and Lucy escapes. Burt doesn’t want Virginia to learn about this. Meanwhile, Virginia manages to convince Reverend Bob to conduct the wedding. So, for the time being all is back on track! Burt decides to stand by the door just in case Lucy arrives.

Sabrina walks down the aisle; actually runs down the aisle as Reverend Bob is singing and the sooner she gets to the altar, the sooner the torture would end. We now know how Virginia managed to convince the Reverend. Burt and Lucy’s father are keep a watch and they press the button of the remote so that if at all Lucy is present, she would fall. But the clever Lucy has disguised herself as an idol and is standing behind them. she does shake up on the button being pressed but recovers soon. Burt then finds out that the father has set the intensity of the shock to the lowest. He turns it to maximum and hits the button. Lucy kicks him and a tussle ensues. Burt tries his very best to stop Lucy from interrupting the ceremony. But at one point Lucy is about to kill Burt. Her father appears from behind and knocks her down.

Jimmy and Sabrina say the two magical words “I Do”. They are wed. Later, Burt goes to meet Lucy’s father and asks him to keep Lucy out of their lives. He tells Burt that Lucy is back to being an eight year old and that they will be gone soon. But then he points out that they are being filmed all along and so Sabrina and Jimmy would know when they watch the wedding video. Well, Burt breaks down the cameras. But there is one at home and Sabrina records a loving message for Jimmy towards the end. Burt appears from behind the couch and breaks this one too. The episode ends at this point.